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Before entering the Marines, O'Barr's fiancée, Beverly, had been killed by a drunk driver.

After the success of The Crow film, O'Barr began planning a post-apocalyptic graphic novel series entitled Gothik. After his discharge from the Marines, O'Barr continued his painting and illustration as well as doing various odd jobs, including working for a Detroit body shop. (Note: Later printing of the Kitchen Sink Press collected edition, but with the tagline "Now A Major Motion Picture" added to the cover). (Note: 1,500 S&N copies, some with Slipcase & CD). While stationed in Germany, he illustrated combat manuals for the military. (as Barbed Wire Halo Studios), Cover, "Skinner (Gideon's)" 8 pp. He is a writer and actor, known for, ‘The Crow’ Reboot Will Never Die, As The Film Enters Active Development…Again. (w/ John Bergin), Editor (w/ John Bergin), "Slave Cylinder" 32 pp. (ill. only, w/ Edward Bryant), "Jesus Christ's Wrists" 1 p., "Hellbent" 20 pp. (as Zen), Pin-up gallery 14 pp., Reprints "Frame 137" from Dark Horse Presents #61, Cover, Pin-up: Vesper (B&W version of cover), Cover, Sketch gallery 20 pp. The Crow was adapted into a successful film of the same name in 1994, which was marred by the tragic death of its star, Brandon Lee, during filming. James O'Barr(born January 1,1960) is an American comics artist, writer and graphic artist, best known as the creator of the comic book series The Crow. [12] Although previously opposed to the project, in an October 2014 interview, O'Barr spoke about his involvement in the reboot of The Crow.

[citation needed] Trust Obey released the album Fear and Bullets: Music to Accompany The Crow in 1993. [13], As of the mid-2000s, O'Barr resides in Dallas with his daughter. James O'Barr(born January 1,1960) is an American comics artist, writer and graphic artist, best known as the creator of the comic book series The Crow. (w/ John Bergin), Cover, Reprints "Zeitgeist, Part One" from Slash #2 and "Blood Rape of the Lust Ghouls" from Horror: The Illustrated Book of Fears #2, Northstar Presents #1: James O'Barr (Gold Edition), Cover, Crow gallery 7 pp., Reprints "Io, Part 1: Silo" from Caliber Presents #1 and "Io, Part 2: Fleshette" from Caliber Presents #3, Cover, Back Cover, "Pink Dust on a Yellow Moon (Morphine Dream #39)" 14 pp., "Wages of Sin" 6 pp., Reprints B&W version of "Slave Cylinder" from Bone Saw #1, Cover, Back Cover (photos), "History of a Gearhead" 3 pp., Sketch gallery 21 pp., Reprints "Slave Cylinder" from Bone Saw #1 (3 pp. [11] Later, in November 2014, O'Barr appeared at the Wizard World Tulsa Comic Con and stated that he was co-writing the script with screenwriter Cliff Dorfman. The Crow has since sold more than 750,000 copies worldwide. (ill. only, w/ A. (inspired by, w/ John Bergin), "Wasp Baby (Morphine Dream #16)" 4 pp. James O'Barr was born on January 1, 1960 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Refresh and try again. (w/ John Bergin), Reprints "Here, Kitty Kitty" from Deady the Terrible Teddy Vol. (Note: 50 S&N copies), Life and Death in Black, White and Blue: Poems and Stories, "Snake Dance (Gothik)" 14 pp. (ill. and letters, w/ Neal Barrett, Jr. and Andrew Vachss), Reprints "Any Time I Want" from Hard Looks #3, Hard Looks: Adapted Stories (2nd Edition), Reprints "Any Time I Want" from Hard Looks #3 and "Joy Ride" from Hard Looks #9, "Blood Rape of the Lust Ghouls" 16 pgs (w/ David J. Schow), Wraparound Cover (w/ Joseph Michael Linsner), Reprints "Io, Part 1: Silo" from Caliber Presents #1 and "Io, Part 2: Fleshette" from Caliber Presents #3 (Note: Restored by John Bergin, including new color and textures, framing pages and cover), Cover, Back cover, Image gallery 12 pp., Sketch galley 15 pp., Reprints "Shadow's Smile" from Tasty Bits #1, James O'Barr's Audio Commentary of "The Crow" starring Brandon Lee, James O'Barr's Audio Commentary of "The Crow" starring Brandon Lee (Pre-Order Edition), Cover, Audio commentary (Note: 20 S&N copies w/ original art). [5], O'Barr's own hope that his project would result in a personal catharsis went unfulfilled. Eric then returns from the dead, guided by a supernatural crow, to hunt their killers. (ill. and letters, w/ Jerry Prosser and Andrew Vachss), "Joy Ride" 7 pp. As some of you may know my father's best friend and peer passed away 2 weeks ago, and here is the mural James O'Barr and I did for Jeff Jones yesterday on Clarion Alley in SF. Sketchbook 8 pp., The Crow #5 preview 9 pp. In the 1990s O'Barr was affiliated with the experimental metal band Trust Obey, which was signed briefly to Trent Reznor's Nothing label. (Note: included exclusively with The Crow: The Complete Interactive Collection CD-Rom), This page was last edited on 15 August 2020, at 12:42. (w/ Voltaire), "Where No Madman Has Gone Before" 13 pp. It came out really nice, and we summoned Jeff's spirit for the project as it …

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