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Pin. Another story of miracle says that once during a severe famine in Myra, a ship fully loaded with wheat arrived in the Myra port. [32][41] According to Michael the Archimandrite, three innocent men were condemned to death by the governor Eustathius.

Accounts of Saint Nicholas's life agree on the essence of his story, but modern historians disagree regarding how much of this story is actually rooted in historical fact. In 1087, while the Greek Christian inhabitants of the region were subjugated by the newly arrived Muslim Seljuk Turks, and soon after their church was declared to be in schism by the Catholic church, a group of merchants from the Italian city of Bari removed the major bones of Nicholas's skeleton from his sarcophagus in the church without authorization and brought them to their hometown, where they are now enshrined in the Basilica di San Nicola. [35] Although depictions vary depending on time and place,[35] Nicholas is often shown wearing a cowl while the daughters are typically shown in bed, dressed in their nightclothes. An early list makes him an attendee at the First Council of Nicaea in 325, but he is never mentioned in any writings by people who were actually at the council. Earlier it was assumed that he was buried in Myra, but recent archeological reports state that he was probably buried in the Turkish island of Gemile in a church built in 4th century and later in 600s, his remains were taken to Myra, which was safer than the Arab-attack threatened Gemile.

According to tradition, he was born in the ancient Lycian seaport city of Patara, and, when young, traveled to … [61] The remains arrived on 9 May 1087. Such practices are a very good way of reminding our children of the life of this beloved saint, and encouraging them to imitate his charity, as Christmas approaches. The History of Santa Claus and Father Christmas, Translation of Grimm's Saga No. Because of the invasions and threats of attacks, some sailors of Bari (Apulia, Italy) took away the remains of St. Nicholas in 1087. This and his miracle of him resurrecting the three butchered children made Saint Nicholas a patron saint of children and later students as well. He gained a reputation as a preacher and a confessor. Nicholas’s existence is not attested by any historical document, so nothing certain is known of his life except that he was probably bishop of Myra in the 4th century.

Iconographically, Nicholas is depicted as an elderly man with a short, full, white, fluffy beard and balding head. [58] Mothers would come to the church to pray to Saint Nicholas for their jailed sons to be released[58] and repentant criminals would place votive offerings in the church. [11][18] The Life of Saint Nicholas of Sion, written around 250 years after Nicholas of Myra's death, briefly mentions Nicholas of Sion visiting Nicholas's tomb to pay homage to him. [58], According to another story, during a great famine that Myra experienced in 311–312, a ship was in the port at anchor, loaded with wheat for the Emperor in Constantinople. As in the Low Countries in medieval times oranges most frequently came from Spain, this led to the belief that the Saint lives in Spain and comes to visit every winter bringing them oranges, other 'wintry' fruits and tales of magical creatures. [78] Although the Crusaders generally favored warrior saints, which Saint Nicholas was not, the presence of his relics in Bari made him materially accessible. [32] According to one version, Emperor Constantine sent three of his most trusted generals, named Ursos, Nepotianos, and Herpylion, to put down a rebellion in Phrygia,[32] but a storm forced them to take refuge in Myra. Reportedly, the scent of this liquid is like that of a sweet perfume, making him the patron saint of perfumers. Kelly, Sean and Rosemary Rogers, Saints Preserve Us! This is how St. Nicholas became the Patron Saint of unmarried girls. [61] Taking advantage of the confusion and the loss by the Greek Christian community of Myra of its Byzantine imperial protection, in the spring of 1087, Italian sailors from Bari in Apulia seized part of the remains of the saint from his burial church in Myra, over the objections of the Greek Orthodox monks in the church. He is said to have been born in the Greek seaport of Patara, Lycia in Asia Minor to wealthy Christian parents. [60] It is said that, in Myra, the relics of Saint Nicholas each year exuded a clear watery liquid which smelled like rose water, called manna, or myrrh, which was believed by the faithful to possess miraculous powers. Biography of St. Francis of Assisi, the Patron Saint of Animals, The Historical Background of Santa Claus in Different Cultures, St. Mark the Evangelist: Bible Author and Patron Saint.

