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Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Garrett likes to make fun of Jonah, but often saves his most scathing criticisms for his supervisor, Dina. He was caught off guard when he found out that Amy has a daughter and is married, as Amy never wears her wedding ring at work.

Dina agrees to be a surrogate mother for Glenn and his wife Jerusha in the season 3 episode "High Volume Store". [12] Dina reveals in the episode "Ladies Lunch" that there was more than a kiss, and she and Garrett had a sexual encounter that day. [2] The band was founded in Nashville, Tennessee, most active from 1971 to 1977. Sandra follows orders, even if the order is to do something dangerous. She revealed herself to be a midwife when Cheyenne had her baby and can play the ukulele very well. Barefoot Jerry was once a store next to Gayden's home in the Smoky Mountains. Log in sign up. Dina has a very abrasive exterior but she also has a soft side. hide. [33] After Mateo and Jeff's relationship becomes public, Mateo must transfer out of Jeff's district, however when told to present his social security card as is necessary for the transfer, he breaks up with Jeff rather than admitting his documents are fake. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. He ends up in relationships with Carol and Sandra.Eventually marrying Sandra. Sandra's happiness at seeing him turns into sorrow as Carol rebukes Jerry for bringing the wrong type of juice. [7], Amy's parents are Ron and Connie Sosa. He frequently works the customer service counter and is often heard making announcements over the store public address system. … [27] She delivers a baby girl named Harmonica, in the store., Jerry is drinking at the Charhouse bar and meets Sandra trying to order a drink. [19], Glenn reveals in the Season 2 episode "Super Hot Store" that he is 57 years old. She has referred to Halloween as her favorite day of the year.

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In addition to Moss and Gayden, band members included Terry Dearmore, Kenny Buttrey, Jim Colvard, Dave Doran, Si Edwards, John Harris, Warren Hartman, Russ Hicks, Kenny Malone, Charlie McCoy, and Fred Newell. 124. [7] Dina eventually kisses him in the episode "Black Friday", and Garrett does not try to stop it. [34], Portrayed by Nichole Bloom, Cheyenne Tyler Thompson (née Lee) is a Cloud 9 associate who is a pregnant, 17-year old high school student at the start of the series. Jerry Reeves was convicted of the murder and sentenced to life in prison four years later, but is being retried after winning an appeal. Rather than deny it, Sandra pretends to be dating Jeff by sending herself gifts (that she says are from him). As the staff sit in a circle and tell how they lost their virginity, Sandra doesn't want to tell her story and says it happened with someone in the circle while looking at Jerry.

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