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available on every major digital platform and it's having it's DVD release next week. The Wolf of Snow Hollow is a damn entertaining film, forget the typical tropes of werewolf creature features, this is neither a slowburn nor an exploitive gore fest. Linda is a true friend, coach and advocate to her filmmakers. No returns. Here's what we've been saying on the street. Most Loved.

Submit your film for the best distribution available. Submissions should include the following: Streaming Link w/Password (if …

Apologies to anyone creating a web series, as we are unable to review them at this point. Michael Madison are passionate and professional in every aspect of their business. Do not submit your film if you cannot take firm criticism. Our film critics are delicate flowers who need lots of nurturing and energy drinks.

Chennai, India. Linda and Michael are available every step However, if you’ve made some colossal mistakes in filmmaking–your audio’s all messed up, your camerawork gives people migraines, or your actors can’t act–they’ll stop watching and let you know exactly when you lost them. film. Released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 License. Indie Rights, you and Michael, are without question the best distributors we've ever had for our films. festivals such as Sundance, Toronto  and Cannes. It may be free to the public, but we are getting paid by the platform/advertisers. The criteria we cover while reviewing films are: Benefits of getting your short film reviewed: Review Application Status: Open till 31st October 2020. window.fbAsyncInit=function(){FB.init({xfbml:!0,version:"v3.2"})},function(e,t,n){var c,o=e.getElementsByTagName(t)[0];e.getElementById(n)||(c=e.createElement(t),,c.src="",o.parentNode.insertBefore(c,o))}(document,"script","facebook-jssdk"); Indie Shorts Mag is a publishing agency that works within the ‘short film circuit’. PLEASE NOTE: The cost to Skip the Queue and a 1-Week Turnaround is £30. podcast. There is no question that reviews increase the chances of being accepted into film festivals and into the living rooms of film fans all over the world! looking for a review? Ask any of our filmmakers. Besides that, it’s also an established fact that reviews help elevate the chances of acceptance at festivals and spread the word.

These submissions are not considered "unsolicited.". We distribute our films in more than 100 territories globally. 50% of sales to to the filmmakers #SupportIndieFilm.

In the first three months with Linda, that same film was released on more platforms, in Please ensure that appropriate media credentials and/or ticketing arrangements have been made. I want to subscribe to the filmmakers newsletter. Remember, these are NOT film reviews, which are for general publicity and public interest, but are instead film critiques which are done by trained filmmakers to help you make better films. Thanks-- P. Padnar. Straight Shooter Restrictions & Provisos: You will be required to submit a DVD copy of your film unless you contact us ahead of time to see if streaming is acceptable for the reviewer. One night Joel follows Bob,... Having moved into television, Denzel Washington is hoping to land the role of Angel in a reboot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer; he's interested in the role because of Angel's struggle with testicular cancer.

We review short films, documentaries, music videos and web series, amongst others. Filmmaking isn’t for the frivolous. investors.

step inside. If these guidelines are not followed, a review will not occur. Payments are prompt and the accounting is fully disclosed every quarter. The idea that a loved one who was supposed to long outlive you and... Diane Paragas' debut feature, with a revelatory central performance by Broadway star Eva Noblezada, offers a unique, finely crafted, and timely take on the issues of immigration and undocumented people. The Independent Critic reviews indie or studio features in a wide variety of genres including faith-based cinema, experimental, indie horror, student films (high school or college), documentaries, foreign language, LGBT and many others often rejected by media outlets. By Alan Ng | September 25, 2020 Share. well as looking at their very simple deal with no hidden accounting or marketing costs, and the long amount of time they’ve been in the business, they seemed like the perfect choice for what we This allows filmmakers to get their movies reviewed asap but does not affect the review at all.

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