how to drink whiskey neat

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You can share the magic elixir with friends and family, or you can make new friends over a fine pour of the stuff at your local cocktail or dive bar. If adding a couple of ice cubes makes the drink more palatable for you, then who are we to say you shouldn’t? To really get the most out of the scent and flavor of the whiskey, use a tulip-shaped whiskey glass. Whiskey is a magical thing. Also, you’ll be in good company with this drinking method. In an Old Fashioned glass, place a cherry, and also pour in a small amount of the juice from the cherry jar. The final step is taking a small sip and allowing the liquid to roll around your mouth before swallowing. You taste different flavors and nuances in the whiskey when it’s cold instead of room temperature. Some whisky aficionados suggest that the correct way to drink whisky is “neat” — served at room temperature with no water, ice, or mixers of any kind. Strain mixed contents from pint glass into the Old Fashioned glass, and you’re all set. Put whiskey, vermouth, and bitters into that glass. They claim that drinking whisky this way gives you a better indication of the qualities of the whisky (although there is some scientific evidence that indicates otherwise ). The goal of a drink served neat is to go straight from the bottle to the glass with as little interruption as possible. Before taking a sip of a fine whiskey, take a whiff with your nose in the glass.

By the way, ordering whiskey over ice is perfectly acceptable and sometimes even recommended. Neat is a great way to try a new bourbon and to savor the experience. Select a small glass tumbler, such as a lowball glass. Discussing how he drinks whiskey … One defender of drinking whiskey with ice is the late chef/travel-show host Anthony Bourdain. After a few sniffs, your nose will detect more than the initial alcohol aroma to pick up on the whiskey flavors. You don’t want anything to get in the way, or you want to experience it how the distiller presented it to you. First up is “neat,” which tells the bartender to take a glass and pour some bourbon in it. Stir for 30 seconds or so. We know, we know—whiskey with ice typically goes against the traditionalist’s way of drinking the beverage (some may even go as far as calling it sacrilege), but whiskey is there for the enjoyment of the drinker.

At first you can let the ice melt a little to dilute the whiskey before drinking, but before long, you’ll be sipping it as soon as the drink is poured. [1] X Research source Try to avoid using a plastic or polystyrene cup as you might find that materials other than glass impart their own flavor to the whiskey. The best way to drink whiskey neat is out of a lowball cocktail glass at room temperature. Two ounces is the correct serving size for this drink but bartenders shouldn’t use a jigger or other measuring tool for this drink.

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