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Starting over after my father’s sudden death was bad enough, but the four boys who rule Alstone College, my new university, are determined to make my life even more difficult. I didn’t, for one minute, believe the accident report regarding his death, and there were too many coincidences surrounding my mother to ignore. We don’t want anyone getting suspicious.” Caiden’s voice was firm. His finger stilled. She turned into me and threw her arms around my neck, catching me off guard. Throughout my life, he’d been my one constant. As I drove home, my mind raced with all the new information I’d been given this morning. Zoom in.” We watched as the blurry shape on the window at the back of the picture grew bigger, but it was difficult to make it out. As soon as I’d met her, we’d hit it off. With an effort, I focused my mind on the present. Women were good for one thing, and if it didn’t involve a willing pussy or having my dick sucked, I wasn’t interested. I scanned the cars until I spotted Caiden’s. “Nothing specific I can think of right now, but stick with me and you’ll be fine. “—shouldn’t have happened? All of it.”, “Brewer’s droop. Home > The Lies We Tell (The Four #1)(33) The Lies We Tell (The Four #1)(33) Author: Becca Steele ... Yeah, Cass was probably a little too welcoming…but Caiden and Zayde? My stepbrother. Fucking hurry up, will you.”, We walked down the hallway, entered my dad’s office, and she closed the door behind her, then stood with her arms folded, staring at me, her eyes narrowed. “Yeah. Bet he hadn’t meant to compliment me. I was starting to get whiplash. We’d spent the past week getting to know each other, and I felt like I’d known her for years already. She straightened my dark hair and gave me a smoky eye that made my blue eyes pop. I bit down on my lip to stop a groan escaping. First, and most important, as you well know, there’s a big ‘welcome back to uni’ house party tonight. More novels online: romance novels, fantasy novels ... Get your novel featured. “I know it’s not much to go on, but putting together the notes with the picture of my mother and the printouts, plus the way he’d been acting, and the text…it seemed too big a coincidence. “Nah, think I’ll stay.” He slumped down next to me, throwing his legs onto the coffee table, knocking my phone onto the floor. Want to Read; Currently Reading; Read; Add New Shelf; Done. Books Online Read from your Pc or Mobile. I wasn’t at the point where I wanted to, or even felt able to, explain what had happened. They drew apart, heavy-lidded with arousal and the effects of the alcohol and weed they’d been smoking. I’m picking the next code name, then,” Cassius muttered. We were due to receive our shares and take our places on the board once we graduated from university and received our trust funds, so we’d use that reason to gather as much information as we could. “No fucking way. Something, a premonition, had me sitting bolt upright, the haze from the drugs temporarily clearing as adrenaline raced through me. If you need to talk through anything else, I’m always here.”. Teen, Alpha Male, YA, Adult Book :) “I didn’t think of that. “I think we have something here. Until I got a chance to investigate everything, I’d throw myself into university life. 3 editions. We can’t do this. A thought occurred to me, and I interrupted the discussion. Think about why you’re here. I don’t know if it means anything to any of you?” ... brushed along the back of my neck. “You sending away perfectly good pussy?” Cassius wandered in, grabbing the blunt from my hand and taking a huge drag. “Christine. Does anything about this picture mean anything?”. Not Granville. I know that my mother is fucking awful, and I know you have a problem with me. Remember I told you I have Professor Andrews for one of my modules—he’s the worst at explaining concepts.”