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Meggie Folchart is a character in the Inkworld trilogy by Cornelia Funke. Meggie's mother vanished when she was very young, and though she remembers very little of Theresa Folchart, Meggie often wonders what, exactly, caused her mother to disappear. But her idealistic view of the world make her unfit for the potentially dangerous story she's stumbled into. Meggie generally wears casual clothing and is very laid-back. Inkheart (original German title: Tintenherz) is the first book in the Inkworld Trilogy. Her love of stories makes Meggie want to write one herself, and though she's still not very confident in her writing, she's got time. People say she looks just like her mother. She loves a boy named Farid but, in Inkdeath, gradually her feelings for him became distant as he thought only about Dustfinger's death. She loves reading books. Inkheart Trilogy Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. [1] In the Inkheart films, Meggie is played by Eliza Bennett. The adventures of a father and his young daughter, in their search for a long lost book that will help reunite a missing, close relative. As she sadly tells Farid, "It's a cruel world, don't you think? She is the only daughter to Mortimer Folchart and his wife Teresa Folchart. Meggie isn't quite sure what caused her father's impromptu road trip, but she thinks it might have something to do with Dustfinger, the mysterious man who suddenly appears at their old house and tells Meggie a startling revelation about her father: Mo can “read” characters out of books. She loves reading books, especially ones with happy endings, and they are her closest friends. But after meeting Farid, a boy read out of Arabian Nights, Meggie finds herself intrigued. Mo's a bookbinder, and it's from him that Meggie has inherited her love of books. Meggie Folchart, born by Mortimer Folchart and Theresa Folchart, is a booklover which she had inherited from her parents.

How exciting! This was when Inkheart took off and the mysteries and the story unfolded of this magical land. In other words, when he reads a character’s name aloud, the character can get pulled into the “real world.”.

Interests... books, writing, and adventure. Meggie was so worry of Dustfinger, that had finally gone to home, so she and farid decided to go into the book to warn him, but Meggie couldn't come back home yet because she need to finish things about the Bluejay and her father. Meggie's father is Mortimer Folchart and he has the ability to read characters and creatures out of books, just like the power Meggie found of herself. Meggie's only 12, after all, and what 12-year-old isn't insecure about something? If something, or someone, goes into the book, then something has to come out. Contents[show] Description Meggie is described as a tall and slim girl with long,blonde hair and blue eyes.

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