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Any side dish you order in a diner comes “in the alley,” unless you’re ordering hash, which is “mystery in the alley.” Hash has a whole host of other nicknames, all equally terrifying, from “kitchen sweepings” to “the customer will take their chance.” You won’t regret this 5-star breakfast hash. Typically, the manager will run a prio back to the table.

table with the specified number of people. 2 and 2: Used in breakfast joints. “sarapiar la mesa.”. For example, an eight top is a dining party of eight.

Deuce: A table that can only seat two customers. It’s basically like the game “Telephone!” Or…”Radio”… These healthy tuna recipes will perk you right up.

Heather graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and has spent 20+ years in the Foodservice industry. * Redneck – The non-tipping public, not related to a rural type person, meaning a cheapskate. * Server – The preferred term for waiter or waitress, for example, “Could you find my server, please, I need a refill on my Pepsi.”. Sometimes a serving cart is even used to display certain items. I have enjoyed a laugh or two. First in, First out”. I’m gonna have to shotgun you these orders.”, Lake Erie highball – customer ordered a glass of water, wearing: the side “what is that burger wearing?” “fries”, straight up: exactly as it comes on the menu “they want that straight up”, fish is swimming: the fish is in the fryer, time: “what is your time?” amount of time since your oldest ticket was ordered, cheesing it: putting the cheese on, this is the final step so it means its basically ready “How much longer on that sandwich?” “I’m cheesing it”.

One of the things he expects from the back of the house is when he gives an order or call out that the staff reply “heard” so he can be sure that he was heard. If you are already in the industry or are looking to break into it, you need to have a firm grasp on the current restaurant slang and common terms. Canadians for the customers nobody wants because not only will they complain but you will get $2 tip no matter what. The next level above Cremate it. A bad or clumsy chef/cook used to stumble a lot and was made fun of by the other cooks and chefs. A sly reference to Eve’s purported creation from Adam’s extra rib, this does indeed refer to—you guessed it—spare ribs.

Chef: A chef is someone that is trained professionally in the art of food preparation and cooking. Ex. Wow! Working: The opposite of all day, if the sous chef asks the grill cook how many filets he has, the working number is the amount on the grill or in the oven, actually cooking, all day means total.

* Push- “Sell” it. Legend has it that this meal got its name from plates sold during The Depression, which had separate compartments for different foods and were only available in the color blue.

* Tourne – Vegetables that are cut to resemble a small, slightly tapered cork, but instead of being smooth they are cut to have seven equally large facets. Thanks. In the weeds? With its location right in the kitchen, Chef's Tables are reserved for special guests only and provide them with a custom curated dinner that they would otherwise not get in the normal dining room. Seagulls/Vultures: Servers who swarm the plate being put up for sampling for the nights specials. That’ll be the Bronx Vanilla. * Two second rule – The amount of time between when a piece of food hits the floor and when it’s picked up and placed in a sauté pan or on a plate, generally accompanied by a guilty look to see if anyone else saw it. Charcuterie: This term refers to a specific kind of cooking that is focused primarily on the preparation of meats such as sausage, ham, and bacon. a round of guests. Working half of the lunch and dinner service. -Shift Drink- The comp expected from the manager when one is ‘off shift’, and usually relegated to some unseen portion of the room. to list off menu modifications that are not printed. “Breakdown” was when BOH opened their PBRs and began washing/covering everything.

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