michigan indoor air quality

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That is not a surprise given the fact that humans spend on average 90% of their time indoors. Tighter homes are great, but if they are not properly ventilated they can lead to dangerous indoor air quality. endstream endobj 1033 0 obj <>stream h�26P0P06T0�T����+�-�� �b��B��.vv �P� All Rights Reserved. h޼T�n�@��yU�^�]�R�K���V�Jo�%c[f#��wֆ�*�x�zfvg�9{VR� 0$G���Q���+j����\�9��ˁq�k����d�鴣�������#Y�6������U����� �Q�V�#Ak���QN&�B���t�ɋ:���{[��4����T�|�8�����1�K��|Izy���|Z.�s%��sfU���t��Di2/�fKR�AH3qE+E������*���ŢJ�Tz�BFy���*4�Gsp����-S$�j�\��s���`�/�B�%�}����( �"�8�eSC���,�����4>���?ݡ� >�\,Ss��!c���snnV�2ɖ�A�4$z�$c�Lֺ�6Zq>WM�E�V�%l`N���Awd��t�5��g3�0l�sm&ǭ����oX�4�C����x�\�f��[�J4~,�S������T�-c��J$ٲѪ���n�L������N.4��w���k�o**�� �X�Qo�䵠��;�z[Ϲ��1����ϛ�b�� ����� 7�p] Sometimes even has high as 100 times higher. 1=��� � �:T h�4�Ak�@���[J�ݘ�D0�h���H���dq��9�7ٴ�7���̋S�X��V�ex��U�%ݴY��MN�9�F57��X:�E���Hf������'�`�����Rze�F[�8nu �s��)� �0���y�:����{�y��&(�����-�� ���i"~�2�^�����-�� ~Gqx�����=;�����ȗ˧ U U� hތZ]o7ݟ��]`w-Q��"@�b�nZ4H�f��i��wS'p\��{��t�����!y戤HJ��rvޥ\�BJ.r GreenEdge Michigan's consultants can help diagnose indoor air quality issues like VOCs, poor ventilation and inadequate water management that could be affecting your family's health. endstream endobj 1035 0 obj <>stream (V?�� U? h�26R0P���w�/�+Q0���L)�66 EGLE ensures that Michigan's air remains clean by regulating sources of air pollutants to minimize adverse impact on human health and the environment. %PDF-1.6 %���� 616-419-8558 | 217 E 24th St., Suite 102B, Holland, MI 49423, Building Forensics | HERS Ratings | Energy Code Compliance. endstream endobj 1037 0 obj <>stream jf�@�"�˂A{S1,�����IcQ 9���*�裢k���^gA2�ɢ��#H�7�E`�BU�ΐ\Yߐ�>���� ���]�7�raAfIb�����bT�`J�*ocR�XvL*����H�*P 9�@����h�� �dV��EVH��o ��@����� Indoor Air Quality. Low VOC finishes are becoming much more available. VOC’s (vol-ital organic compounds) are found in most paints and stains. This report highlights information on asthma triggers commonly found in the home and behaviors that help avoid these asthma triggers. Call 517-355-0153 to discuss indoor air quality concerns. The EPA classifies indoor air quality as one of the top five environmental health risks affecting the health and performance of occupants today. Combustion appliances not properly vented, which can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and other issues (combustion appliances are typically a gas furnace, gas water heater and a gas oven). h�2�P0P����KI�HMQ03 r��LM�A�X� ��� Call us … © 2011-2019 GreenEdge of Michigan. �#2���`fQ9�,���YX��+�G�iVFW|�O D �z�����+j�-�1hI]]A� �=�&�qE)���@-K&�wH�� p�䪳 YsC=R��,�t:$3�����%p�� ��R�K���^ �+K� j�#p��`.k��� �e�@~pL: ��/:N�$� #�@r����$�Š�@�q[>3kP����:Xɢ�� &X2���Av�b���@28(^��P��K�/���hz*3E��9$ ��'Q#���$'�CpPR����-�d-Tp�dЅ�AѲCX���ZE��j�G���B��pPD�R�ڃ���W�j�Vͨ�U�5�ʋV�a�J��t�4�hթBkLZ���`M���.^]��/���c�{s��{J��������~�����]m;���⧻��={v$'L��EN�3r�DNV9I&�|�tҗ�z���w�p���}����������x�ە{|����~�������������?�W�W�������ݯ�w7W����������o>}|��w�=ޚ��ke������]�®ږ�-��,������f��T��ե�,0j'����. Proudly serving the Greater Grand Rapids and Holland area in Michigan, which include but not limited to Kent, Ottawa, Allegan & Muskegon Counties. The EPA also says that pollutant levels may run two to five times higher than outdoor levels. For individuals already suffering from these issues can increase the problem by the above situations. Mechanical ventilation systems allow for constant flow of fresh outside air into the home. INDOOR AIR QUALITY Many asthma triggers can be found in the home. COVID-19 UPDATE Inadequate water management which can lead to mold. EHS responds to indoor air quality concerns, whether inside or outside of a lab, including mold concerns. It is important to be educated on how to prevent, reduce or avoid these triggers in your home. Goals are to meet and maintain air quality standards, limit emissions of hazardous and toxic pollutants, and inform the public about current air conditions. endstream endobj 1034 0 obj <>stream endstream endobj 1036 0 obj <>stream 1032 0 obj <>stream Pest infestation can also decrease the quality of your indoor air. ��E�x&����]��gq��wv����Rt^u�����8"' 8�N8J����]�O`|�� /�A��U�d��`y[ VK�8�/U@v"}� )!9�"pzC��\Dg`Pu��\Ԅ� %�T�`��rN�WX�JuA�T��������H��z�#�+�)��CY=�'G�- �B(& ��%��Gf&����^���ƂO ����(;���df}���3i�|�*�H�ܲ�e�C� 9H`]�X��e��w��\���)+��0�e�#�Iͦ��fؗ�B6a�4� 9U@rF���x"�\.QS�� PROTECTING MICHIGAN'S AIR. Wall to wall carpet or any carpet harbors all kinds of harmful things even if it is regularly cleaned. These systems can also provide filtration, dehumidification or humidification of the air coming inside the home. Many of these indoor air quality issues are simple fixes and do not require much cost compared to the damage you are doing to your body. Homes without planned mechanical ventilation lead to air leaking into the home from a possible undesirable location like the garage. Combustion appliances not functioning properly can also lead increased carbon monoxide levels. )�Is�. Did you know that the problems listed above in many cases cause these two medical issues. These triggers include tobacco smoke, dust mites, mold, cockroaches, and pets.

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