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Contacts • This is the stupidest refund I can think of. So where do we apply for a refund and which address do we return it too? I would like to receive news and offers from other Future brands. “I logged into Facebook’s website to lock down my profile, as I had no intention of using the social media site more than was needed, and within minutes of merging accounts and changing profile settings my account was banned without any reason given or cause I can think of,” the user told The Verge in an email — rendering the Quest 2 a “new white paperweight.” Other people in the subreddit chimed in with their own experiences getting locked out. Existing Oculus users have the option to log in with Facebook and merge their accounts now, and those who choose not to will have two years to use their Oculus accounts—Facebook … Facebook, which bought Oculus in 2014 for $2 billion, had required users to have Oculus accounts, similar to how other gaming systems do it. I had disabled anything facebook related, all their services, and remove any apps I could remove from my phone because I don't agree with their terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc and simply don't want to use their platform. Faute de participants, Facebook Spaces, l’expérience sociale mêlant interactions avec ses amis du réseau, activités et partages, a été arrêtée. I don't use a facebook account... just a gmail address. Oculus, le concepteur du casque de réalité virtuelle du même nom, a annoncé qu’à compter d’octobre prochain, les nouveaux utilisateurs de ses produits devront disposer d’un compte Facebook pour en profiter. -, rapprochement entre WhatsApp, Messenger ou encore Instagram, Comment Facebook veut utiliser la réalité augmentée et virtuelle pour transfigurer le télétravail, HTC Vive : Plus qu'un test, l'expérience ultime du casque de réalité virtuelle. Sign up now to get the latest news, deals & more from Android Central!

Oculus a annoncé laisser deux années supplémentaires, soit jusqu’au 31 décembre 2022, à ses utilisateurs actuels qui ne veulent pas fusionner leurs deux comptes Oculus et Facebook, ou n’utiliser que leur compte initial.

It looks like you're new here. You should try it. The Pure Humidify + Cool has a premium design, delivers outstanding performance at both purification and humidification, and is an ideal product for the new work-from-home normal. Facebook officialise son Oculus Quest 2 : quels changements pour ce casque VR tout-en-un ? We've also seen legal tussles lead to a software lockout in the gaming world recently (allegedly). Mais elle peine à fidéliser autour de sa marque. New Oculus buyers who are already active Facebook users may see fewer problems, as they’re simply prompted to sign up via Facebook without needing to merge any accounts. That promise has since been broken, with Facebook announcing that all new accounts created after October 2020 would need to log in with a Facebook account to use the device. The Quest 2 Elite Strap replaces the standard strap that ships with the headset. On pense notamment à Horizon, fonction annoncée dans laquelle vous pourrez créer des mondes, les explorer et jouer. The Quest 2 is the first Oculus headset to require a Facebook login rather than a login with a separate Oculus account. I only need to know one thing: where they are. That promise has since been broken, with Facebook announcing that all new accounts created after October 2020 would need to log in with a Facebook account to use the device. Sinon on fait un compte poubelle totalement vide avec un faux nom, ça leur fera les pieds. Tim Cook a dit que j'étais "funny" (mais il réfléchit toujours à ma question). Learn more. If you're one of the few who's having trouble getting set up, we're ready and available to help. We are committed to keeping all of our platforms safer.”, Unfortunately, the statement regarding the Oculus Facebook login requirement is somewhat vague. Ou comment forcer les gens qui n'ont pas de compte facebook à en créer un...!!!

Facebook says a “small number” of customers have been locked out of their new Oculus Quest 2 headsets, following a string of reports that buyers were unable to use the virtual reality headsets because their Facebook accounts were suspended.

I wouldn't have known because i didn't look into it or attempt to cleanse myself of Facebook. We’re aware a small number of customers are having trouble using Quest 2 with their Facebook accounts. « Si vous choisissez de ne pas fusionner vos comptes à ce moment-là, vous pourrez continuer d’utiliser vos produits, mais pour accéder à l’intégralité des fonctions, il faudra un compte Facebook », explique le communiqué. I was unable to use GearVR without enabling the facebook services on my phone. We've been in communication with Facebook on this issue and will continue to provide updates as they become available. Pour justifier cette décision, Oculus se retranche aussi derrière des questions de sécurité et de confidentialité renforcées : « Comme Facebook ajoute de nouveaux outils de confidentialité et de sécurité, Oculus peut les adopter et en profiter. Tap Settings and then tap Facebook Settings. Right now, Facebook is directing all affected customers to their customer support portal to submit a support ticket and have a human deal with the issue. Oculus : Facebook Research dévoile les lunettes VR du futur, Oculus Quest 2 : un possible visuel laisse entrevoir un modèle dépoussiéré, Oculus Quest 2 : Facebook lâche accidentellement des infos avant l’heure. I'm not super excited about hardware being so inextricably tied to the owner company for that reason alone but I realise I'm pissing in the wind. Fan de sport et gameuse assidue, mais toujours avec humour et surtout mauvaise foi. If your account is fully disabled as a result of this violation you may also lose access to your [games and content]. Oculus Quest 2 : Facebook bannit à tort le compte d’utilisateurs pour fausse identité, iPhone 12 et 12 Pro : On vous explique les 250 euros d’écart (Unboxing), Test du Dell XPS 13 9310 : le passage à la 11e gen. de processeurs Intel Core (Tiger Lake).

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