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Lovely One-Bedroom Apartment on Parpetsi 28 45 m² - Parpetsi St ... street, building type, property floor and more. In Yerevan, Mashtots street is one of the most important in the city center, which was previously known as Lenin street (prospect). Photograph taken by one of the activists lying on the ground to prevent a concrete-mixing truck from entering Mashtots Park. With the help of other copies obtained from Alexandria the Bible was translated again from the Greek according to the text of the Septuagint and Origen’s Hexapla.

All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the. Urban activists had staged a protest against the destruction of the green zone (later named Missak Manouchian Park) on the crossing of Mashtots Avenue and Aram Street in the center of Yerevan right besides Margaryan Maternity Hospital the previous day - January 29. There is a statue to him at the Matenadaran, one at the church he was buried at in Oshakan village, and one at the monument to the alphabet found on the skirts of Mt. Anxious that others should profit by his discovery, and encouraged by the patriarch and the king, Mesrop founded numerous schools in different parts of the country, in which the youth were taught the new alphabet. [8] The situation got tense, yet a normal dialogue was initiated. The police threatened to disperse the protest for violating public order, while the Ombudsman Office of Armenia interfered and argued that the peaceful protest did not violate public order. © Copyright © 2012-2020 Stories People All rights reserved. They also pointed how a boutique was erected around a tree with a hole made on the roof for the top of the tree. This article is about the protests in Mashtots Park, Yerevan. [12]

The activists were told by Deputy Head of Yerevan Police Robert Melkonyan that a municipality representative would arrive at the park at 4PM to negotiate with them.[15]. Media in category "Mashtots Avenue" The following 200 files are in this category, out of 265 total. There is Mesrop Mashtots University in Yerevan. Location Type: Stand alone Drive-Thru Window: no Address: 42 Mashtots Street Yerevan, Armenia Serves Hot&Spicy chicken: no Serves buttermilk biscuits: no Saint Mesrop is listed officially in the Roman Martyrology of the Roman Catholic Church; his feast day is February 17. Instead, the Art Manager of the Yerevan Chamber Theater, Ara Yernjakyan - a member of the Yerevan Council of Elders - arrived to meet the protesters. Many works of the Greek Fathers also passed into Armenian. [10] The first sentence in Armenian written down by St. Mesrop after he invented the letters is said to be the opening line of Solomon’s Book of Proverbs: The [[Amaras Monastery in Nagorno Karabakh where in the 5th century Saint Mesrop Mashtots, the inventor of the Armenian Alphabet, established the first-ever Armenian school that used his script.Viviano, Frank. The concrete-mixing vehicle returned later - only to face some 100 protesters, some of which lay in front of the truck to block its movement. Saint Mesrop also produced a number of liturgical compositions. Mashtots Park activists protesting in front of the city hall of Yerevan, Armenia on 20 February 2012. Having gathered around him numerous disciples, he sent some to Edessa, Constantinople, Athens, Antioch, Alexandria, and other centres of learning, to study the Greek language and bring back the masterpieces of Greek literature.

