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JEREMY BACON TRIO/Cage Free Free Range: When you’re one of those cats that played everything with everybody, it’s a nice stopping point to put yourself out front and turn in a set of classics that you can make sound effortless. Then add this: you’re a New Yorker and your uncle was one of the founders of Riverside Records. All these things add up to putting a lot of jazz in your veins. Throw in recording the set old school, in one afternoon, then tipping the cap to some Riverside cats and you have a sleek, under the radar gem that’s done right. Swinging stuff from his blood stream to yours, this is piano jazz that does the job and knows all the tricks. A right on set throughout.

Chris Spector04/22/17 - Midwest Record - Entertainment Reviews, News, and Views

There are a plethora of new jazz piano trio records out right now, and quite a few good ones, too! So it might be easy for radio programmers or listeners to miss one that I think is particularly exceptional – “Cage Free Free Range”, by the Jeremy Bacon Trio. Jeremy exhibits a masterful touch on the keyboard, and the group sound like they’ve played together for years – which they have! My favorites are his two originals, as well as Tadd Dameron’s “Ladybird”, and a richly reharmonized version of Harold Arlen’s “My Shining Hour”. If you’re a fan of the piano trio format, this one is not to be missed.

Dr. Brad Stone“The Creative Source”

Every Friday I find the best new music I can for my show and this album was a refreshing change from the norm. The name of the album caught my eye and I was hoping that the music itself would live up to my high expectations. Overall, it blew me out of the water, and Jeremy’s execution of timeless pieces like Woody ‘N You as well as Turn Out The Stars are perfect. I am hopeful that the trio will continue to bring us all wonderful music, and I’m excited for what Bacon has in store for us in the future.

Weston T. LongSocial Media Creator - WSIE, 88.7 The Sound Mass Communications - SIUE (217) 473-0337

I am always attracted to well-played jazz piano, in part because I played keyboards myself for some years… not nearly as polished as Jeremy’s great work, of course… the “proof’s in the pudding” as they say… just listen to the masterful keyboard runs from Jeremy (think Herbie Hancock and/or Bud Powell), beguiling bass from Thomson Kneeland and crisp drum work by Shawn Balthazor on the wonderful and uplifting “Ladybird“… their rhythm changes are superb,too; this is one of my favorite keyboard compositions (yet) for 2017 (and that’s really saying something, since I listen to so many each day).

The real keyword for the distinctive style Jeremy plays those boards with is “spontaneous”, no doubt… he grew up in a jazz family, and the many long hours he spent listening and absorbing that atmosphere are fully evident on pieces like the lively “My Shining Hour“… lots of jazz pianists try and play at this level, but few achieve the kind of full-bodied and high-energy perfection the trio demonstrates on this song… DJ’s, this is one you’ll want to spin – GUARANTEED. I didn’t realize it, but this is Jeremy’s third release as a leader… splendid, splendid – classic modern jazz!

Jeremy’s “paid his dues”, having played ’round the globe (two extended tours in Japan) and in many venues around New York City (Birdland, Smalls & the Blue Note, just to name a few). The 4:51 opener alone, “Goodnight Moon“, makes the purchase of the album well worth it… +, this is one you’ll want for your collection, I’ve no doubt… the “mesh” of the players with Jeremy’s piano is priceless and done with the kind of precision only professionals can pull off.

To say I’m “impressed” with his fluid keyboard style would be understatement, no doubt… as you listen to my personal favorite tune on the album (and also the longest), “The Last Island“, you’ll realize that this is a jazz listener’s dream come true… beautiful piano intro, then just after the one-minute mark, the rest of trio kicks up the pace & they all rock the house… just exactly the kind of jazz I was weaned on back in the late 1960’s (in many of the same venues Jeremy has played in). Highly impressive jazz that easily merits my MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient).

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