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Homer P. Figg, a 12-year-old orphan with a lively imagination and a loose regard for the truth, narrates this colorful tale of Civil War-era thieves, scallywags, soldiers, and spies. The general in charge, Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain sends all men available, including the prisoners to reinforce the hill they are guarding. A kindly Quaker, Jebediah Brewster, whose house is a station on the Underground Railroad, rescues Homer and sends him off again on his quest to find Harold. Then model for students how to summarize a part of the text. (Sample answers: clothing, transportation, treatment of children. The book was chosen as a Newbery Honor Book and an ALA Notable book. After they finish reading a section, have students discuss the book with partners to ask questions and clarify comprehension. The year is 1863. Remind students that a summary is a short statement of the most important ideas or events in a story. He has said: “I believe that we have the ability to change our lives using our imaginations. Teach students the steps of summarizing, which include: Make sure to remind students to use their own words when summarizing. Set during the American Civil War, it follows the adventures of a boy who is an inveterate teller of tall tales on his quest to find his older brother, a Union soldier. With a combination of heroism and foolhardiness, Homer steals a pony and rides through the rebel lines straight into the Battle of Gettysburg. Students interested in learning more about the Underground Railroad can visit the interactive Scholastic website.

Would you want to be his friend? How do you feel about Homer P. Figg personally? This story is narrated by the story's main character, Homer P. Figg, an orphan in Maine living with his older brother Harold P. Figg under the cruel treatment of their mother's sister's husband, Squinton Leach. - Underground Railroad Spark critical thinking by asking students to respond to tall tales and tell some of their own — as long as they are not related to homework. Challenge interested students to research the science behind hot-air balloons and report on their findings using an annotated diagram. Draw a concept map for each of the word concepts — Slavery, Civil War, Historical Terms — using chart paper or a whiteboard.

(Sample answer: a blue uniform.). ), Use your own words to sum up Homer’s flight in the balloon from start to finish. 6–8, View not found. Abraham Lincoln honored those dead in his Gettysburg Address. Point out that summarizing helps them understand and remember books they have read. The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg Setting & Symbolism Rodman Philbrick This Study Guide consists of approximately 21 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg. How is this book different from other historical novels you have read? Homer and the medicine show run into one of these airships when one crashes near them in Pennsylvania. Finally, Homer digs his way out of the cellar and rides away on a horse to find Harold and save him. Make copies of The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg Write a Tall Tale Activity and distribute to students. [2] This book contains 192 pages. 9–12. First, Homer and Harold get in trouble with their Uncle Squint. Ask students to think about how scenes in the story would be different if they were told from another character’s point of view. - abolitionists The Union experimented with hot air balloons as a way of monitoring troop movements during the Civil War. Homer meets Reverend Webster B. Willow who saw his brother and informs Homer that Harold wasn't in the fighting yet and will presumably arrive tomorrow in the Maine regiment. Acquaint students with this important American document by playing a reading by Sam Waterson, an actor who often played Lincoln on stage, which can be found at the NPR website. Then challenge students to choose an event from their life to wildly exaggerate, as Homer often does. Mr. Brewster then tells him to tell the truth but instead Homer almost got killed by lying but is saved by a fellow prisoner called Samuel Reed (Homer saved his life earlier by saying he was worth more alive). How is it different from history textbooks? ), What color uniform would you wear if you were a Yankee soldier? This Study Guide consists of approximately 21 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - Encourage students to share what they learned with the class, summarizing the information about the different stops on the Underground Railroad.

The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg grew out of Philbrick’s fascination with the Civil War and his family’s roots in the state of Maine. Homer P. Figg and his brother, Harold, both survived the Battle of Gettysburg; however, over 51,000 soldiers on both sides died during the battle. Next, Squint brings men to find the brothers and to swear Harold into the Union Army. The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg from, Order our The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg Study Guide, teaching or studying The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg. During the encounter, Homer discovers professor Fleabottom is actually a Rebel spy by the name of Reginald Robertson Crockett. Homer is thrown into a root cellar and starts thinking about how to save him. Samuel Reed uses wagons to transport runaway slaves to Canada from Mr. Brewster's house.

Homer and Reed return to the Brewsters and Reed leads the fugitive slaves back on their way to freedom. Hot-air balloons were used for a time during the war for spy missions. While they are running away from a colonel who sent a squad after them but Fleabottom bribes them with silver coins but are still running when they come across a rogue balloon with a man inside yelling for help, Homer and another member of the show help but are nearly killed when a bunch of Union soldiers and a captain come to arrest them for treason. TM ® & © 2016 Scholastic Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Comprehension Focus: Summarize - conductor

The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg is a children's historical novel by Rodman Philbrick, author of Freak the Mighty. Language Focus: Content-Area Vocabulary. A stage version debuted at the Kennedy Center in 2012.

Use its interactive features to acquaint students with the North and the South in 1861. This elixir is nothing but whiskey. Clarify their understanding about the two sides of the war — the Union and the Confederacy — by showing this map on the whiteboard or screen. Rodman Philbrick began writing short stories in sixth grade and finished a novel by eleventh grade. Reread Homer’s story to Mrs. Bean from the bottom of page 40 to the end of page 41 as inspiration for them. [3][4], "ARTSEDGE: Cuesheet: The (Mostly True) Adventures of Homer P. Figg", "The (Mostly True) Adventures of Homer P. Figg",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 August 2020, at 16:25. That is one of the questions most-asked by young readers. 3–5,  Ask students to think about this question as they read. 3–5, First published in 2009, it was named as a Newbery Honor Book in 2010. this slideshow of Civil War participants from, Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg, The, The Underground Railroad: Escape From Slavery. In this audio clip, Rodman Philbrick discusses his ideas for The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg. Find the most important details about the event. Ask students to choose a short scene from the book and rewrite it from another character’s point of view. After they listen to Philbrick’s introduction, ask students what they know about the Civil War. (Sample summary: Homer escapes from the spy hunters by jumping in the hot-air balloon and cutting the anchor. As you add a word to the map, have students explain how it connects to the concept. SLAVERY Miss Nibbly and her brother, Frank, target Mr. Willow because of the money Mr. Brewster gave him to buy Harold Figg's release from the army. This book contains 192 pages. Mr. Willow nearly panics on his first train ride with Homer. Ask students to suggest words from their lists that connect to each concept. Although his first novels were rejected, he went on to publish more than a dozen novels for adults before writing Freak the Mighty, which established Philbrick as a new voice in young adult fiction. Encourage students to study the photos and connect what they learned from them with what they learned in the novel.

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