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Several videos were made back when Funhaus started, but the show disappeared for a while, due to the time it took to make them and the amount of views that the videos were getting. Their Funhaus GTA 5 Gameplay is a series where the crew (either one person or 4 crew members) would play GTA Online matches, usually with the fan community. Dude Soup is also live streamed weekly for Rooster Teeth First members on [30] On the same day, Matt posted an AMA on /r/insidegaming where he answered questions regarding the revival of the channel.

One popular GTA 5 series on Funhaus is the Funheists, where 4 guys go on cooperative heist missions online.

This show, which was originally part of podcast episodes, consists of the guys congregate around the main office space, picking and printing out comments submitted by fans, and responding to them appropriately.

You'll gain experience and exposure in pre and post production, on set and editorial work on various projects.

The Inside Gaming Twitter account[4] which was created on April 2009 has since gain more than 178.000 followers while their Facebook page[5]has more than 113.000 likes.

After's closure, Rooster Teeth acquired the brand, took the former employees who were working for it at time, merged that staff with The Know's staff (whose staff includes Inside Gaming's founder Adam Kovic and former Inside Gaming members Bruce Greene and Lawrence Sonntag), and renamed The Know (including its channel) to Inside Gaming on Valentine's Day 2019. [5][6], In addition to the gameplay series such as Demo Disk (gameplay of video game demos sent by fans) and Wheelhaus (gameplay of Steam games randomly chosen from a spinner), Funhaus also produces podcasts (such as Dude Soup and Movie Podcasts) and field fan Qs&As (mostly about games, such as Open Haus), including segments, a current live-stream called FunhausTV on YouTube, and the now-defunct Sex Swing: The Animated Series.and, (until November, 2016), they did regular news content for The Know, appearing on the Rooster Teeth news channel on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (with Adam Kovic and Bruce Greene as co-anchors while Lawrence, James and Elyse as recurring secondary co-anchors, also occasionally appearing alongside Ashley Jenkins, Jon Risinger, Ryan Haywood, Gus Sorola and formerly Meg Turney until her departure from Rooster Teeth and The Know in June 2016).

Because of the various career paths that you can take – broadcasting, digital and print being the most common – it’s crucial to gain internship experience in different media fields to help determine the concentration that suits you best.

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