. “Ooh, that’s impressive,” I told Weston, and he grinned proudly. My shadow. Description: Starting over after my father’s sudden death was bad enough, but the four boys who rule Alstone College, my new university, are determined to make my life even more difficult. “A town about half an hour away. They both blinked at me as if they’d just remembered that I was there. During the first year of my degree course, when I’d been a normal university student in an ordinary university, the “accident” had happened, and my entire world had been turned upside down. We haven’t done much, mostly background checks, watching her where we could on the security feeds, having her followed on occasion.” He gave a bitter laugh. Those two were a lot harder to read. Caiden Cavendish. I willed the impending tears to go, concentrating on slowing my breathing. After my transfer had been confirmed, I was ready. She looked at me expectantly, then when the silence between us stretched to breaking point, pushed away from the desk with an angry growl and stalked out of the room. I was so shocked by the unexpected compliment I froze, then smiled to myself. Now, with all of us at university and living together, we were closer than ever. Fuck. I’d managed to ignore her for the most part, these last few years, but ever since Winter had come into the picture I’d been forced to interact with her. AR(letter missing)O (letter missing)AVIS. I’m so happy you could make it,” she announced loudly, then went up on her toes and pulled my head down, whispering into my ear. Of course, the money I’d paid hadn’t hurt. Unfortunately, that had used a huge chunk of my insurance money, so I’d need to be careful with my spending. My dad’s solid oak desk. A sprawling, two-storey modern brick building, it was all sharp angles and huge black-framed glass doors and windows, the glass-fronted doorway extending the full height of the house, showing a glimpse of the upstairs area and a huge skull-shaped pendant light suspended from the upper-floor ceiling, descending all the way down to the entrance hallway. I’d managed to transfer to Alstone College, a specialist business school, after months of back-and-forth, endless paperwork, and assessment of my course credits to ensure I could continue my studies going into my second year, rather than starting the first year all over again. “Cade.” Snowflake put her hand on my arm and squeezed lightly, a warning. “Cade, show me where the drinks are.” Winter’s grip tightened on my arm, and she tugged insistently. Shelving menu. That’ll be our first stop.”, “Sounds good.” I smiled, pulling my hair out of its messy bun, letting it cascade down my back. “Something about this place rings a bell. I slid my hand down from her chin to her throat, feeling her pulse kicking wildly under my hand, and she moaned into my mouth. Caiden moved closer to the screen, leaning his arm on the back of my chair. “That’s great! There could be cameras, or bugs, or anything.”. The Lies We Tell is absolutely phenomenal! He frowned at me, nodding his head towards Christine, and just like that, all thoughts of what had happened with Winter disappeared. He drew tiny, slow circles on the back of my neck with his finger. “Kinslee, I need you to be my guide in everything. You can do this. Look.”. I had no reason to be angry at my brother. Want to Read. “Hi. “We don’t know what he has in here. I’d scoured the online university noticeboard, and after viewing three different sets of accommodation, I’d lucked out with Kinslee Stewart. Fuck. “Let’s start a list,” Weston suggested. “I agree. I’d scoured the online university noticeboard, and after viewing three different sets of accommodation, I’d lucked out with Kinslee Stewart. “We need to be careful not to be spotted. Caiden Cavendish. The Four won’t bring mayhem to my life… Lie. “Not really. “West, can you zoom in there?” I pointed, and he nodded. As soon as I’d met her, we’d hit it off. Untouchable. OR CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FROM ANOTHER LINK, The Lies We Tell by Becca Steele (ePUB, PDF, Downloads), Starlight Christmas by Yumoyori Wilson (ePUB, PDF, Downloads), Surrendering to His Rules by Opal Carew (ePUB, PDF, Downloads), Resisting the Billionaire by Allie Winters (ePUB), A Village Vacancy by Julie Houston (ePUB). “I completely missed that before. A hundred grand, my mother’s new surname dropped casually into conversation—as much as I hated to use it, and my enrolment had suddenly been confirmed. “Let me see.” She lifted my hand and examined the knuckles, lightly running her finger over them, before dropping a light kiss on my clenched fist. Speaking of…. “First item—check out the hotel.”