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Manga The gun ends up with the same look as that of Kokushibo's sword, with a number of eyes on the barrel and muzzle for super-accurate aim. Similarly to Nezuko's Blood Demon Arts, Genya's own were also tailored to battle and do damage to other Demons. Genya was able to survive the 7 days trial in the final examination of the selection.

His wardrobe has shifted to a dark olive-green version of the Demon Slayer outfit after becoming a Demon Slayer, in which he still donned his old purple yukata. Genya, in confusion and panic labeled Sanemi a murderer and cradled their mother's body in his arms as she dissolved in the rising sunlight. Manga Debut Tanjiro interfered, if he didn't let his hands off Kanata immediately promised to break his arm. Powerful Demon Slayers end up with Demon Slayer Marks, and they are related to the Breathing Style used by the Slayer who wears it. However he soon stumbled across Sanemi holding a knife and with their mother lying dead at his feet. Step 01. Demon Slayer [12], Genya heads northeast at Tanjiro's instruction to find the fifth Hantengu, noting with frustration that he still couldn't see him, only to finally notice him: A small version of Hantengu's original form, only about the size of a rat.

As suspicion and worry began to cross the minds of the children, alone and unprotected, a loud knocking sound was heard from their door which they presumed to be their mother but was a demon instead which immediately killed off 5 of the 7 children and scarred Genya.

Dark Purple That’s why Genya tends to use a gun rather than a sword, and why he uses a different technique called Repetitive Action.

From: Demon Slayer anime; Steps: 14. Deceased Nobuhiko Okamoto However, when seen again in the Butterfly House, Genya had a much more wild look, having undergone a spurt of development that put him approximately six feet tall. After this, Genya decided to become a Hashira as a way to regain some connection with his brother. Genya Shinazugawa (不死 (しなず) 川 (がわ) 玄 (げん) 弥 (や) , Shinazugawa Gen'ya?) Genya was one of a family of seven children whose hardworking mother never slept and an abusive father who abused her and her children. As doubt and fear began to pass the children's minds alone and unscrewed, a sharp knock from the door was felt.

He goes on to deny Tanjiro's defeat of Upper Rank 6 and states that he will become a Hashira before him.

Alone and unprotected, a sudden loud knock was heard from their door. He’s more muscular, and has mysterious scars all over his body. Step 06. However, upon succumbing to his severe wounds, Genya much like a genuine demon, disintegrated to ash. Greatly confused by what happened, Genya panicked and chose to place the blame on Sanemi and call him a murderer for killing their mother and tricked himself to believe it was a wolf that attacked the family instead. It is also noted that he became more muscular and gained many more scars all over his body. ): Due to having eaten the flesh and cells of at least two Upper Ranks (Kokushibo and Hantengu), Genya had seemingly developed his own Blood Demon Art while in the heat of battle against Upper Rank 1. But, it’s all temporary, and he eventually becomes human again. My Hero Academia: 5 Times Todoroki Acted Like A Hero (& 5 Times He Seemed More Like A Villain), Yu-Gi-Oh! This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

[4], Genya later appeared at the Swordsmith Village, ignoring Mitsuri when she asked for his name—though out of shyness rather than spite—and is found by Tanjiro in the hot springs.

Male However, Sekido intervened using his electricity and Aizetsu attacked him once more, this time managing to smash him into a wall. He doesn’t show signs of cooperating and has little interest in others, shown by grabbing Kanata Ubuyashiki’s by the hair.

He's known for being obtuse, quick to anger and somewhat hard to please. Genya is one of the few characters in the series who does not primarily use a sword and is the only Demon Slayer named so far who cannot use any of the Breathings. Despite Genya's protests that it might not be their mother, four of his siblings rushed to the door, but before he could respond, the door was sliced open, and they were immediately cut. His brother Sanemi also refused to acknowledge Genya, making him insecure while growing up. They were then interrupted by an electricity attack from Sekido, with Tanjiro heading off to find the Upper Rank's fifth body, telling Genya not to attack Nezuko.

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Genya Shinazugawa is a Demon Slayer in the Demon Slayer Corps.

He turned when his name is called, angrily told his fellow Demon Slayer to drop dead, and plunged his head into the hot water when he persisted in talking with him. He pries the demon's hands off and then rips off his arms, while Nezuko shoots fire at him. Human 10 Popular Anime Characters Who Should Be Hated (But Surprisingly Never Are), Kimetsu No Yaiba: 10 Things Fans Get Wrong About Genya, Kimetsu No Yaiba: 10 Rui Facts Every Fan Needs To Know, Other Demon Slayers have specific skills and abilities, defeat plenty of other powerful anime characters, Kimetsu No Yaiba: 10 Things Fans Should Know About Dance Of The Fire God, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba: 10 Pieces Of Shinobu Fan Art You Have To See, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba: 10 Amazing Shinobu Cosplays That Look Just Like The Anime, My Hero Academia: 5 Times Endeavor Acted Like A Hero (& 5 Times He Seemed More Like A Villain), Fullmetal Alchemist: 5 One Piece Characters Alphonse Can Beat (& 5 He Can't), 5 Characters Who Could Totally Be the U.A. The space where his eyebrows would've been is constantly furrowed, which gave him a permanently angered appearance.

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