who is better tom brady or joe montana

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Other names come up like Dan Marino, Peyton Manning or others but the real hot button topic is between the most decorated Super Bowl winning quarterbacks in NFL history. Weigh in and let your voice be heard. ◾️ RB: Ronald Jones II Montana went 1 and done 4 times while Brady has 2 times in several more chances. Brady had Moss who had an incredible season as impressive if not more impressive than any for rice and yet where is the ring for that season?

Montana pioneered the West Coast offense and helped turn Jerry Rice into the greatest receiver of all time. None of those touchdowns were to Hall Of Famers except maybe Gronkowski, David Patten or at the most Troy Brown. I, on the other hand, think that Brady isn't done quite yet and has plenty of time to win another Super Bowl trophy.

The 90s Bills were a great team, that accomplished a lot tom brady is better but Michael Vick is faster QB Rating. His ability to come up large in substantial games consistently overwhelms the ability of Tom Brady who has lost the big game twice, and worse off to the same team. We wont see a QB better Montana until we see 5-0. That's 13 less for Montana, not to mention Brady has comeback on the biggest stages. I'm done with the sarcasm now.

Next, Brady is 37 and he is still playing at an elite level. There's no way I'm even close to that. Plus, Montana had a better defense. No QB had ever accomplished more with less than Brady. Montana was cool but Brady is Mr.

If you lose the Super Bowl by 45 points like the Broncos did, its a testament to how bad you are not how good the other team is. This thread is archived. – It is better to lose in the Division round than Lose the Super Bowl

Montana played in the 80's and the game was rougher.

He did it himself. ◾️ WR: Mike Evans Tom Brady is the best of all time. Please name one other receiver other than Rice for the 49ers, because I've never heard of any others. He had Jerry rice a decent RB which Tom brady never had and a shut-down defence. Freddy soloman? Montana plays the game like a Super Bowl and Brady plays the game like there is a tomorrow. Tom Brady was the 199th overall draft pick in the 6th round. Tom Brady - 31 Joe Montana – 23. Montana only threw 273 touchdowns while Brady has already thrown 334. It makes skeptics believe that Tom Brady's talent and late game heroics weren't the only thing on the Patriots side in those three years. ◾️ TE: Rob Gronkowski As a writer with an affinity for NFL, MLB, Horse Racing and the game of golf, he is devoted to providing a fact based, unfiltered analysis of the sports world. He also faced stronger teams in the NFC at the time (Giants, Redskins, Cowboys) compared to the teams Brady has faced in the AFC over the last 15 years (Broncos, Steelers, and Ravens), not to mention Montana had to beat those teams with less rules put in place to enable his offense. However, that argument has always overlooked the fact that Brady has now played in nearly twice as many Super Bowls as Montana. Tom Brady is the Greatest NFL Quarterback of all time. Let's see. Playoff Games. Montanna was doing this in college as we'll. Montana also threw a pick on 2.6% of his passes, while Brady is only throwing a pick on 2% of his passes. Tom Brady - 63.6 Joe Montana – 63.2. Others will talk about the different eras, the changes to NFL rules and a litany of other differences to drive their argument. Brady has (a lot) more wins with a better winning percentage. Adam has an AS in Electronic Systems and a BAS in Electronic Engineering Technology. For Tom Brady's case, Tom Brady went on to play in 5 Superbowls to Joe Montana's 4; however, Tom Brady is 3-2 in Superbowls whereas Joe Montana is a perfect 4-0.

Brady is 11-2 in the Division round Montana is 7-2 And in the Playoffs, it's Brady ahead of the whole Quarterback canon as he is 21-8 in Playoff play. Sure, Brady has more Super Bowl losses and Playoff losses than some other Quarterbacks, but I would much rather be there in that game to have the opportunity to win year in and year out, than not be in contention at all. What about the rest of the knowledgeable or casual NFL fans? Joe Montana always did it with the same amazing squad, Tom Brady wins his division and has a good playoff run every year no matter if he has the worst squad in the league.#TomBradybestever.

