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She was a Nao, a type of cargo vessel. The 48th Annual Christopher Columbus Day Awards Gala. In a sleepy little fishing village called Valenca, Sarsfield slowly gained the confidence of the Valencan shipwrights and they began to share with him the secrets of their techniques. Fortnite. The document also included an inventory of equipment aboard the Niña in 1498 when a new Master Pedro Frances took over the ship. In 2014, it was reported that the wreck of the Santa Maria had been located. Their article, published in the January 1991 issue of Archaeology magazine asserts: combining ethnographic survivals with pertinent results of documentary, artistic and archaeological research, Sarsfield's Niña will likely be the most authentic replica Columbus era ship ever built. During that time it became evident that due to money and time constraints it would be possible to build only one replica. La Santa-María est un des trois navires ayant permis à Christophe Colomb de traverser l'océan Atlantique lors de sa première expédition en 1492.. Les deux autres sont entrés dans l'histoire sous les surnoms de La Niña (la petite) et La Pinta (la peinte, la maquillée). For Adults. A lucky few could sleep on the poop deck or find a coil of rope to sleep on to keep them off the deck a foot or so. Popular. Lors de l'escale aux Canaries[2], ses deux voiles latines sont remplacées, à la Gomera, par des voiles carrées mieux adaptées aux vents de l'Atlantique. His contribution to the project had been enormous, in fact, it was his determination to see his theories develop into reality that made the building of the NiÒa possible. Comments Leave your comment: Recommended Albums. Several important design details, including such fundamental factors as the number of masts and rigging specifics were clarified by data from recent discoveries of 15th & 16th Century Spanish shipwrecks in the Caribbean. The Lego Batman Movie. Popular. Different proportions, varying from region to region were used for different types, however, all were based on the length of the keel. Columbus changed the Niña's rig to a Caravela Redonda before the first voyage. When the Niña left on any of her three voyages to the New World, her cargo hold was full of provisions, water, armaments. Caravels were also used as cargo carriers, warships, patrol boats, and even corsairs (pirate ships). Cooking was done in a fire box located on decks in the bow of the ship. The original Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria used by Christopher Columbus on his first voyage across the Atlantic were common trading vessels. De son vrai nom : Santa Clara (Sainte Claire)[Note 4], elle est la plus petite des trois , mais seule la Pinta est plus rapide qu'elle. The Niña was Columbus's favorite. It was decided that the Niña would be built. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 12 février 2020 à 16:03. El 3 de agosto de 1492 Cristobal Colón dejó el Puerto de Palos de la Frontera comandando las tres carabelas: La Santa María, La Pinta y la Niña. Latest categories. In December of 1991, the Niña left the banks of the Rio Uno in Valenca, Brazil rigged as a four-master. The Santa María was the slowest of Columbus’ vessels, but performed well in the Atlantic Ocean crossing. […] could sightsee Giogia del Colle, Matera and Bari, experience their food and wine tradition and enjoy their hospitality and lively […], […] Virgilio, a town resident, told the Italian Tribune: “Colobraro is a magical place, come here and you will understand why. Nina Pinta Santa Maria coloring pages are a fun way for kids of all ages to develop creativity, focus, motor skills and color recognition. The actual name of the Pinta (the Painted One) is unknown.

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