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• Kadita • Chang'e • Harith

• Bruno

• Dyrroth • Fanny • Uranus. • Badang

1ST SKILL > 3RD SKILL (IF AVAILABLE) > 2ND SKILL, Concentrated Energy, Holy Crystal, Arcane Boots, Calamity Reaper, Queen’s Wings, Blood Wings, Warrior Boots, Concentrated Energy, Genius Wand, Holy Crystal, Queen’s Wings, Divine Glaive, Arcane Boots, Necklace of Durance, Concentrated Energy, Holy Crystal, Calamity Reaper, Immortality.

Calamity Scythe for true damage on basic attack if you used a skill beforehand, and also for the 10% cd reduction. Disclaimer: I’m just a casual gamer and not a pro. • Argus

Ms. Violet

I think she is perfect I mean might be overpowered because of how the skills. • Guinevere • Esmeralda

Guinevere jumps to a targeted location, dealing 250 / 280 / 310 / 340 / 370 / 400 (+80%Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to enemies nearby.

Since console and PC games are not convenient for me, I choose to explore mobile gaming. 2nd skill + Basic Attack + Ultimate + Basic + 1st skill + Escape (2nd Skill).

• Hayabusa

• Bane

• Bane

If you use it properly and the combos, this hero is super awesome. He always shows a smile to his beloved sister. • Claude

• Lapu-Lapu • Popol and Kupa • Layla • Ruby Guinevere's passive, so every time you use a skill or basic attack you get this super magic bar underneath your HP being full slowly. • Jawhead

I didn't list the tanks as "free" mainly because they either counter you or to bulky to burst. • Chang'e There are a lot more heroes to that you can and can't counter but I just couldn't find the time to list all of them.

Recently, something has been plaguing Guinevere, making her uneasy. Kamu bingung mau menggunakan build Fighter atau […] • Gord

• Harley • Popol and Kupa

• Masha Guinevere completely releases her super magic, dealing 650 (+500% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to nearby enemies within 2s.

• Kagura • Leomord Guinevere Mobile Legends Build – Beginner’s Guide. Guinevere Guide ,Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. • Cecilion

• Ling

Guinevere Best Skin’s in Mobile Legends (ML), Reasons Why Many People Hate Free Fire (FF), 5 Reasons to Use MP40 to Rush in Free Fire (FF). So that’s an explanation of the 5 best skins Guinevere has that my Esports have discussed. That’s all for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Guinevere Guide! Enemies might waste their skills on your puppet.

If used right, she can erase enemies in an instant with her skills with proper combos. Guinevere looks like a creepy kind of doll but I like her design.

• Irithel

• Saber During her casting time, Guinevere … The most prestigious skill of them - fencing, the family's emblem, discourages countless opponents from even thinking about attacking. • Tigreal

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The most prestigious skill of them - fencing, the family's emblem, discourages countless opponents from even thinking about attacking. • Terizla

• Karrie Retribution is best suited for her for faster farming in early game.

• Grock • Ling Related Characters

Thanks for reading and be SAVAGE.

• Atlas A father and a developer who loves to game. But every time when Lancelot thinks of his little sister's magic experiment, he would wear a bitter smile. • Rafaela If the enemies are knocked up they will have an additional knock up effect for 6 times. Skill Combo: 2nd Skill > 3rd Skill > 1st Skill.

Units that are hit will be knocked airborne and will receive additional magic damage.

• Alice • Faramis

Enjoying DigiParadise so far? • Aldous Currently Guinevere is quite popular in Mobile Legends. • Terizla

Select "Festival of Blood" up to 12% off spell vamp.

• Kagura

The first skill is similar to Cyclops. Empire  Lancelot Gusion Eudora Gord Odette.

• Tigreal Guinevere … • Minotaur • Vexana Female • Hilda This skill has two phases; the first part is that she jumps to the specified location and knocks up the enemies for 1 second and deals magic damage. • Alucard


• Thamuz • Martis • Cecilion

If used right, she can erase … Also note that English is … This user has not written anything about themselves, designed with ♥ by WELLEMACHEN - Die Agentur. Lotus is Guinevere’s skin that you can get if you become a starlight member. There is a chance that the enemy will gank you, so to avoid that, always look at the map from time to time.

• Lesley Magic boots for damage early game. • Atlas • Grock • Kimmy

• Yu Zhong • Minotaur • Minotaur • Kadita

• Silvanna

How to Use Mobile Legends Guinevere Skill 3 – Violet Requiem. • Aurora • Hilda • Ruby

• Yu Zhong • Atlas

• Balmond • Claude

• Sun, Alpha Passive / Super Magic: This passive allows her to deal bonus magic damage through her basic attack and 25% increased damaged to airborne units.

Lancelot is often caught in an unknown thrill.