Not taking anything away from the great Joe Montana, but he will always be Number Two from now on. Brady has also maintained his high level of play over 15 years. Plus, it's not like Brady got shelled in those Super Bowls. Tom has never had to endure the punishment or back surgery montanna dig.

He threw 50 touchdowns when he finally got an already accomplished receiver in Moss, and led the league in passing. NFL Lead Writer Josh Zerkle thinks Kraft is crazy, that Montana's successes can't be duplicated by Brady and that his place in history is secure. This is my fourth year.

Tom Brady is the greatest QB of all time, hands down.

When Tom Brady is surrounded with nobodies he turns them into superstars. Did Joe Montana ever lead his team to a 10-Point Comeback in the Fourth Quarter of the Super Bowl? Again though spygate will always place him second. He almost won the championship game until once again he got knocked out.If it came down to who you'd take in their prime for the playoffs, I'd pick Montana over anyone. The whole point of sports is to make it as far as you can. Tom Brady: 5x AFC Champion, 2x SuperBowl MVP, 2x NFL MVP (only one in history to be unanimously voted), won the most playoff games in NFL history, first and only player to record 50 TD passes, won the AFC East in every year but his 2nd year (which was lost on a tiebreaker) and the year he missed due to injury, he went through the 2011 season with only 4 interceptions, went the entire 2006 season without decent receivers to the AFC Championship game. Brady is definitely a top ten QB and very impressive, but he is not better than Montana. Tom Brady - 96.4 Joe Montana – 92.3. Adam is also Lifetime member of the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America (IBWAA).

Brady, who grew up in San … Despite all this, Brady still wouldn't go anywhere near the comparisons with Montana. If he wasn't knocked out (e.G. That might not seem like a big difference but it is considering both take good care of the football. Gronkowski comes to mind. Brady’s Patriots played in ELEVEN conference championship games and went 7-4 in those games. ......He will finish with 5 SB rings not bad for the 198th pick. I feel so dumb as to think that Jerry Rice and Dwight Clark were ever even just normal players too. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 6 Super Bowl appearances, 4 wins. You people still think Brady is the best of all time? ◾️ WR: Chris Godwin

Tom Brady - 7,957 Joe Montana – 5,772.

Tom Brady is the most accomplished quarter-back to ever live no question.

This is no longer a legitimate debate. And unlike Brady, Montana didn't need a field goal kicker to win his games for him. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. He can be found offering his opinions on issues like Role Models, Domestic Violence and anything else that could be considered “charged” in America today. They just played the game. He is great in the regular season, postseason, and a great teammate and leader on and off the field.

Take 2 games away from every season Brady played and he is not quite as impressive. 2014-2015 AFC Championship Predictions: Colts vs Patriots.

I don't personally like MJ as a person but he like Montana is a super competitor and leader.

``He threw a touchdown to win a Super Bowl,'' Brady said. (I got this from a meme, and true facts.) ◾️ RB: Leonard Fournette, 1 Player on every NFL team who deserves a bigger workload. Montana went 1 and done 4 times while Brady has 2 times in several more chances.

Montana also had better run support (Roger Craig). Got his team a bye more times. Does anyone remember SF resorting to skirting the rules to win games? It just means that Montana kept losing earlier in the playoffs and couldn't get to the Super Bowl again.

Montana had a lot more consistency in his teammates than brady did throughout his career. Sure Joe Montana had Jerry Rice and Bill Walsh, however there success was earned through hard work and preparation.

Watch old games and see montanna throw completions with guys draped on and hitting his legs. Some will point just to the numbers. Not to disrespect Joe Montana, but as of now, Brady is the best because he is better statistically, he got more out of less, and he is more clutch.

They already had their Hall of Fame and Super Bowl rings the day they walked into Candlestick! Please report corrections to the site editor, or post a comment below with a link to your source. Think that if youthful Steve Young wasn't around, he would have stayed with Niners two more years.You have to see Montana was with KC.

He played with a great running game and a great defense, the 2 things that are a quarterbacks best friends. Who will they back as their choice? With Brady, he had Moss, Welker, Edelman, and Branch all names I have heard before and I don't even follow the Patriots.

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