That’s how the custom of keeping shoes or stockings out (to receive Christmas gifts) started. [40] Eastern Orthodox Christians and the Turks have both long regarded the unauthorized removal of the relics from Myra as a blatant theft,[61][76] but the people of Bari have instead maintained that it was a rescue mission to save the bones from the Turkish invaders. Scott P. Richert is senior content network manager of Our Sunday Visitor. [22][29][31] Hearing of the girls' plight, Nicholas decided to help them, but, being too modest to help the family in public (or to save them the humiliation of accepting charity), he went to the house under the cover of night and threw a purse filled with gold coins through the window opening into the house.

[74] Returning to Bari, they brought the remains with them and cared for them.

Instead, it was reported that from childhood he lived a holy and humble life.

[35], The historicity of this incident is disputed. St. Nicholas Biography, Life, Interesting Facts. Protests from the Russian government against this were successful, and the bronze statue was returned (albeit without its original high pedestal) to a corner nearer the church. According to some accounts, his parents were named Epiphanius (Ἐπιφάνιος, Epiphánios) and Johanna (Ἰωάννα, Iōánna), but, according to others, they were named Theo… Not only is he a patron of sailors but also children as well as thieves and Barrel makers. We're not salespeople, but we depend on donations averaging $14.76 and fewer than 1% of readers give. Nicholas was born in circa 280 (some references: 270), in the seaport city of Patara, Lycia, in Asia Minor (present-day Turkey).

[23][29][37] He is said to have been imprisoned and tortured during the Great Persecution under the Emperor Diocletian (ruled 284–305),[38][39] but was released under the orders of the Emperor Constantine the Great (ruled 306–337). It was the Dutch who brought the custom of "Santa Claus" to the United States.

When his parents died of a plague, Nicholas began to serve the poor near his home and in the surrounding towns and countryside. That was the period of the ‘Persecution of Christians’ under the rule of Emperor Diocletian. [40] The removal of Saint Nicholas's relics from Myra and their arrival in Bari is reliably recorded by multiple chroniclers, including Orderic Vitalis[75][40] and 9 May continued to be celebrated every year by western Christians as the day of Nicholas's "translation". Nicholas spent his childhood life in Church praying and reading motivational books. Instead they were often left to beg when they lost their parents or lived in poverty. "[22][31] The man could not afford proper dowries for his three daughters. And so St. Nicholas is a gift-giver. [60] Myra is located roughly forty kilometers, or twenty-five miles, east of Gemile[60] and its location further inland made it safer from seafaring Arab forces. Random House, 1993. Learn Religions uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. He lost both of his parents as a young man and reportedly used … The liquid gradually seeps out of the tomb, but it is unclear whether it originates from the body within the tomb, or from the marble itself; since the town of Bari is a harbour, and the tomb is below sea level, there have been several natural explanations proposed for the manna fluid, including the transfer of seawater to the tomb by capillary action. The lineage was passed on to Nicholas when they succumbed to an infectious disease. Saint Nicholas was born circa 280 in Patara, Lycia, an area that is part of present-day Turkey. [39], In 2017, two researchers from Oxford University, Professor Tom Higham and Doctor Georges Kazan, radiocarbon dated a fragment of a pelvis claimed to belong to Saint Nicholas. [112] In Roman Catholic iconography, Saint Nicholas is depicted as a bishop, wearing the insignia of this dignity: a bishop's vestments, a mitre and a crozier. Constantine freed them the next morning. [85][101][69] The results of the radiocarbon dating confirmed that the pelvis dates to the fourth century AD, around the same time that Saint Nicholas would have died, and is not a medieval forgery. [32] Nicholas confronted the generals for allowing their soldiers to misbehave[32] and the generals brought an end to the looting. Brought up in devotional surroundings, he became a Bishop at a young age. [93] The sailors who had transported the bones gave one tooth and two fragments chipped from Nicholas's sarcophagus to the Norman knight William Pantulf. Tradition places him at the Council of Nicea (325), though the oldest lists of bishops in attendance do not include his name.

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