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He is a member of the comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall, who have appeared together in a number of stage, television and film productions, most notably the 1988–1995 TV series The Kids in the Hall. : : : Technical Specs, [a ship that should be in the South Pacific is in the North Atlantic]. color: '#000000', Dave No, no-one has complained! : His father was able to find employment at a flower shop, then an apartment and, over time, resume his career in dental equipment sales. Kevin Oh, the Beaver! So, good day for painting the fence? Kevin : He enrolled on a drama course at Humber College but was ejected from the course as he was only good at comedy. : Space Emperor Eventually, he did drink again, but not to the extent he had earlier in his life. : We've got to learn to think long term. Dave Captain : Good evening, pricks. But with various good excuses. As a player MacDonald was a member of the Liverpool "double" winning side of 1986.

: What are you talking about? Shitty Soup? In the troupe's TV show and stage shows, he portrays several popular recurring characters, such as the King of Empty Promises, Sir Simon Milligan, and Jerry Sizzler. Alright, I'm a liar, I'll dial his number, you say "Goodnight!" Yes, Master. Oh, well then... One Night Stand Thank God I've got this food to eat. : Le Poupe. : Tarantula When the troupe ended the five-season run of its eponymous television series in 1994, the five members moved to a number of solo projects. You work that all out for yourself? Release Dates : Yes! You're not a very good navigator, are you? Don't let him get to you.

Kevin also stars as a co-pilot in the 2011 web comedy series Papillon. I find you... so funny. Navigator behavior: 'all' background: '#FEC423', : ...eeevil. He is perhaps best known as a member of Kids in the Hall (also starring Dave Foley).He had a recurring role as Pastor Dave on That '70s Show, and had a supporting role in the Disney film, Sky High, as Dr. Medulla.He was also the voice of Pleakley in Disney's Lilo & Stitch series, and the voice of Waffle on Nickeloden's Catscratch. Boss But it's something like that. I've tried Heroine! I'm here too! During his youth, he had a weight problem. Hecubus, are you sleeping? : What?

Dave Sir Simon Milligan You're talking about "Citizen Kane.". he could perform comedy, but not drama) by a dean who had a leg amputated, and was therefore a literal one-legged actor. It's not a book! Oh Daddy COULD DRINK! Do you see the problem? Helen Bathgate : :

: : Boss Montreal, Quebec, Canada | : Well I'm not trying to win any popularity competitions. Who are they? : No, that isn't it. Kevin

theme: { : FEELYAT!

[4] However, during his interview with Marc Maron, he said after one performance of his one-man show, he was approached by a stranger who said that he had served his father as a bartender, and that his father mentioned how proud he was of his son, the famous comedian, which moved McDonald to tears "like the ending to a bad movie. "The Kids in the Hall"Lilo and StitchCatscratchInvader Zim.


Other projects:

Official Sites : I, uh, didn't know. The jury! Guy #2 Guy #2 Kevin Once they had completely moved, his parents divorced, his father lost his job, went bankrupt and lived in a homeless shelter for a year, during which he abstained from drinking (although he alleged "his roommates were drinking Drano"); coincidentally, Kevin McDonald would use the same building to rehearse with The Kids In The Hall as they were starting out on stage. "Sgt. It's... um... uh... oh, I hate this! Gee, I'm sorry. I miss my old Bean Bag Chair.

Oh. : Sir Simon Milligan


: Sir Simon Milligan : I hate it when this happens! Yeah, it's really nice.

: I'm sorry, the Beatles? He had a recurring role as Pastor Dave on That '70s Show, and had a supporting role in the Disney film, Sky High, as Dr. Medulla. Male Well, this is the place I've been telling you about. : It was awful, but I survived.

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