should i tell my 10 year old about santa

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Oops! I spent an hour searching in the middle of the night for those darn cookies, but never could find them. Age Matters When Deciding What to Tell Kids About Santa . This is especially poignant when you consider that many parents use Santa as a punishment for when kids lie to them. All rights reserved. Kids play make-believe all the time and they find joy in that.
You know how magic works. She is white with blue eyes. The best approach is to "throw the question back to the child. We emphasize how important it is to not deflate the younger sibling’s belief, and allow the older child to participate in hiding the mischievous elf or filling stockings. He said if they weren’t eaten, then he would know Santa wasn’t real. We've been to magic shows where we have witnessed things appear and disappear, things created out of nowhere. She can often be found in her apartment writing into the wee hours and trying to read a book in peace. This gives your child a deeper connection to something that isn’t of this world. That is the most important answer you will ever need to know. Dax Shepard Is Right: Addiction Recovery is a Lifelong Process. Dr. Roberts advises parents to wait for their child to come to them with questions about Santa and his existence rather taking any preemptive action. Why do you hate our elf on a shelf? We talked for a bit, and he calmed down. He was an important man there, and he became famous for giving.... secretly. That's settled. There is some great research that shows that kids with greater senses of imagination actually have a better understanding of the lines between fantasy and reality. So I guess I better dust off my cookie recipe — Santa’s gonna need his snack. Science says we should learn to give, not receive. Since he knows Santa brings presents to kids, he figures that adults face the same kind of repercussions, if you’re not behaving, Santa doesn’t bring you anything. Finally about six months later, he asked me flat-out and I was honest with him and his brother, but also made them promise not to ruin it for anyone else. Family life Share is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. I have always wondered, should I be the one to tell my kid the truth about Santa? ‘Some people say he’s not, but I’ve seen him.

Since becoming a mom, I’ve had a lot of feelings I didn’t expect to feel about holidays. As a parent, this can be a hard topic to navigate. Uhhh ohhh. With that act, they become the essence of what we know to be Santa. They’re going to figure it out in due time and there is a risk that they’ll feel like you’ve broken your trust. As we did, we all imagined who Santa is and how it all would get done. My mom let my dad write the gift tags that year, and my dad has very distinct handwriting. That year, I had suggested we all give each other only hand-made things that reminded us of the person to whom we were giving the present. You guys are already doing it, and I am very proud of you. My reply was, ‘Well, it’s a fun magic to add to Christmas. But on the other hand, you don’t want to be responsible for ruining the most wonderful day of the year. But I think you, me, Buela (my mom), and my cousins are the only ones left who believe.’. Most people I tell this to, let out a long sighing, “Ohhhh!” as if I just told them that my dog died. You are now old enough. 3.

It is no secret that children develop at different stages and ages. Here are 13 ways families have explained Santa to their children (and a few funny reactions to boot): “My oldest is 9 and asked me this year if Santa was real. A parent can create some complications if telling a child that Santa is a myth before the child is ready to hear it. After a solid decade of hiding and building facade around my sexual orientation, doing the Santa gig was a piece of cake, all the way down to photoshopping "proof" of the big guy standing in the middle of our actual living room. I want to tell you exactly who the REAL Santa Claus is. What advice do you have for parents who don’t want to have the Santa conversation? ‘You mean Santa is dead? After telling him it was a choice to believe or not to believe, and asking him, ‘What do you think and feel about it?’ he responded that he thought it was pretend. - Beverly-MtGreenwood, IL - A child psychologist from Advocate Children's Hospital-Oak Lawn offers some helpful advice. If he knows that the kid who celebrates Yule still gets presents, will it just be automatically assumed that if Santa doesn’t bring all kids presents that he doesn’t exist? Just Tell The Truth. By third grade, however, my childhood belief in Santa was over. When I asked why, Jesse looked at me with a twinkle in his eye and said, "We wrote to him. We shouldn’t lie to kids because it builds mistrust. FamilyEducation does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Tell Him That Santa Is YOU. You do Santa’s job for him, because the old Santa passed away hundreds of years ago, so it is up to adults to be Santa, now. My dilemma has been brewing for two years -- do I tell them, or do I … I decided that no way could my parents afford our modest bounty of gifts left under the tree. Family life Share is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Santa Claus was born almost 2,000 years ago, only a few hundred years after Jesus. Meet #1 Best-Selling Pawthor Duke Sterk @ Bentley's Pet Stuff, Bear Down in Tailgate Town: Bears vs. LA Rams Watch Party, 4-Hour Introduction to Handguns Training Classes Oct & Nov, 16/8 Hour Illinois Concealed Carry Permit Classes Nov & Dec 2020, Learn How To Get A $200 AT&T Visa® Card When You Sign Up For TV, Trick Or Treat With The Animals And More At Pumpkin Days Weekend, Coronavirus Surge: Gov's Pseudoscience Creates Credibility Crisis, Chicago Coronavirus Positivity Rises 1.6 Points In A Week To 7%, Toiletry Drive Supports Homeless Vets In Chicagoland, Beverly-MtGreenwood Weather Forecast For The Weekend Ahead. Another major concern is that with people celebrating so many different winter holidays other than Christmas, will the conversation just come up? I then had to explain to him that Santa only brings presents to kids. Dr. Coulson doesn’t believe that parents who allow their kids to believe in Santa are doing any lasting harm. As we sat this year in the dark, all of us breathing in captive wonder, I found myself tearing and emotional as the lead character shakes the bell and the tiny tinkle of belief peels out. Now... what to say? Get the best of Fatherly in your inbox, What I Wish My Wife Would Say to Me More Often Right Now, According to 12 Husbands. All rights reserved. I feel incredibly conflicted about Santa Claus. My son just turned five this fall. “Christmas is going to be exciting and fun and enjoyable whether kids know the truth about Santa or not. “I had the talk with my daughter about the spirit of giving and becoming a Santa herself. I didn’t mention it that year, and maybe not even the next year. He still plays along to keep the surprise and magic of Christmas morning.”― Teresa Ingram, “My 9-year-old asked, ‘Is Santa real?

‘You mean Santa is dead? Even though I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, I felt kind of bad about killing the joy for him before he got the chance to really experience it. After telling him it was a choice to believe or not to believe, and asking him, ‘What do you think and feel about it?’ he responded that he thought it was pretend. And it’s something they can say to a friend who might try and spoil Santa for them.”, n the end, I asked her if she enjoyed it while it lasted and if she felt we should continue the tales for her little sister who’s 2. When you tell your child the truth, you should be prepared to talk to them about why they shouldn’t ruin the magic for others. One of the sub-plots of the movie is that those who "still believe" can hear the tinkling sounds of Santa's sleigh bells, and that those who no longer believe, can't. They imagine different kind of sleighs that he arrives in, who the reindeer are, and what elves really look like.

Your feelings of Christmas, your inspiration on what to do to make others happy and the love we have for each other... those are all invisible, but they are the most real things in the world. At first, I answered as I had before, ‘What do you think?’ And he said, ‘I don’t know.’ After his brother went to bed, my husband and I talked to him one-on-one. You can also tell them that they can now be Santa, too, which makes it more fun for them. But because of this, I have always wondered, should I be the one to tell my kid the truth about Santa? Sign up for the Fatherly newsletter to get original articles and expert advice about parenting, fitness, gear, and more in your inbox every day. He is jolly and portly, with a white beard. Can one man eat that many cookies in one night? He Is Real- Just Not Physical.

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