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Later the woman who received the beating is shown with gauze over her obviously broken and bruised nose. An explanation of Author’s intent. When The Florida Project follows Halley, it shows her attempts to get by, hawking knock-off perfume or purloined MagicBands to tourists, and making a consequence-heavy, desperation-driven decision that's hinted at long before it's actually revealed. Director Sean Baker has been applauded for not judging his characters.

Having spent her entire life relegated to the sidelines, always knowing this place existed but never having the chance to go, turned it into her personal Eden that was never attainable. Wondering if The Florida Project is OK for your kids? And the camera regards it all with equal devotion. We watch the movie through Moonee's eyes, and we see the janky motel landscape as its own form of "Disney World". Her adventures and safaris (read: walk to see a field of cattle) and general ability to see life as her own personal fairytale begins to give way as Halley finds herself unable to secure regular employment and starts making more and more desperate choices, hawking perfume in hotel parking lots until proprietors chase her away, selling off the few items of value she and Moonee own, and trying to pinch pennies wherever possible before eventually soliciting sex work. 10 Spookiest and Most Terrifying Silent Horror Movies, ‘Rebecca’ Returns to Life Breathing Stale Air, How Denis Villeneuve Uses Shallow Focus To Make Us Squirm, 10 Terrifying and Twisted Horror Movie Road Trips to Hell, ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Makes Chess Exciting Again, Gazing into ‘The Beyond’: Lucio Fulci’s Cosmic Horror Masterpiece, How Ben Wheatley’s ‘Rebecca’ Differs from Alfred Hitchcock’s Award-Winning Version, ‘Dracula Motherf**ker’ Redefines the Monster and Demands Adaptation.

But viewers will feel gutted as the final scene unfolds, a dose of happily-ever-after optimism for kids -- and people -- who usually remain overlooked on and off the screen.

Fuck you!". Well, we’re not 5 dudes in a room talking about our passion for Fight Club and Braveheart.

I disagree I don’t think it was a cop out at all. Really shows how much of a fantastical escape that scene was for them. I definitely felt sympathy for both men, but was also reviled by both men's actions. Nothing says “unforced realism” more than a narratively shapeless slice-of-life snapshot of impoverished kids wandering around in beatific innocence of their own suffering; all the way back to 1946’s Shoeshine and 1948’s Bicycle Thieves, child non-actors floating in front of the camera, guileless in their moral comfort, have been a mainstay of the form. Moonee’s flashes of brilliance, whether they be for good or smartassery, are scattered amongst that particular brand of randomness specific to young children (“if I had a pet alligator I’d name mine Anne”), lots of mimicking of the behavior she sees around her, and more than a few really bad ideas. It's a fascinating scene that, to this day, makes me uncomfortable and I still can't shake the unease of the story. Let me know your thoughts on the ending and the film as a whole! But this time, the ending hit me like a gut punch; I sat in the theater in silence as the credits rolled, reeling with emotion. The Florida Project ends at, arguably, ... Florida. Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. That's because Spontaneous is honest. The kids are clever and self-sufficient. Nothing would have helped Mooney's mother, and govt help probably would have helped others in the building, but we don't follow any of those characters in that level of detail. What's remarkable is how Baker never judges his characters. His 2004 movie Take Out centers on an undocumented Chinese immigrant scraping by as a deliveryman, while 2008's Prince of Broadway goes further uptown to track an African man whose counterfeit bag hustle gets complicated when he has to care for a toddler.

Your privacy is important to us. I kind of thought the whole movie was very political, a criticism of the capitalist and statist ideas of how scarcity and how law and order are handled in America, and positing a way of living that has its own dignity and value, and is able to thrive only insofar as much as it smashes and subverts the authority of the world around it. PS: I'll add, too, one other moment that stuck with me.

And he deploys an emotional, orchestrated version of "Celebration" to stir us all the more thoroughly, and to make clear his own intentions.

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