• Lylia

Mobile Legends Guide: Hi newbies, I am TheUgandanNoob and I am a Guinevere main.

If the enemy is already in the knocked up state, this skill … After this skill hits the target (will also work when hitting minions and monsters) it will reduced all her skill's cooldown by 1 second. • Lolita • Ling • Thamuz Faction:

• Akai

Skill 2 / Spatial Migration: Guinevere jumps at a target location and deals magic damage. This one hero is strong enough to hold the lane. Such a breakthrough made Guinevere more passionate about magic, and she often experimented with her new magic on her brother Lancelot. Athena Asamiya’s skin is a skin that can be obtained at KOF events.

Full Name: • Khaleed

• Esmeralda

• Yi Sun-Shin • Badang

• Lylia • Diggie • Miya • Estes Guinevere Baroque • Khaleed

You can also upload and share your favorite Guinevere Mobile Legends wallpapers. Bisa dibilang hero ini mirip seperti Kimmy, Gusion, atau Karina yang sama-sama memiliki kemampuan berbeda dari role aslinya.

• Hanzo

• Moskov

• Roger Concentrated Energy to increase her spell vamp,which means she will have more sustain.

This guide will help you in your upcoming matches.

• Gusion • Masha

and lastly the winter truncheon.

The second part lets you dash out which is pretty cool. Passive skill itself can give HP regen effect which makes it even better durability. • Lancelot • Aurora

• Minsitthar On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss the 5 best skins Guinevere has in Mobile Legends. The Baroque family is one of the few nobles on the Land of Dawn. Also note that English is my second language so please bear with me. • Diggie

Baroque Castle, Castle Gorge • Luo Yi

Guinevere is a fighter hero that specializes in burst and magic damage. • Zilong

You need to know that there are 5 best Guinevere skins in Mobile Legends with different looks and animations. • Harley • Balmond Fleur de bleau is Guinevere’s skin, which belongs to the normal skin category. • Hilda • Vexana

After a brief delay, she then knocks up enemies in the area for 1 second, dealing 125 / 140 / 155 / 170 / 185 / 200 (+50%Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage. • Valir • Guinevere

I will apologise you this doesnt help since i have little to no experience making guides. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Badang • Vale • Guinevere • Khufra • Esmeralda • Granger • Faramis • Terizla • Dyrroth • Lylia • X.Borg • Masha • Baxia • Ling • Wanwan • Silvanna 2020 Carmilla • Cecilion • Atlas • Popol and … • Tigreal Guinevere is one of the Mobile Legends heroes who is included in the role fighter hybrid mage. • X.Borg

• Harley • Khufra

• Helcurt By using the skin above, you can make your Guinevere look even cooler. • Dyrroth I recommend using a custom Mage emblem. Perfect World Mobile Races, Classes and Characters, Revamped Zilong Mobile Legends Build – Beginner’s Guide, MPL PH Season 6 Standings, Schedule and Results, How to Create New Account in Mobile Legends 2020, Nexplay Predator Solid Eliminated from MPL PH Season 6, Revamped Alucard Mobile Legends Build – Beginner’s Guide, Rogue Company Beginner’s Guide – Nintendo Switch, Brody Mobile Legends Build – Beginner’s Guide, Observation – + 2% Magic penetration / level, Mystery Shop – Reduce Item cost by 10% (She is very item dependent so its best for you to get items faster), Jungle – So you can farm faster as Guinevere is very item dependent, Flameshot – Additional burst damage and slow, Guinevere is a fighter but she is very reliant to her skills, Use her 1st Skill to poke enemies in the laning stages and to reduce cooldowns of all your skills, Remember that Guinevere doesn’t have mana so its best to spam her skill, Always look at Guinevere’s red energy (Super Magic) so you can properly utilize its additional basic attack damage and hp regeneration, User her 2nd skill for knocking up enemies then use your ultimate for additional knock up, You can also use her 2nd skill for escaping. • Aurora

• Terizla What do you think about this new hero?

If you use flameshot, you will only make your enemy escape your ult.

Weapon: "Mobile Legends": Guinevere Skill and Build Guide. • Granger • Zhask

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

• Kagura

• Lunox • Eudora You can deal damage, knock up and if you're in trouble you can dash out in team fights. • Yu Zhong • Khufra • Natalia

Each enemy will be knocked airborne additionally for 6 times. • Alpha

• Leomord • Martis • Barats • Kaja

• Silvanna Image if you combine this to Retribution, you can easily get the items you want in early game.

This hero has considerable physical and magical damage and has a deadly skill combo.

Relying on her own sensitive spiritual perception and anti-gravity magic, with her own interpretation, when Guinevere was 10 years old. Tons of awesome Guinevere Mobile Legends wallpapers to download for free. • Franco • Pharsa

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