A group of doctors from the nearby Polyclinic No. Basil, though retaining characteristics of its own. It was reported that as the kiosk owners had lease contracts and had made no breaches, the municipality had reached an agreement with them on the conditions of the dismantling - specifically, an agreement to compensate the dismantled kiosks by providing new ones on a new location. In front of the building, you’ll see the statue of Mashtots with his well-known student - Koryun. Interesting stories about famous people, biographies, humorous stories, photos and videos. The replied to the mayor's statement "You can apply to the court if you need", saying "By the time we apply to the court, they will have completed the construction".[16]. At 4PM no municipality officials appeared at the park. For the wider movement, see, Compensation for kiosks on Abovyan street, List of Occupy movement protest locations, 2008 Armenian presidential election protests, "Experts: Armenian oligarchy's fate at stake in Mashtots Park", "Copper Mine Menaces Armenia's Teghut Forest", "Trchkan: Waterfall conservation saga ends in rare victory for Armenian environmentalists", "Protests Continue Over Mining Expansion in Kajaran", "Yerevan authorities begin dismantling kiosks on Abovyan street", "Dismantled Abovyan St. Stores Offered Space in Mashtots Park", "Doctors disapprove of construction at Mashtots Park", "Mashtots Park activists plan a protest in front of the Government building", "Activists resume protests on Mashtots avenue to hinder builders' work", "Protestors Block Construction Truck at Mashtots Park", "Protesters lie in front of vehicle to ban its move", "Mashtots Park upstages Comedy Club: construction is carried out by Gardening CJSC",, Articles containing Armenian-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Preservation of public green areas, environmental purposes, civic activism, self-determination as citizens, against oligarchy, This page was last edited on 4 August 2020, at 05:08.
"The result of the work of Isaac and Mesrop", says St. Martin,, V, 320. They journeyed as far as Constantinople, and brought back with them authentic copies of the Greek text. While Yerevan Chief Architect Narek Sargsyan denied the rumors that the dismantled kiosks were to be moved to Aram Street, the municipality confirmed the news on January 30, 2011. The area of the underground crossing located at the junction of Surb Grigor Lusavorich street and Mashtots avenue junction (adjacent to the former “Fish store”) is being cleaned up, unused constructions are being removed so as to restore the proper look of the passage. Mashtots Park Movement's roots are in eco-activist movements of late 2000s in Armenia, when civic initiatives were formed to protect several endangered aspects of Armenian nature - including Teghut forest,[5] Trchkan waterfall,[6] Kajaran,[7] and others; and the urban initiatives of Yerevan fighting for the preservation of the gardens, monuments, historical buildings and green zones. There is a statue to him at the Matenadaran, one at the church he was buried at in Oshakan village, and one at the monument to the alphabet found on the skirts of Mt. Starting from February 11, 2012, when the activists were denied legal explanation for the construction, dozens of them organized a sit-in to halt the construction and save the park. We provide you with news from the entertainment industry. “The Rebirth of Armenia,” National Geographic Magazine, March 2004]]. Mashtots Street is the "Main Street" of Yerevan. [14] In Yerevan, Mashtots street is one of the most important in the city center, which was previously known as Lenin street (prospect). About 40 activists blocked the way of the truck to prevent it from reaching its destination, and the truck had to return because the concrete had become useless in the cold. The fresco on the western wall depicts Mesrop Mashtots holding the newly created alphabet. Told them we were doing a peaceful picket and that they are depriving us of essential means of protecting ourselves from the snow. [13], The next day the police made an attempt to disperse the picket by forcefully evicting the protestors from the kiosk they were occupying and surrounded the construction site, blocking protesters' and reporters' entrance. (previous page) ()
Here, juse a block or two from the National Opera Theatre, you can enjoy KFC. The first monument of this Armenian literature is the version of the Holy Scriptures. The apartment is located on one of the best streets of Yerevan, on Mashtots Avenue, where you can find many banks, shops and cafes . St. Mesrop Mashtots Church was solemnly opened at the Military University after Vazgen Sargsyan today. We immediately called different MPs and the Ombudsman's Office. [9], Mashtots Park Movement was initiated by civic activists trying to save the park from being turned into a trade zone with kiosks. 3 Rooms Rooms With 1 Bathroom Bathrooms Apartment Rent Mashtots Ave On the 4 Floor In Mashtots Ave Some of the works attributed to him are: Megha Qez Ter, Voghormea indz Astvats, Ankanim Aadgi Qo, and Voghormea (Hymns of Repentance). But his activity was not confined to Eastern Armenia. In the midst of his literary labors Mesrop revisited the districts he had evangelized in his earlier years, and, after the death of Isaac in 440, looked after the spiritual administration of the patriarchate. Aragats north of Ohanavan Village. [3] The protest was initiated by "This City Belongs to Us" civic initiative, and grew into a full-scale movement. The most famous of his pupils were John of Egheghiatz, Joseph of Baghin, Yeznik, Koryun, Moses of Chorene, and John Mandakuni. The invention of the alphabet (406) was the beginning of Armenian literature, and proved a powerful factor in the upbuilding of the national spirit. The protest was initiated by "This City Belongs to Us" civic initiative, and grew into a full-scale movement. The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Defense David Tonoyan, high-ranking military officials, the university administration and the teaching staff. It is historically proven, that Saint Mesrop himself taught in Amaras monastery of Artskah region of Armenia (located in contemporary Martuni region of unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic). The Armenians read his name in the Canon of the Mass, and celebrate his memory on 19 February. Some 10,000 people signed the petition.[11]. Most of the area used to be privately owned.Read also Underground … The loss of the Greek originals has given some of these versions a special importance; thus, the second part of Eusebius’s Chronicle, of which only a few fragments exist in the Greek, has been preserved entirely in Armenian. FAMpeople is your site which contains biographies of famous people of the past and present. This page was last edited on 7 May 2020, at 05:15. While the US occupy movements act against the bureaucratic system resulting in social and economic inequality, Mashtots Park Movement places itself in a different socioeconomic context - oligarchy, "people above the law" who, having economical and political resources, place their interests above those of the people.[4]. Yernjakyan argued that all the buildings in the park were temporary, the protesters countered by showing the latter were of concrete and bricks while temporary buildings could not be fixed to the ground and/or be made of those materials. Activists started a petition to voice the public opinion and influence the city mayor Taron Margaryan.

The decrees of the first three councils — Nicæa, Constantinople, and Ephesus — and the national liturgy (so far written in Syriac) were also translated into Armenian, the latter being revised on the liturgy of St.

Through the mediation of the RA Ombudsman's Office the cover remained intact.

He survived his friend and master by only six months. Stamps have been issued with his image by both the Soviet Union and by post-Soviet Armenia. The activists' hopes put on the Municipality weren't justified either: as agreed, the response concerning the ongoing situation should have been received from the municipality. Virtually every town in Armenia has a street named after Mashtots. Isaac, says Moses of Chorene, made a translation of the Bible from the Syriac text about 411.

Aragats north of Ohanavan Village.

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