ember js vs angular

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My learning path was going from jQuery to Angular before jumping to Backbone, and finally Ember. The web is evolving fast — new technologies arise, and old methodologies quickly become irrelevant. Ember.js has a rather steep learning curve for beginners. If you’re starting from scratch, I’d recommend Angular. AngularJS may seem intimidating because it used to have documentation so awful it was almost comical, especially since they allowed people to comment in the bottom and when you’re digging through them for something useful you may be amused by what people post there. Personally, I don’t think it’s useless to learn any of them, since I think once you get a framework, you’d get it. Ember has a great core team and community of developers who are continually improving, updating and evolving the framework.

One-way data-binding for example does not change the model when the HTML element is changed. In the question "What are the best client-side JavaScript MV* frameworks?" Ember.js - A JavaScript framework for creating ambitious web apps.

With Angular and Ember you usually have to live with the choices made by the authors of the frameworks, which may or may not suit your project needs and personal style. For me it would be subjective to say which I see more of, but you can look at online statistics from github stuff as well as questions on stack overflow to get an idea. This resulted in many services adopting it, including Pinterest, Flixster, AirBNB and others. Ember.js is ranked 4th while Angular is ranked 9th Since Underscore is a Backbone dependency and you already have it on your page, you can easily take advantage of its templating engine without adding any additional dependencies for your application. Ember's roots go way back to 2007. Backbone does not provide structure. The scope hierarchy in Angular uses Prototypal Inheritance, which is a new concept to grasp for people coming from Object Oriented languages such as Java and C#. It has methods which allow you to harness complicated functionalities in an easy to understand way.

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They gathered all the ideas of what people liked and put together a more inclusive framework as opposed to a library. Performance Comparison Between Ember JS and React JS.
The learning curve is very linear, and there are only a few simple concepts to grasp (Models/Collections, Views, Routes). Performance has been a major goal in the design of Ember.js. There are so many breaking changes, and those cause many StackOverflow answers and coding tutorials to become irrelevant (example here). In terms of the learning curve, I think it is big across all frameworks. However, JavaScript Frameworks, SPA, and SEO generally aren’t compatible, and you can read more about it here. If you’re in a Rails shop and have a lot of Rails developers, you might want to think hard about Ember because the conventions are so similar.

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