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In addition, it would require permission from both parents for children to attend any religious event.

But to ensure an end to abuses, Uzbekistan’s legal system should reorient away from a Soviet approach toward a Western, rights-based framework. They have sought international assistance, including holding events in Uzbekistan with the OSCE mission . From my visits to Tashkent and multiple meetings in Washington, it is clear these reforms are at Mirziyoyev’s behest. Meanwhile, the country’s most recent two muftis were both …

Saidov spoke about the importance of the state protecting the rights of believers to practice their faith and the rights of individuals not to believe. But to ensure an end to abuses, Uzbekistan’s legal system should reorient away from a Soviet approach toward a Western, rights-based framework. “One of the problems is that when people have an interest in hiding their activities from the state because the state is being very intrusive, then it does become more difficult for the government to know what they’re up to,” Felix Corley of the Oslo-based Forum 18 religious freedoms watchdog told EurasiaNet.org. Political observers and even some religious leaders in Kazakhstan believe that Mr. Nazarbaev has taken this step for political reasons, as Kazakhstan is to assume the chairmanship of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in 2010. But a new law nullified all previous registrations across the board and required all religious communities to register or re-register their organizations and churches with the government. But will moderation last? Some critics say the religion law can be used as a tool for Astana to exercise control over what should be private choices about faith. Secular government should be a point of agreement between the region’s states and Europe and the United States. Astana divides religions into “traditional” (including Islam, Orthodox Christianity, Roman Catholicism, Judaism, and Buddhism) and “non-traditional” — which includes a broad spectrum of smaller denominations, some with strong missionary elements, including Jehovah’s Witnesses, Baptists, Hare Krishnas, Ahmadi Muslims and Sufis. Religious life in Kazakhstan features a glaring dichotomy these days. Until independence, Kazakhs never had their own Islamic authorities: the Ulama was either in Kazan or in Tashkent. Recent actions now allow. While serving in a special envoy role at the U.S. State Department on religious minorities in the Middle East and South and Central Asia, I made several trips to the region to encourage reforms to open more space for freedom of religion or belief. The overall grade was mixed. Like the rest of Central Asia and Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan adopted a secular form of government. Both the share and the type of loans from China are changing as Sri Lanka wrestles with persistent balance of payment issues. Cox), Dark Shadows: Inside the Secret World of Kazakhstan, Poll shows Uzbeks, like neighbors, growing leery of Chinese investments, Kazakhstan: Avian flu kills nearly 1 million poultry, Kazakhstan: Parliamentary elections scheduled for January 10, Uzbekistan overcomes revolution jitters to embrace Kyrgyz leadership, Azerbaijanis oppose negotiations as they advance on frontline. Moving forward, the law gives officials a powerful tool to enforce a state-designed religious orthodoxy. This priority has continued under former President […], Executive Summary  Until recently, regional cooperation among Central Asian states has left much to be desired. These are very welcomed actions. (Photo: Dean C.K. At the same time, its sister church faces closure. Speaking to EurasiaNet.org after a lively Sunday morning service at Almaty’s Sun Bok Ym Pentecostal Church, Pastor Vasiliy Shegay said his group had its registration application turned down initially, but gained approval on a second attempt. The law has been criticized by religious and human rights groups in and outside Kazakhstan, as well as by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe(OSCE). The law also contains provisions covering the vetting of religious literature and tightens guidelines for the training of clergy. While the clerical establishment rests firmly on Hanafi Sunni Islam, Kazakhstan developed cooperation with Egypt to train its clergy, and created the Nur-Mubarak university for this purpose. Saidov said, “We must look at our area [Central Asia] differently,” considering historical differences. While the president has the right to reduce this period to ten days if he thinks it is urgent, there was no indication that this was done. While religious conversions may cause friction at the family level, trying to block new ideas in our interconnected world is like trying to stop the wind. In addition, its influence contributes to hostility to Sufi practices, which provides a dilemma for Kazakhstan’s government – which characterizes both Hanafi Islam and the Sufi-influenced “Folk Islam” as traditional, but does not appear to account for the possibility of a