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[109] Over the ensuing 24 hours, Hanna underwent rapid intensification as its inner core and convection became better organized. [237] Dry air entrainment gave the storm a somewhat ragged appearance, but it continued to slowly strengthen as it approached Bermuda with its eye clearing out and its convection becoming more symmetric. The season's third named storm and all named storms from the fifth onwards have formed on an earlier date in the year than any other season since reliable records began in 1851. A system moving north toward the Yucatán Peninsula and west of Cuba is likely to become the 24th named storm of the season. [215] Nana then began to rapidly weaken, dropping below hurricane status three hours after it made landfall,[216] and weakening to a tropical depression at 21:00 UTC. [269] At 06:00 UTC on September 12, the depression made landfall just south of Miami, Florida, with winds of 35 mph (55 km/h) and a pressure of 1007 mbar (29.74 inHg). During the season, Tropical Storm Cristobal and 22 later systems have broken the record for the earliest formation by storm number. After making a second landfall in Kenedy County, Texas at the same intensity at 23:15 UTC, the system then began to rapidly weaken, dropping to tropical depression status at 22:15 UTC the next day after crossing into Northeastern Mexico. ESTIMATED MINIMUM CENTRAL PRESSURE 972 MB [345] Nonetheless, at 15:00 UTC on September 18, an LLC was found and, as the system already had gale force winds, was designated Tropical Storm Wilfred. THERE ARE NO COASTAL WATCHES OR WARNINGS IN EFFECT. [223] Total economic losses in Belize exceeded $20 million. WTNT32 KNHC 240837 toward the northeast is expected later today. [377], On October 1, the NHC began to monitor a tropical wave in the eastern Caribbean for potential development. [210][211] By 03:00 UTC the following day, the storm strengthened some more, obtaining 1-minute sustained winds of 60 mph (95 km/h). 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Of the 26 named storms, 10 made landfall in the contiguous United States, breaking the record of nine set in 1916. [417], By 09:00 UTC on October 22 the storm started to weaken with the eye becoming increasingly cloud-filled and Epsilon was downgraded to a Category 2 hurricane as conditions nearby began to deteriorate further.

Forecasts of hurricane activity are issued before each hurricane season by noted hurricane experts, such as Philip J. Klotzbach and his associates at Colorado State University, and separately by NOAA forecasters. NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL AL272020 [145] However, the wave's circulation slowly became more defined while signs of convective organization became evident on satellite imagery. [318][319] Eventually, 50 knots (60 mph) of wind shear began to take its toll on Vicky, and Vicky's winds began to fall. MAX SUSTAINED WINDS 65 KT WITH GUSTS TO 80 KT. ...LARGE EPSILON EXPECTED TO ACCELERATE NORTHEASTWARD TODAY OVER THE
The area between Mobile, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida took the brunt of the storm with widespread wind damage, storm surge flooding, and over 20 inches (51 cm) of rainfall which peaked at 30 inches at NAS Pensacola. [349] As a result, Wilfred failed to strengthen further, subsequently weakening to a tropical depression at 15:00 UTC on September 20. Its center reformed under a large burst of deep convection and it strengthened from a 65 mph (105 km/h) tropical storm to a 90 mph (140 km/h) Category 1 hurricane in just one and a half hours. [21] On July 7, Colorado State University released another updated forecast, calling for 20 named storms, 9 hurricanes, and 4 major hurricanes. [265] The warning was discontinued at 21:00 UTC on September 8. Nine thousand Mexican National Guard members were summoned to aid in preparations and repairs. The Greek Alphabet started with Subtropical Storm Alpha, which is first subtropical storm to hit Portugal. The depression became a tropical storm and was named Cristobal at 15:15 UTC June 2.

[95] At 12:50 UTC on July 22, the NHC upgraded the depression to Tropical Storm Gonzalo. On September 22, a fisherman was reported missing in Brays Bayou, and four hours later, the Houston Police Department discovered his body. [297] However, some slight westerly wind shear briefly halted intensification and briefly weakened the storm to a Category 1 at 03:00 UTC on September 17. Potential areas of tropical development being monitored, sea surface temperatures are above normal. This marked the record sixth consecutive year with pre-season systems.

In its report, the organization called for 15 named storms, 7 hurricanes, 4 major hurricanes, and an ACE index of 105 units.

SURF: Large swells […], Issued at 0900 UTC SAT OCT 24 2020 It moved eastward over the next day, and became post-tropical for the second time in its lifespan early on September 23[246] and subsequently dissipated. [166][167] That same day, a shift eastward in the forecast track for Tropical Storm Marco indicated that Laura and Marco could make back-to-back landfalls in the area around Louisiana. Early on, officials in the United States expressed concerns the hurricane season could potentially exacerbate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic for U.S. coastal residents. The 2020 season has featured activity at a record pace. [267] Over the next day, convection rapidly increased, became better organized, and formed a broad area of low-pressure on September 11. The brand also guarantees quality feature phones, cellphones and smart phones by offering a 12 month warranty for all devices. [261][262][263][264], A tropical storm warning was issued for the Cabo Verde Islands when advisory were first issued on the storm at 09:00 UTC on September 7. [426] The names not retired from this list will be used again in the 2026 season. [276] However, upwelling due to its slow movement as well increasing wind shear weakened Sally back down to Category 1 strength early the next day. ATLANTIC BEACHES THIS WEEKEND... By 21:00 UTC July 21, satellite imagery and scatterometer data indicated that the small low pressure system had acquired a well-defined circulation as well as sufficiently organized convection to be designated Tropical Depression Seven. Since 1978 we’ve been tracking storms. [218] The mid-level remnants eventually spawned Tropical Storm Julio in the eastern Pacific on September 5.

[323][324][325], The tropical wave that spawned Tropical Storm Vicky produced flooding in the Cabo Verde Islands less than a week after Tropical Storm Rene moved through the region. [39][40][nb 2]. However, Dolly's peak intensity proved to be short-lived as its central convection began to diminish while it drifted over colder ocean waters. [85][86] Fay intensified as it moved nearly due north, reaching its peak intensity of 60 mph winds and minimum barometric pressure of 999 mbar. [329] The disturbance nonetheless persisted, moving southwestward into the southwestern Gulf of Mexico where it began to organize as Sally moved away into the Southeastern United States early on September 16.

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