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As for the reason why we are losing Trewlove right now, much of that has to do with Richards’ own wishes to move on and do some other things.

She described April as a difficult character to play, "she is a really different person to me. DAMIAN: How do you think the show deals with issues of gender inequality and what do Trewloveʼs storylines or character arc reveal about this struggle? “I take a pie out of the oven at one point! Her film debut at the age of 13 was in The Golden Compass, as the lead character Lyra Belacqua. “I never had an adult relationship with her and people always treat children in a very different way on a film set. “That’s not to say there haven’t been incredible movies that have been made, but it seemed to be diluted with so much vacuous s***. I bullied my way into that.”. Ruby Gates in the St. Trinianʼs series, Shirley Eaton in many British films from the period in which she played cool, capable and resourceful characters such as Nurse Denton in Carry on Nurse and he wondered what might happen with those kind of characters if he wrote the part straight rather than for laughs. Trewlove was something I had to figure out on my own.

I didn’t know anything about the character – what sort of a person she was, where she came from or where she might end up. Dakota Blue Richards, was born at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in South Kensington, London but grew up in Brighton with her mother. She said: “I got really bored of reading scripts that didn’t do anything for me. And there was every chance that she would be another in a long line of child stars who’d be lost along the way and not make the transition to a successful adult actor. He never fails to delight me and is always the best part of my day. I always imagined that Trewlove had lost someone she cared for and perhaps Bright goes some way to filling the gap that was left. DAKOTA: There comes a time in every parent/child relationship when the cared for becomes the carer and vice versa. But Dakota Blue Richards, who was picked as a total unknown to take the leading role of Lyra in the 2007 epic The Golden Compass, has proved any doubters wrong. Dakota Blue Richards has said there is no excuse for making all-white, all-male period dramas anymore – even if it means they aren’t historically accurate. It’s nice to see Trewlove return the favour. The character, Zoe, demands £500 a week for as long as the four true authors need her.

Previously he was just an unpleasant time-server, but in Season 3 Superintendent Bright is transformed into an alpha-male "With the new rank there’s new responsibilities for him, so he’s less in Thursday’s pocket and they, sadly, don’t spend as much time together as before. She looks up to him as a sort of father figure. She rarely lets anybody see how affected she is by the pressures of working in a male-dominated environment, but there is a lovely moment this season where she empathises with Fancy when he claims he feels overlooked. “I’ve always been very vocal about what I would like to see from Trewlove,” she says. Her film debut at the age of 13 was in The Golden Compass, as the lead character Lyra Belacqua. Looking for some great streaming picks? [23] which began airing in 2019. "That’s a huge change and brings with it uncertainty as to their futures, and DCI Fred Thursday is thinking: ‘It’s time to retire.’”. Now 23, she has forged an impressive career and is now one of the mainstays in ITV’s big crime drama Endeavour which returns for a new series tonight. I read a lot about the sort of jobs women were typically given; usually the ones seen to be too sensitive for the male officers, such as breaking bad news or dealing with victims, particularly cases involving children or sexual assault. These figures rose when the amalgamation occurred later that same year and became Thames Valley Constabulary which covered Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, but in one of the largest territorial police forces in England which employed 2305 officers, just 126 were women.

DAMIAN: I donʼt know if you were familiar with Inspector Morse, Lewis or Colin Dexterʼs novels on which they were based but what was your initial reaction to being offered the part of WPC Shirley Trewlove?

We’ve now moved on to Oxford in 1968 and Dakota admits she liked some of the Swinging Sixties outfits so much she would happily have added them to her own clothes collection if she’d been allowed. Richards said she “bullied” her way into making writer Russell Lewis make her character stronger and more present in scenes because she wanted viewers to see her “develop emotionally”. ITV and Amazon's remake of William. To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. He has a few affairs this season but they’re short lived and he never really allows himself to be fully present.