conflict between them. Support Eurasianet: Help keep our journalism open to all, and influenced by none. The law also contains provisions covering the vetting of religious literature and tightens guidelines for the training of clergy. The country has historically hosted a wide variety of ethnic groups with varying religions. At the same time, its sister church faces closure. The results were stark: President Nursultan Nazarbayev used to proudly proclaim that Kazakhstan welcomed over 40 officially-recognized faiths, but that number has been slashed by about 60 percent, from 46 to 17. Moving forward, the law gives officials a powerful tool to enforce a state-designed religious orthodoxy. Uzbekistan from the “Country of Particular Concern” list and moved it to the Special Watch List, shifting the country from the black list of worst violators to the grey list of countries closely monitored by the United States. He is currently a senior fellow at the Institute for Global Engagement, thanks to a grant from the Templeton Religion Trust. In addition to promises, we observed an end to police raids on unregistered churches and the registration of new religious groups. “We Christians are treated well,” he said. The term “secularism” is a broad brush, which includes a wide variety of approaches, including the American, French and Turkish models. While a number of initiatives have been launched over the past quarter-century, there is […], Executive Summary Since taking over from long-time President Islam Karimov in 2016, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has pursued an aggressive policy to transform Uzbekistan’s decision-making processes, invigorate civil society, encourage political […]. Pastor Vasiliy Shegay can continue his sermons at his Sun Bok Ym Pentecostal church in Almaty.
State media have published letters from religious leaders to Nazarbayev (who hosts regular congresses of clerics from around the world to promote interfaith dialogue and tolerance) hailing the reform and lauding Kazakhstan’s credentials as a haven of religious freedom. The overall grade was mixed. Joanna Lillis is a journalist based in Almaty and author of Dark Shadows: Inside the Secret World of Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan-Kazakhstan is looking at tightening already draconian restrictions on its controversial religion law.Joel Griffith with Slavic Gospel Association says there have been some new amendments this week that are being debated in the Kazakh Senate. Toward this goal, Uzbekistan wisely submitted the draft religion law to the OSCE and the Council of Europe’s Venice Commission for, . Kazakhstan’s chief religious institution is the Muftiate, which works to coordinate religious practice with the state and is charged with training Islamic clergy. Click here to subscribe for full access. Get briefed on the story of the week, and developing stories to watch across the Asia-Pacific. Neither the Islamic State nor the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan is going to apply for registration, no matter how low the barrier. A draft religion law is before the parliament, soon to be passed into law. At a Protestant church in Astana in October, pastors were accused of driving a member insane, harboring extremist literature and giving worshippers a red drink containing “hallucinogenic ingredients inducing euphoria.” Worshippers deemed in breach of the law are usually fined.

Uzbekistan is undertaking a significant reform effort with President Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s leadership.
By Eurasianet. Astana is seeking “a completely controlled religious environment,” he added, “but history shows that it just doesn’t work like that.”. to Tashkent and multiple meetings in Washington, it is clear these reforms are at Mirziyoyev’s behest. Controversially, it prohibits prayer in state buildings, including government offices, educational establishments, and military facilities. The legislation gave religious denominations and faith-based civic associations one year to re-register under stringent new criteria, or face closure. Kyrgyzstan’s Japarov: Revolutionary crime-fighting anti-corruption crusader. Missionaries must have an invitation from a religious community registered in Kazakhstan and personal registration as a missionary. Doing so, along with maintaining previous positive steps, could result in Uzbekistan’s removal from the State Department’s Special Watch List. Originally published at Eurasianet. He is currently a senior fellow at the Institute for Global Engagement, thanks to a grant from the Templeton Religion Trust. From that dialogue, the government invited the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief to make a country visit in 2017, the first special mandate holder to visit in over a decade. The review date has not yet been announced. Us, Write Joanna Lillis is a freelance writer who specializes in Central Asia. "Instead of signing it or vetoing it, he basically referred it to the country's Constitutional Council for review.

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