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The ceremonies of his worship were of the most bloodthirsty character, and hundreds of human beings were murdered annually before his shrine, their limbs being eaten by his worshippers. Worship was paid to popular divinities, such as the war-god and dragon-slayer Indra, to natural forces and elements such as fire, but the Aryans also believed in the ruling of moral powers and of an eternal law in nature (v. He purified it from the grossly sensual elements of daeva worship, and uplifted the idea of religion to a higher and purer sphere. 165-166) maintains that" public opinion does not approve of the worship by an individual of a suhman, or private tutelary deity, and that his dealings with it are regarded in the nature of ` black art ' as it is not a god of the community. The spirit of Vedic worship is pervaded by a devout belief in the efficacy of invocation and sacrificial offering. But they are not a religious people, and like many Europeans regard the church as a department of the state.

twice seven) saints, who for their help in time of need have been associated as objects of particularly devoted worship in Roman Catholic Germany since the middle of the 15th century.

The particularities of the worship, its minute and truly ingenious re-adaptations of sacraments, prayers, reverent signs, down even to the invocation of a New Trinity, need not detain us.

; to such passages of glorification as Rom. Liberty of conscience in religious matters was secured and the right of private worship to those of the " so-called Reformed religion.".

In the critical days of Germinal and of Prairial of the year III. On the roof of the temple, reached by two staircases, are a pavilion and several chambers dedicated to the worship of Osiris. His chief temple at Nippur was known as E-Kur, signifying "mountain house," and such was the sanctity acquired by this edifice that Babylonian and Assyrian rulers, down to the latest days, vied with one another in embellishing and restoring Bel's seat of worship, and the name itself became the designation of a temple in general. All rules and regulations about the public worship, doctrines and discipline of the Church were made in Zwingli's time, and with his consent, by the council of Zurich, which was the supreme civil authority in the state. All theories of religion which give prominence to ancestor worship and the cult of the dead are to a certain extent Euhemeristic.

It is thus, like the Gr.

The Euhemerist theory mainly appeals to ancestor worship - a fact of undoubted importance in the history of religion, especially in China and in ancient Rome. S. at Delos), from 'lovAos, " corn-sheaf," has been regarded as identifying the goddess with the sheaf, and as proving that the cult of Demeter originated in the worship of the corn-mother or corn-spirit, the last sheaf having a more or less divine character for the primitive husbandman.

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