taemin and naeun 2020

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But, I think they know what is actually happend between them. How will little Yohan be as an Oppa? Yeah like Taeun.Couple on instagram, she was arguing with someone on her latest post but it's deleted now, about the things she claims she knows but doesn't wanna tell. Give me link to your fanfic. Although he knew he will be ed up with her sister's plan he ac, Young in love

Shawols have been through with Shinee for a long time and through a lot of different events, and I think that applies to apink as well. Could she hold in and solved this problem? What will happen when the two families unexpectedly cross paths again and history threatens to repeat itself?

The comment section is so negative I'm sad, because Taeun can never be happy. I don't know if this new attention is a good thing or not, but for sure, the increased amount of support is definitely a good thing.

She doesnt have any students to teach anymore while she needs money. A taeunian shared a video.

... Sierra-March 31, 2020.

Taemin hardly shows any sort of reaction or give hints regarding their relationship because he is SO CAREFUL about it. The ones that has gotten the most likes were neutral ones: "That's why I really hate WGM...  WGM created a lot of chaos... T & N were just sunbaes and hoobaes but now can't even greet each other properly. They've been too quiet about their personal lives which I assume is their way to steer clear of anything that would shed light of their status.

Hahahaha. RayAmbler7 i feel like for couples who are not revealed by the paps, it seems like they last a longer time.

And I had a sudden urge to post a new video of this wonderful couple. That's why when Taemin did so much gestures on instagram, I was very surprised because he has never done this before. Sorry for spamming, but I want to offer my own views/analysis on recent events: I've seen people losing their faith on taeun and tbh, I've lost my faith around 2017-2018; But, I would say that the hints from both of them are already obvious. She said she knows something she can’t tell because it’s not her place. Omg that is my dream. Naeun knew that her son would eventually ask her about his dad but she wasn't expecting it to happen so soon.What do you do when your child asks you, "Why don't I have an Appa?

This is my first time to post here but I've been around for a while and have liked taeun since 2014! If anyone wants translation for any specific comments (or at least the most liked ones) I could do that and post it here with snapshots. Looking forward to hearing from other shippers soon. Hi glitterypunch, setting up a page for it. Wow guys this fits so perfectly for Taeun WATCH IT!

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