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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. An abused boy fights back, escapes, then returns as an attorney to his beloved hometown, but just as he’s falling in love with a transplanted landscaper, a series of attacks from shadowy enemies jeopardizes their happiness. There seemed very little lasting happiness in this book, and even though the emotions were very believable, I would have preferred some that were slightly more positive. Wilson is great at making realistic characters that you can quickly come to term with, giving realistic reactions to events. Sophie is a spoilt, well-to-do, Daddy’s Girl, with a serious attitude for her stepmother, the ‘teen jaded’ princess with two frenemies who are less friends than enemies, and a rather slothful and shallow existence. Dixie is the youngest of the Diamond family.

They need more space, now there's a little footballer on the way: Can you imagine what it's like living in a house full of girls, even if they are Diamonds? Join the site and send us your review! I’m not really a fan of ‘slice of life’ books, and I can’t say this one was an exception.

As a teenager she started work for a magazine publishing company and then went on to work as a journalist on Jackie magazine (which she was told was named af. Eh.

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has published 70 bestsellers, and this one employs her usual template of thriller spiked with romance.Its main character, Drex Easton, is an FBI agent in pursuit of a serial killer, but for him it’s personal. No one is bailing her out: not her stepmother, not her friends, and not even the housekeeper who’d been with her since childhood will make her a coffee. Refresh and try again. Imagine if, let's say Nikki Hilton, loses all her money and her friends and family, and is forced to live in a dirty sharehouse with four guys as she tries to find her own way in the world. And there are boyfriends, of course. Would you look at that? I love Dixie, I love Mary and I love Jude.

She’s a. On the other hand the eldest daughter Martine does not want to leave because of her boyfriend. This book was okay - not the best for people with past trauma. Welcome back. Is this what we want our children to read about and emulate? So I’m not seeing how something quite so drastic could ever in a million years happen to Sophie. She then becomes the star act, alongside her new 'brothers', Marvo, Julip and Tag. The mum usually really stressed and the family falling apart but at the end they play 'happy families' with mum not stressed at all - even though all four daughters are in a troubling part of their lives. What’s even more confusing is that the mother has been telling everyone that she wants a boy but unfortunately it’s another girl. I'm so glad she doesn't worry about these things because her writing is wonderful and completely believable. Tess Diamond Available for everyone, funded by readers. Each girl has a different father and their adventure begins when they move into a new home, which is less than they expected. All Rights Reserved. First published on Wed 14 Jan 2015 15.00 GMT. Everyone who knows me is aware that my most favorite book is The Bookshop on The Corner by Jenny Colgan. By the time Mum comes home with the new baby, Jude’s been in a fight, Rochelle’s found a new boyfriend and Martine’s stormed off. Meet Me at the Cupcake Café' won the 2012 Melissa Nathan Award for Comedy Romance and was a Sunday Times Top Ten bestseller, as was 'Welcome to Rosie Hopkins' Sweetshop of Dreams', which won the RNA Romantic. Jacqueline Wilson was born in Bath, England on December 17, 1945.

Jacqueline Wilson says that she writes just for herself, because if she wrote for anyone else she would have to worry about upsetting too small children, not engaging young adults enough, etc. ... • Buy this book at the Guardian Bookshop. He doesn't know what's about to hit him!

Hetty has matured a considerable amount from the series that we first had the chance of knowing her in, but still carries with her the same traits which allows for the reader to still be able to adore her just as much as before. I think the mum was irresponsible going clubbing and partying when she has 5 children all from different fathers. Yes. ‘Imagine if it comes before she gets to hospital! Yet another masterpiece by Jacqueline Wilson. While this may have been, as others commented, unrealistic and unbelievable, it was a fun read and escapism - exactly what I needed! The whole book is great, and is perfect for readers who love Lola Rose. There she meets a very rich and beautiful girl who changes Sophie into a slim, haute couture “It girl.” She has learned to adapt to this haughty, spoiled existence with a passion...until one night when her life is shattered forever. You can simulate love scenarios you never can in real life, Time to move to a bigger place, she insists, and the girls scarcely have time to protest before they find themselves at their new house. And the main girl invited her over to jump on the trampo. RELEASE DATE: June 4, 2019. This story has love triangles, lavish life styles, a Cinderella-esque plot line, and ultimately, true happiness. Having now moved everything seems to fall apart with Jude getting into a fight and Rochelle finding a new boyfriend. I'm a big fan of Jenny Colgan's books, having loved her most recent ones, The Bookshop on the Corner and The Bookshop on the Shore. It sorta seemed like J. Wilson crammed as much family trauma as possible such as teenage pregnancy, family violence, and severe OCD disorder that may scare children.

Tess Diamond, by What similarities do these stories share? January 15th 2009 The main wedges between Paul and Abby are the death of Cass and the question of whether a relationship might disgrace her memory. cute. There are few things that make me happier than a Jenny Colgan book, even re-releases that perhaps would have passed me by the first time, feeling a bit too “young” in terms of the lead character. This was a wonderfully written story about how when you think you have it all, it all can disappear. I really appreciated the interview with the author at the end of the audio book. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Though there isn’t any doubt how much either character cared about Cass, the lack of emotional maturity bogs down the romance. She ends up rooming with 4 guys who are students at art school. Read it as a rom com chick lit beach book and you'll have a good time. If you enjoy a bit of a scare, and you like a story mainly about girls,?have a look at?this one by Eva Ibbotson: Also, the Bookchooser has found these books with a similar profile: The Diamond Girls features in these lists. However, the point of this is that she grows up in more ways than one, deals with crisis maturely, and finds that indeed, there is more to life than, ahem, diamonds. GENERAL THRILLER & SUSPENSE This was a book I found lying around my house and I am glad I read it.

Her novels have been adapted numerous times for television, and commonly deal with such difficult topics as adoption, divorce, and mental illness.

That might be true, but I enjoyed this one. ROMANCE

Since becoming a full-time writer, she has written numerous novels including The Dare Game; Bad Girls; The Worry Website; Lola Rose; The Diamond Girls; Clean Break; and Hetty Feather. But when she decides to tell Cass’ story and that of the rural town ripped apart by her murder, Abby realizes that Dr. X wasn’t the killer. 38.

the title doesn't really match the story. Suddenly Zane and Darby face one attack after another, and even as they grow ever closer under the pressure, the dangers become more insidious. Completely unbelievable plot - to begin with, how does a multimillionaire (who works in that industry) mess up his finances so badly that his only child literally gets *nothing* after he dies?? Diamond is about a young girl, previously known as Ellen-Jane, who hasn't had the best start in life. With a new baby on the way the mother decides they need a bigger and better home. Reviewer dorkpop2000 wrote: Hello, I am Dorkpop2000 and today I will be reviewing, ‘The Diamond Girls.’ Now, may I just say this book is AMAZING. The family consists of a mother who is pregnant and her 4 daughters, Martine, Jude, Rochelle and Dixie. His character gets a tiny slice of the spotlight at the end.

The mystery of who killed Cass and how the killer evaded capture is the real driving force of the story, whereas the romance barely reaches a simmer.

‘Mum’ll be all right, won’t she?’ I said.

They're a bit rough, but their hearts are in the right place - they're rough diamonds!

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