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The first sentence of Desert Solitaire declares, “This is the most beautiful place on earth.” Although Abbey believes that the wilderness is as close as one can come to something sacred, his view is not simplistic. He lived in a trailer from April-September; his responsibilities included maintaining trails, talking to tourists, and, at least once, had to go on a search party to find a dead body. I am merely and simply renewed in my conviction that there are a million different ways to be, and a billion more ways to see. Much of the text explores the interaction of civilization with nature, especially the toxic effects of industrialization on the park. Analysis. We’d love your help. Edward Abbey spends a six-month season in the Arches National Monument near Moab, Utah, working as a temporary park ranger.

Struggling with distance learning? Though he fails to bring Moon-Eye home, Abbey talks more to the emaciated horse—using human logic, persuasion, and kindness—than to any other character in the book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. While out on a cattle mission one day, Abbey learns of Moon-Eye, a legendary wild horse who’s been missing for 10 years. The perfect example of this are the local Navajo, ravaged by population growth and robbed by capitalism of their native freedom and communalism. As Abbey begins his ranger duties, he makes his rounds to various landmarks, awestruck by the enormous rock arches and lamenting how carelessly humanity tends to treats the environment.

The favored book of the masses and the environmentalists' bible. He notes the idiosyncrasies of the types of people he meets in such a harsh environment -- Native Americans, traces of gold miners from a previous generation, Mormons, Basque, and the occasional hikers. Living in a small trailer, keeping an eye on the campers and tourists, he mostly relishes the quiet, beauty, and indifference of the desert under its hot sun. His philosophy of locking up wild places with no roads, so they are only accessible to the fit hiker is also very exclusionary. Ferris refuses, however, pressing on the gas into the sunset, and Abbey reconciles himself to his return to society. Desert Solitaire Chapters 9-11 Summary & Analysis. Abbey and his search party find the dead photographer at Grandview Point, leading Abbey to envy the man his natural death out in the open, away from hospitals and priests. By meditating on the shifting nature of objective reality, Abbey renews his argument that Earth—not the Bible—is divine. The local Mormons—despite their ridiculous beliefs—are especially worthy, among the first people to forge a compassionate, efficient community in this unforgiving climate. Not affiliated with Harvard College.

Step back in time to the 1960s and discover the Utah desert with Edward Abbey.

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