how to go awol and get away with it

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When my Battalion Commander returned from New Orleans, roughly 30 days after I had left, he left a voice mail saying I had been dropped from rolls, and that my paperwork would be sent through the AWOL process, and that I would have a warrant for my arrest. He gets home the other night and the police had been to his parents house with papers for his arrest. He got his DD214 showing his honorable dischare and his 4 tours but was turned away. She had no family around for support or help. We don't know why or what is going on and it's driving me nuts. I tried explaining to her that she is right, she does, but she does not have the right to choose her own consequences. I mean how many people have done stupid thoughtless things when they were young and wish they didn't? This article is an overview of what could happen. He has been living in Brazil. What do you think will happen and why is this going on? Well I got experience of having an OTH for AWOL.

I have a question that I really need the answer to.

A warrant is not issued until he is gone for a full 30 days. After 7 days my recruiter SGT of all people came and got me and he took me to the airport and waited till I boarded my flight to FT.Knox. James Wassinger (author) from Untied States on November 16, 2012: @RFWAVELENGTH: Interesting....just choose which federal offense is the is your scale of justice. @Nikki not unless you willingly harboerd a federal felon. I am not sure. This article is from a Military Police law enforcement officers prospective. You went AWOL, but did they fill out the proper paperwork? But wouldn't the archives center have that on file? What are the Probable Punishments for AWOL and Desertion? It is safe to say if you are working as a ofc. And based on my experiences, AWOL will result in you hanging around for a few months while all of the paperwork is processed and then you will be chaptered out of the service.

However, you joined the Active Army in 1980 and served your time in the Active Army, and received an Honorable Discharge. Following the law might violate your conscience.". Before i proceed i want to say that at 18 i think that is a huge decision to make at the time not knowing anything about the military except the lies my recruiter told me. There is a hope to get get this behind you and to be free of the Army. The Army and Air Force usually refer to such offenses as AWOL (Absent WithOut Leave) while the Navy and USMC usually use the term UA (Unauthorized Absence). She was booked in for an induction for the baby on a certain date in Novemeber and I was constantly being messed around about being allowed to go home then not allowed then allowed again. James Wassinger (author) from Untied States on January 04, 2013: @ Karla, There is really nothing you can do.

For like an hour. I have a question.

He then made up the time he was AWOL and in the BRIG and was honorably discharged. From then, only one person I was " friends " with would even speak to me.

I joined the army reserves a few months later for 3 more years. I'm just wondering if the family issues he was dealing with will affect his punishment. I have a friend who went awol.. We moved to the UK, I am at University and also run a small business. I'm worried about losing this great oppurtunity with this job due to having to go to school with such a short amount of time in at the job and considering telling my chain of command I won't go.

He is a good man, who made a very stupid decision, without thinking of the very serious consequences.

It was humiliating and a terrible experience. In a majority of cases the actual punishments upon surrender/apprehension are less severe than absentees and their families and friends feared. What's the Difference Between AWOL and Desertion? They can represent you for free. I then returned from Missouri and attended two drills before going AWOL. It is against the law to refuse to obey a lawful order to deploy or to miss a movement. I sit and think.

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