. Those two were a lot harder to read. I barely registered that she was shoving me away, until she was collapsed against the desk, breathing hard, her lips swollen and lust still thick in the air between us. He’d been so proud when I’d been accepted to study business—he’d spent hours touring different universities with me and going through the pros and cons of different degree courses and career paths. I hardly dared to breathe. West?”. And unfortunately, that also meant reconnecting with my mother. The Lies We Tell (The Four #1) by Becca Steele – Free eBooks Download. TUES NIGHTS. She visibly composed herself and moved closer to me, amusement still dancing in her eyes. All Rights Reserved. I missed him so much. Weston spoke two words, his voice calm and measured, but his eyes showed the underlying worry he was trying to hide. As I drove home, my mind raced with all the new information I’d … I was beyond grateful that everything had seemingly fallen into place, but, all that aside, I had to keep my end goal in mind. I heard the door slam as I swiped my phone from under the coffee table, as Weston and Zayde burst into the room. Oh, yeah, and we knew about you and your dad, and we kept a basic file on you both.”, “Standard procedure for any person who becomes involved in Alstone Holdings. Her mother was talking to her, a disdainful expression on her face, and I clenched my jaw. Do you want to scan the notes as well? “Done. “Fuck!” I shouted again, grabbing my throbbing wrist in my other hand. “Caiden.” Her tone was as hostile as mine. A laugh burst out of her, and she clapped a hand over her mouth, shaking her head. As much as I was loving it, I really wished he wouldn’t blow so hot and cold with me. Caiden’s finger brushed against the strands of my hair and moved to touch the back of my neck. Couldn’t get it up.”. Not being able to pick up the phone and call or text him…it was like a piece of me was missing. My dad’s death was an accident… Lie. No. That’s the same symbol.”. My nightmare. The Lies We Tell (The Four #1), The Four. The hand of the man sitting at the table with my mother was far easier to see now. Lies. “Time’s up.” I clapped my hands, startling the two topless blondes making out in front of me. Sauntering into the house, we were greeted by Allan, who led us into the formal living room where my dad stood at the window, a tumbler of amber liquid in his hand. We hadn’t spoken in person for years, but after my dad had died, my hand had been forced. “Yeah, I know. Is…” Her voice trailed off as she took a step closer, our bodies flush with one another. Did you get your grade back for the assignment yet?”. And now he was gone. The trip to the hotel was postponed for now, until we could agree on who should go, and when. “No pictures of the interior, but look. What about what’s-his-name? I gripped her chin and twisted her head so our faces were lined up and slanted my lips over hers. My shadow. One in particular. What did you do that for?” I glanced at her, and it looked like she was struggling not to smile. I don’t know if it means anything to any of you?” I handed the image to Zayde. “You idiot. But can you please get it together? I glanced over at Weston and raised an eyebrow. Caiden’s finger resumed making lazy circles on my neck, and I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye. Squaring my shoulders, I linked my arm through Kinslee’s, and we strutted up the pathway and in through the open door like we owned the place. One in particular. This shit was getting old, fast. “Cade! A Princess Of Wind And Wave (Beyond The Four Kingdoms #6) - Melanie Cellier, The Last Earl Standing (The Impossible Balfours #2) - Gemma Blackwood, A Viscount Is A Girl’s Best Friend (The Impossible Balfours #3) - Gemma Blackwood, Foreseen: Lex (The Four #2) - Sloane Kennedy, Her Majesty Is Here (Her Majesty & The Four Kings #1) - Wanitta Praks, Deadly Aim (Bad Karma Special Ops #2) - Tracy Brody, Breakfast With Charming (Newcomers #1) - Claire Bauer, Magic Of The Demon Fae (Demonfae #1) - Ava Mason, Mason’s Regret (Timberwood Cove #10) - Liam Kingsley, Claimed By Her Sasquatch (Folklore #3) - Shaw Hart, Crowning His Unlikely Princess - Michelle Conder, I Hate You, Fuller James - Kelly Anne Blount, Sinful Palace (Ruthless Rulers #2) - Stella Hart, Maybe Someday (Maybe #1) - Colleen Hoover.

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