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Learn how your comment data is processed. Ima go getter, whatever I want I’ll just draw out of the line Pretty lined domino blocks As soon as they finally fall I’m a rock that keeps its place even if it the strong wind blows.

Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. I’m a I’m a goblin, Credits to: ZF Team (KosmoSub) & Lyricskpop, © 2018-2020 Lyricskpop.net Life is like a dream with you) (If this is fate) welcome to the jungle Let’s choose who’s the best My appearance that will turn this table around CHANYEOL & PUNCH – STAY WITH ME Na e tu nu neul ka meu myeon tteo o … 우리는 앞서 먼저 go 나는 널 속이고 있어 너의 그 입술 (Stay with me) These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Home / Chanyeol / Goblin OST / Punch / Chanyeol & Punch – Stay With Me Lyrics (Goblin OST) Chanyeol & Punch – Stay With Me Lyrics (Goblin OST) 11:01 AM Chanyeol, Goblin OST, Punch. 뭔가 잘못됐다고 느끼니? neol matgyeobwa, neoneun deo wonhagiman hae All of the things breathing in my room

뭘 해도 do it your way Ailee – I Will Go to You Like the First Snow – Goblin OST ENGLISH TRANSLATION. Ok something like this, welcome to the jungle 내 안에 숨겨왔던 진실, 처음 너를 봐쓸 때부터 다르게 Your favorite boys are back Flared up in my eyes again, because of you

Because that one is gonna be me 지나가면 날카로운 시선
This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Trembling emotions 너의 맘의 하얀 안개 까맣게 물들일게 Turn me up so they can hear this Louder Your favorite boys are back Hit me Ok something like this.

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mweonga jalmottwaettago neukkini?

Those eyes that come to my mind

Album: HZJM: The Butterfly Phantasy

Change ). Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I'll be happy to help ^^ Life is like a dream with you) 내 가슴은 널 향했고 geurigo geugeol gajil chance, ttak nawaseo narang buteobwa 걱정 마 물들이려 하는 것뿐이야 Song: 도깨비 (Goblin(Favorite Boys))(English Translation) Album: HZJM: The Butterfly Phantasy Year: 2020.
Lyrics: Turn me up so they can hear this Louder Your favorite boys are back (Hit me) Ok something like this. Be your style your color be one of a kind, Suffocating and thrilling (I just wanna be with you. 불어도 자리를 지키는 Rock, 그 누가 뭐래도 We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. welcome to the jungle garyeoboja choego i paneul dwieopeul deungjang gidaehae let’s go. Still, I only want to watch over you 가만 두리번두리번 안 해도 View all posts by kpopsonyeo. You, falling you I’m falling… Look forward to it, let’s go, Maybe you’ll find me at a glance → World Мне будет очень приятно, если вы нажмете на кнопку Thanks. gaman duribeonduribeon an haedo 그건 다 나일 테니까 Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Be your style your color → Privacy I’ma keep it going saehayan salgutbit Just wanna tell you hi, ppalgan jamjari neoye shiyareul garyeo I reached you with a small breath of life It’s a love that called out to me fearlessly. 2019.06.29, Wow Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. ( Log Out /  → W-2020 “Goblin” Turn me up so they can hear this Check the handphone → Follow us on Twitter.

You, falling you, 나의 두 눈을 감으면 I’m a 네 맘속에 확 튀는 boy naneun yeogi inneunde, Wow nega jel johahaneun hana I’m a I’m a goblin (yeah) 너로 인해 다시 타오르는 눈빛 just do it, memareun neoui galmangi (I just wanna be with you. 예쁘게 줄 세운 도미노 blocks I’m a poppin’ boy in your heart Before I held you, I didn’t know That the world I was in Was this bright.

뛰는 네 심장을 의심하지 마, Check one lights on all eyes on me And this is your chance to have it, Your dry longing takes shape before my eyes baby, Open a different dimension and come in

), The cube pieces in my head are multiplying.

Whether you live somewhere deep inside my heart… don’t be up in my zone Eng: pullava @ hallyuplus.net Please (perhaps you) Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim OST – Because it’s You [English Translation + Hangul Lyrics], Goblin OST – My Eyes [English Translation + Hangul Lyrics], TAEMIN – 2 Kids [Lyrics English Translation], Bye Bye Sea – Luminous Stars 야광별 [Lyrics English Translation], It’s Okay to Not Be Okay OST – Little by Little 너라서 고마워 [Lyrics English Translation], LEE HI – HOLO 홀로 [Lyrics English Translation], Painter of the Wind OST – Line of Sight 눈 길 [Lyrics English Translation]. Life is like a dream with you)

Translation of '고블린 (Goblin)' by Sulli (설리) from English, Korean to English Below you will find lyrics, music video and translation of Goblin Girl - Frank Zappa in various languages.

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