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Senca Solar Powered Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Stakes are easy to use and effective against mice and many other types of outdoor lawn pests. So, do you throw up your hands in defeat? Mice infestations are considered one of the most troublesome issues around the globe. Here’s our short list of mouse repellents with a special emphasis on being both safe and effective (because we believe strongly in human and pet-friendly solutions here). Rodents which get in between the cycles have been known to chew through the electrical leads. It doesn’t work very well in large areas, but if you soak cotton balls in peppermint oil and place in confined areas, it will work as a natural mouse repellent. The primary product used in this is peppermint oil. Required fields are marked *, Want to know how to get rid of rats without poison? Victor is one of the top brands for rodent removal. What we mean is that you make sure to cut their food source by checking your kitchen cabinets and food packages that they can get into. Ready your … Featuring three separate modes to match the infestation level, this plug-in repellent boasts the ability to drive away just about any pest species, including mice, within a month. Soak the cotton balls in peppermint oil and place them in areas where you have noticed mouse activity. Other benefits of peppermint oil include relief for muscular pain, allergies, joint discomfort, and so on. If the tips listed above did not work for the tough rodents in your home, you could also try a mixture of cocoa powder (or substitute it with peanut butter), plaster of Paris, and water as an effective mice repellent. As long as you keep these observations in mind you won't be setting yourself up for disappointment by harboring unrealistic expectations. Mice produce large litters, between 5 to 7 pups per litter, but under ideal conditions, they can give birth to twice that many. All rights reserved. Being solar powered makes these so easy to use. Rodents are known to carry over 200 different diseases, most of which can be transmitted to people. It uses different colored lights and waves to repel all kinds of pests. Limited Time: Save $50 on a pest control plan! As the severe setting uses ultrasonic waves, it may prove irritating to both humans and pets, so it’s best used in unoccupied rooms. Can Essential Oils Be Used in Repelling Mice? They are extremely fast acting. It’s best to contact the manufacturer about it or do some of your research on the type of pet you have before using a mouse repeller. Sometimes more frequent applications are needed for the initial eviction and sometimes it won’t work at all. Check out our range of Mouse Traps, Rodent Controls & Repellents products at your local Bunnings Warehouse. Because out of all the pest repellers we could find, this one appeared to have the most positive authentic feedback from its users. If you don’t see any progress in four weeks the company has provided a full money back guarantee. The four-pack of repellers charge using solar power in as little as four hours and can run for five to seven days straight. Below are some of the best Mice repellents that are available in the market and you … They can jump down eight feet or more without being injured and can climb on any surface that is slightly rough because it allows them to get a good grip on it. This device is easy to install and works on a range of small to medium-sized rodents. They have an extremely keen sense of smell, and like a bloodhound, can track down enticing odors. Worse yet, they can become pregnant with a second litter while the first is still nursing. With this repellant, there are no corpses to clean up as it deters pests from your home instead of killing them. I have written about the ways that you can use kitty litter as a mouse repellent, and it really works! We like simplicity and we'll bet you do too. If you have tried using various scents as a natural mouse repellent which didn’t work, and you do not want to resort to using poison and inhumane methods of mouse traps, try using humane traps. No spam! As previously noted, mice have an incredibly acute sense of smell. If you repel all the mice out of your home and seal up any entry points to keep them out, you won’t have to worry about dealing with mice ever again. A follow-up tip, however, is to keep your trash away and prevent build up of crumbs and food leftovers in the garbage. If you have one, you can use your cat’s litter box to keep mice at a distance. This is because the scents dissipate in large areas. © 2020 Rid My Critters. Thankfully, you can protect your home and garden with a wide range of repellents and traps. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Since it's always summer in your house, they'll act like it, reproducing and eating everything they can find. The spray contains a blend of essential oils that the mice do not like being around but is pleasant for humans. Mice do not like peppermint oil, but if the scent is not strong enough, it will not repel the mice. When installed two to four feet above the floor, this device can cover an area up to 1200 square feet. More, by One key aspect of keeping the mice away that is often overlooked is merely keeping the house clean. Scatter pepper in areas where you have noticed mouse activity.

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