jacob's ladder toy instructions

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I love the part where you say to be careful about over-tightening. But I didn't have any blocks of wood lying around, maybe you don't either. Take your completed first block and lay out it as in the picture below, with the three ribbons stretched across the same side. However, for a project that, say, a 9-year-old can do with a parent, the following specifications may offer the best combination of workability and aesthetic appeal. There is a great deal of flexibility here: you can make a wide and very long Jacob's Ladder, or a thin and/or short one. Masking tape also works. I've heard that the "fun size" Kit-Kats also work well, but I have not used them myself. A traditional wood-and-ribbon children's toy. 11 years ago Reply ): A nice youtube video on how to make one out of blocks of wood and lengths of ribbon (not my video): Traditionally, these toys are made from wood and ribbon. Thanks again! So-called 'lattice board' is, I think, 1/4 inch thick -- too thin for easy use. The very last block you add will be the one that doesn't have any strips. Luckily, there's another material that's perfect - chocolate! You'll want to cut the ribbon into lengths that are about twice the length of the chocolate bars you're using (see first picture). But I didn't have any blocks of wood lying around, maybe you don't either. You should also have 1 block of chocolate with nothing stuck to it. If you have two ribbons on one side and four on the other, it's turned the wrong way; just turn the bar around. Good for elementary school-age kids to do with parental assistance. (I'm serious! Yes, that's right folks, I'm going to show you how to make an edible Jacobs ladder. VERY IMPORTANT You, like me, may have the impulse to overtighten bolts, ribbons, etc. Now you can grasp the sides of the top candy bar, and pick up the "ladder." Then flip to the other edge and hammer in the red ribbon.BUT WAIT! Make sure all your nails/brads henceforth are flush with the edges -- but keep in mind that overkill can break your block. Each strip should be as long as two blocks of chocolate laid end-to-end, and about 1/4 as wide as a block of chocolate. on Introduction. My son and I made one together and he loves it! General Remarks:First you have to choose what dimensions you would like for your Jacob's Ladder. on Introduction, Reply on Step 5. Tape - I used basic "invisible" tape (like Scotch tape). You do want the nail to have a head, not just a straight brad, and the head should be flat to offer a flush profile. (For six bars, you'd need 15.). ... but don't count on it. Pull the short ribbon ends tight and hold the two bars tightly together to keep them from slipping. 'To start, hammer the two blue ribbons into one edge of the block as shown in the next picture. When you're through playing with this toy, you can take it apart fairly easily to unwrap and eat the chocolate. In case you've never seen one, here's a wooden Jacobs ladder toy in action: And here's one I made out of blocks of Though you can find store-bought versions of these lots of places, this instructables.com submission was inspired by a visit to Foxfi… Choc Jacobs Ladder Toy Materials Traditionally, these toys are made from wood and ribbon. You can make this longer with six or seven bars, if you prefer. I usually cut the tape with scissors into smaller or thinner pieces as I need them. Lay the blocks end to end as in the picture, leaving about 1/2" spaces in between. Though you can find store-bought versions of these lots of places, this instructables.com submission was inspired by a visit to Foxfire in Black Rock Mountain, Georgia. -- Lori, 9 years ago on Introduction. Do not indulge that impulse here. It's a fun treat for kids, espe… Just hold up one end block and flip it back and forth and you will see the others cascading down. You also want the two ribbons on one end to be far enough apart that the middle (single) ribbon on the other end can slip between them fairly easily, as well. This is how to make Jacob's Ladder. Lay the bar, BACK side DOWN, on top of the ribbons you just folded over, so that the bars are back to back with ribbons sticking out between them. Two on the left, and one on the right, like in the picture below: Put another block of chocolate on the table, nice side down. This Instructable is for a single-serving size. on Step 6, thanks allot!

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