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Qrow opens up, saying Ozpin was the only one who wanted him, who would give him a place in the world and that Ozpin allowed him to do some good. After Weiss Schnee starts making Ruby question her appointment as team leader, Ruby asks Ozpin whether he made a mistake appointing her as the team leader. When he offers those gathered the chance to leave, Yang stands and vows to remain fighting, as long as Ozpin no longer keeps any secrets from them, a condition which the former headmaster agrees to honor. Everyone sees that Ozpin is not trustworthy, and Ozpin pleads for Ruby to not ask anything, but she does not listen and asks Jinn about his secret. AU beginning with Team STRQ's first year and massively changing the entire series up through and beyond canon.

Ozpin informs her that while Ironwood has filled them in on most of the details of what transpired last night, he asks if she might have anything to add. When they finally meet again in "Rest and Resolutions", Yang confronts him on turning her mother and uncle into birds.
He then watches as the Wyvern heads towards Beacon, before making his way out to the courtyard. Everyone has their truths...but only one is THE truth. "So That's How It Is", he is helped to his feet by the elder after Qrow punches him into a tree. Ironwood appears to see the layers of Ozpin's personality within Oscar, relieved to have his old friend back in any capacity. Ozpin is most likely the name of his host before Oscar, and just uses it because that was his host when she recruited her current band of villains. The train reaches a tunnel, and the heroes formulate a plan for Ren use his Semblance to mask the passengers' emotions to flee from the Grimm with Jaune's help. Later, in the city of Mistral, Ozpin gets Oscar to retrieve his cane from Qrow, who greets Oscar by Ozpin's nickname at the request. This indicates a rather personal level of familiarity. Salem deeply loved Ozma and grieved horribly upon his death by the way of illness. That out in the world there is a monster not of Grimm that eats spirits. As Ozpin explains who he thinks should be the guardian, Pyrrha Nikos enters the Cross Continental Transmit System elevator and visits Ozpin. Thus the millennia-long feud between the two began. He is the first known incarnation after the King of Vale.

He ends the questioning by offering her a listening ear, should she ever need to talk to him. In every aspect of their conflict over the Relics, Salem appears to hold a great deal of contempt towards the man.
Out of nowhere, Oscar takes control and tells everyone Ozpin is afraid they will use the Relic to ask what he is hiding. Ozpin interrupts Glynda's tart retort to that proposal, though agreeing with her assessment that Ironwood's response was too forceful. Ozpin pleads with Qrow, trying to convince him that he was doing good, Qrow rejects this and says meeting Ozpin was the worst luck of his life. He takes responsibility for their hardship and says they must keep the Relic of Knowledge secure, which the missing Spring Maiden is capable of reaching if they are to stop Salem. She successfully steals the Fall Maiden's powers that Ozpin's group tries to protect. Ozpin tells the boy he has forgotten to engage his Aura and that training without it will make him less likely to forget. They know that Ozpin can reincarnates when he dies so it wouldn't be too much of a surprise if Salem calls him by a past name.

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