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Seung Kwon and Hyun Yi go on a movie date; Geun Soo apologizes to Sae Ro Yi, and Sae Ro Yi tells him to still come around for meals sometimes; Geun Soo apologizes to Seung Kwon and Hyun Yi and says goodbye to Yi Seo, before going abroad to study (I had issues with Yi Seo’s words to Geun Soo, saying that he’d forsaken right and wrong in order to be faithful to her, because that’s really quite twisted, but framed as something sweet, just a little misguided. The skipping forward years in the future prevented the characters from having any character development and it just didn't help the romance at all.

In addition, like you I didn’t really feel the loveline, mostly because SeRoYi, who is portrayed as such a steadfast person, spends 14 episodes rejecting YiSeo and even asking her to cut it out. She stood between the policeman’s gun and Sae Ro Yi and talked Sae Ro Yi out of killing the SOB that killed Sae Ro Yi’s father. Let me say right off the bat, that I really liked this one. He was a perfect choice for the role of Sae Ro Yi. The addition of a transgender character and a foreigner made the show more dynamic and extra special from a personal perspective. And I feel like he’s deluding himself into thinking that he actually has any kind of chance with Yi Seo. The very fact that Sae Ro Yi tries to correct her is enough to tell Soo Ah that his heart has changed, I think. Yi Seo hits the nail on the head, during her conversation with Soo Ah in the coffee shop. Sae Ro Yi accepted them without question and he loved and treasured them. And now, because that chance encounter with the idea of revenge filled the void in his heart, he decides to embrace it and run with it. | The Fangirl Verdict, Click to read more! It’s just the kind of gentle, tough love that Hyun Yi needs, to galvanize her into putting on her apron, and facing the judgey looks and the glare of attention, and unapologetically declaring her gender identity – and her intent to win – with her head held high. I disliked her greatly, but I understood her as a character. Sae Ro Yi turning out to have invested a whole bunch of money in Jangga Co., via the very kid he’d protected on that fateful day in high school, no less, is just really satisfying. By no means does the writer try to convince you that she’s the devoted, nice and hardworking female lead, nor does he try to attribute her terrible behavior to bad upbringing or a set of bad circumstances, instead she was raised in a stable home enjoying an upper-middle class life and haven’t had any particular trauma. It’s quite brilliant to my eyes; if the alleyway becomes poppin’ with life, DanBam can only benefit. Time will tell. E14. This doesn’t land with enough oomph, for me, because this love relationship is still so new, to my eyes. Which doesn’t sound like much, but it really is, since most people would expect a friend to unquestionably take their side. I liked your insight that you cared about the whole alley.” That’s so contradictory. After the 1st esp. Today we see Geun Soo’s disconnect with the rest of his family, and how he’s instinctively drawn to Sae Ro Yi’s uprightness and decency, from the moment he meets him. Proud to be a k-fangirl since 2007. A great team effort indeed! You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. I rationalized that Hyun Yi’s determination to learn, and her openness to feedback, combined to make her the excellent chef that she became. Looking for some great streaming picks?

Hi phl! Burning with anger, Sae Ro Yi viciously beats Jang Geun Won. Soo Ah probably is being honest and forthright with Sae Ro Yi when she admits that she doesn’t know how to feel, and that she’s surprised by her own feelings when she’s stuck between Jangga Co. and him. And I think it makes Soo Ah feel even worse, that Sae Ro Yi is so understanding towards her, and tells her that he’ll be fine, whatever she does. I enjoyed this Itaewon Class Korean series, Itaewon Class is the first K serie that i have found myself growing attached to over time. Transgender characters have also appeared in Korean films, including Man on High Heels (2014), in which actor Cha Seung-won played a detective who wants to transition. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. You bring up some excellent points and I agree with many of them. He basically just decided that he would open a restaurant in Itaewon, came up with a plan on how to achieve it, even if it took him years to get there, and he just.. did it.

He doesn’t sugarcoat it, but neither is he aggressive about it either. The bully's father runs restaurant business Jagga where Park Sae-Ro-Yi’s own father works.

Which means that even if you like Yi Seo as a character, this behavior is not ok. And it’s also not ok that Show never calls her out for this, through to the very end. And yet, it isn’t meant with compassion; Sae Ro Yi simply wants him to pay for his sins himself, instead of copping out and dying early. I agree with your review. I have recently discovered Kdramas and honestly, I cannot believe I wasted so many years of my life not knowing Hyun bin and Ji Chang wook and Kim Woo bin and Park Seo Joon and Gong Yoo…. That felt like a very unnecessary detour, especially since Gran had snarked that Sae Ro Yi wasn’t worth in investing in because he’s not even competent, and then later, she’s all, “I know you a little. Men and women and 2 genders rest everything is unnatural. My engagement feels different, once we hit the part where IC is doing well and our original team members are all polished up and suited up for corporate life. “Start-Up” Episode 2 Review And Recap- A Shockingly Childish Premise But Still Fun, “Start-Up” Episode 1 Review And Recap- A Heartfelt Promising Premiere. The bully's father runs restaurant business Jagga where Sae Ro Yi's own father works.

Don’t worry and don’t underestimate Hyun Yi. It says something, that you’ve lived a life in such a way that this is the best “wish” you receive, after everyone around you comes to know that you’re dying of cancer. Yi Seo is really sharp.

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