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[volume & issue needed] Zemo then took up leadership of the Thunderbolts who were on Counter-Earth;[volume & issue needed] when this group was reunited with their teammates who had remained on the normal Marvel Universe Earth,[volume & issue needed] Hawkeye briefly resumed leadership,[volume & issue needed] but then left the team to return to the Avengers. Zemo confronted his rival and discovered how the man had survived his father's death trap only to become the Winter Soldier, a trained Soviet assassin who killed scores of people for several Russian handlers. Zemo shuts off all the power within the facility. During this time, Zemo discovered that Goliath was imprisoned in the Microverse and formed a new version of Masters of Evil to free Goliath. Zemo and his family lived a happy life within Novi Grad while also maintaining good relationships with his father in the Sokovian countryside. [volume & issue needed], Back in the present, Volker discovers that Castle Zemo has been restored in the present. Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. [30] After Kraven the Hunter captures Kobik, he loads her into Fixer's machine where Baron Zemo plans to control Kobik. Helmut Zemo is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, most commonly as an adversary of the superhero Captain America and the Avengers. Auftritte Dort erreichte er mit Hilfe der Aufzeichnungen wie der Winter Soldier Iron Mans Eltern tötet, dass dieser sofort auf Captain America und Bucky losgeht. Zemo walked straight out of Karpov's house, while taking all his new stolen belongings while Karpov slowly drowned inside of his own sink. While practicing reading the trigger words from the Winter Soldier Book he would need to gain full control of the Winter Soldier, Zemo was then interrupted by the arrival of his breakfast, not allowing the woman to enter so she did not see Broussard's corpse or the bomb that he had made.

[43], In Deadpool MAX, a heavily altered version of Baron Helmut Zemo appears in the first storyline. Zemo brings Selvig with him as he's crucial to his next plan. Once Zemo revealed his location, Captain America had then attempted to subdue him by launching his Shield directly at Zemo, only for it to bounce off the bunker wall. This included drugging Bucky with nanites that caused Captain America to behave irrationally and attack police officers and leaking to the media, not only detailed files revealing Winter Soldier's acts of terrorism committed as a mind-controlled pawn of the Russians, but video footage as well of him being trained by handlers. cadets watching this to be the future of supervillain incarceration where they are turned into mild-mannered civilians using reality-warping technology derived from the Cosmic Cube called "Kobik". [1], When Ultron had attacked Sokovia, Zemo and his EKO Scorpion squad were called upon to defend Sokovia. Helmut Zemo ist der Gegenspieler von Captain America und den Avengers im Film The First Avenger: Civil War. Zemo catches a plane towards Siberia, Russia. Captain America responded by revealing that the Avengers had since found a way to dissolve Adhesive X and would use it to free Zemo from his costume and hood, a fact that drove him further into a rage due to Captain America never offering to share this adhesive remover with his father. Helmut travels forward in time again to his father's tenure as a Nazi during World War II. Zemo then escaped from the island unharmed. Despite his relentless attempts at trying to destroy the Avengers, Zemo is ultimately not without a conscience. Zemo also sincerely apologized to T'Challa for accidentally killing his father, and even opened up to him about why he wanted the Avengers destroyed. The character first appeared in Captain America #168 (December 1973) and was created by Roy Thomas, Tony Isabella and Sal Buscema. Arriving inside the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre Building, Zemo had found Bucky Barnes was locked in the contained cell with his robotic arm tightly fixed down with Zemo soon managing to get past security and posed as the psychiatrist Theo Broussard, who was supposed to evaluate his mental state before Barnes was sent into Wakanda to await his trial for the murders of T'Chaka and many others. Having discovered Karpov's location, Zemo knew that he would be unable to easily break into Karpov's home so he then instead faked a car crash and asked Karpov to invite him inside to discuss the matter in private, rather than contacting the police. Fighting Captain America and Diamondback, Zemo's plan backfired, as he instead turned his father's corpse into a vessel for the demonic forces that lurk inside of the Bloodstone. A chance encounter at the Thunderbolts' former base in Colorado with the Ghost led to him learning Bucky Barnes was the current iteration of Captain America. Seeing Zemo lying on the ground, Rogers suspected something was wrong as he had demanded to know what Zemo wanted, and was told that he wanted to see an empire fall. [volume & issue needed] The group resides in what Zemo calls his "Folding Castle", a structure that he has connected to various other places around the world by dimensional portals.

Beruf [volume & issue needed] Fixer transferred Zemo's mind into his double's unmutilated body. After overhearing the Beetle (Abe Jenkins) and Goliath talk about who would replace the Avengers and The Fantastic Four, a distraught Zemo soon found a new purpose for his team: the Masters of Evil would take on new heroic identities as the Thunderbolts. Following the Battle of Sokovia, Zemo became the terrorist mastermind who sought his revenge against the Avengers after losing his family and became obsessed with destroying them. Helmut Zemo appears in the MC2 universe in an alternate reality in which Red Skull and the Nazis had successfully conquered the Earth, as a scientist advisor to Skull's successor Victor von Doom along with Reed Richards. He is the main antagonist ofboth Captain America: Civil War and the... Helmut Zemo (Marvel Cinematic Universe) - Villains Wiki - villains, bad guys, comic books, anime

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