Filmed in Wales and Prague, Jez Butterworth’s historical drama is set in 43AD, when Roman General Aulus (David Morrissey) is attempting to conquer the Celts. “Shaun and Roger are quite different but they work incredibly well together,” beams Dakota. DAMIAN: Letʼs talk about your thoughts on some of the other characters. Dakota Blue Richards: Age and Early Life. A couple of years ago, for the first time, I played a mother and yet in the same year I played a 13-year-old when I was actually 21. And yet, in the script for LAZARETTO (Blue Amendments) where Trewlove visits Bright in hospital she says, “Itʼs alright, sir. It's a supernatural five-part drama which follows on from the ITV drama Marchlands and tells the story of three families living in the same house with a ghost during different time periods. ‘His Dark Materials’ reviews: Is HBO’s epic fantasy adaptation the next ‘Game of Thrones’? DAMIAN: As I often say, the cast is exceptionable and one of the finest ensembles on British television, but what is it like working with an actor of such gravitas as Anton Lesser? [13] As a member of the third generation of its young cast, Richards said "It's crazy to be part of this Skins phenomenon, it's as much a lifestyle choice as anything because of the attention that comes with it.

Trewlove is a little more pragmatic in her approach to romance; if you want love just pick somebody and love them. Moving past the season 5 finale, it appears as though Lewis Peek and Dakota Blue Richards are each done with Endeavour. View our online Press Pack. The actress admits her character WPC Shirley Trewlove is a Sixties ‘anomaly’. [12] Originally she auditioned for the role of Liv, and in an interview explained "only became Franky right at the very end of the audition process". “I ought not to be on social media because I have no filter,” she laughs. DAKOTA: I think so.

For other inquiries, Contact Us. On the whole, the men around her treat her with the respect her hard work earns her. Alas, the news is true, as it was first revealed earlier this year. After seeing the stage adaptation of His Dark Materials at the National Theatre, she says she "just wanted to be Lyra".

She revealed she is currently in the process of writing her own film script as she has tired of reading “rehashed” and “vacuous s***” for female roles. DAMIAN: Thereʼs a beautiful scene in PREY in which Bright tells Trewlove the story about him killing the man-eating tiger of Kot Kindri but that he failed to save the life of a fellow officer.

DAMIAN: How did you go about researching your character given that there were so few women police officers during the sixties? [5] Philip Pullman, author of the books, said, "As soon as I saw Dakota's screen test, I realised that the search was over. “In the episode I auditioned for, Trewlove was barely in it, I think she had maybe four lines in the whole episode. Endeavour may come to realise what he could have had with Trewlove, but, as with all great love stories, it’ll likely be tragically too late. You’re just constantly going for roles, some of which you get and most of which you don’t. Exclusive. Dakota is filled with praise for Shaun and Roger Allam, who plays Thursday. [8] Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Roger Ebert was more effusive, calling Richards "a delightful find" who was "pretty, plucky, forceful, self-possessed, charismatic and just about plausible as the mistress of an armoured bear and the protector of Dust. He’s always looked out for her and given her encouragement and she returns the favour in his moments of vulnerability. "But that relationship is still, I think, the lynchpin of the whole show.”.

She played the character of Franky Fitzgerald with her androgynous looks, wacky dress sense, two gay dads (one played by John Sessions) and a tragic cyber-bullying backstory. Hugh Grant stars in this drama from Doctor Who/Sherlock writer Russell T Davies, which adapts John Preston’s book about the scandal that surrounded Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe.

The storylines seemed to be the same thing rehashed again and again with nothing new. Dakota Blue Richards Lewis Peek Roger Allam Shaun Evans Endeavour Related news. In 2013, Dakota Blue Richards was modeling for "Immortal Sorapol" AW13; it was a commercial-based shoot for a new London-based fashion brand. Quotes I walked past the cinema on the way here, and there's a 'coming soon' poster for the film. Iʼll be right here”, and a particularly revealing line in the description that reads: “TREWLOVE settles into a chair [next to his bed]… A tigress minding her cub.” Now, this actually made me look at the relationship from a different perspective because I originally thought of it as Bright mentoring Trewlove but couldnʼt it also quite easily be the case that it is he who actually needs her?

It goes without saying that Trewlove’s career trajectory will be different to that of her peers, but that doesn’t deter her from getting involved (as much as possible) and from striving to be her best self. Soon, people connected to the sale are getting bumped off in grisly ways by a serial killer…. The film is written by Poppy Cogan, winner of the Harpers/William Morris Short Script Award, and directed by John Jencks. “A group of five or six friends came to see a play I was in last year and for every single one it was the first time they’d seen me act. It commercially opened in limited release in UK on 24 March 2014. Dakota’s character was introduced briefly a couple of years back and has grown into a much more established role. But the oven wasn’t on… That’s about as dangerous as it gets for Trewlove this series. “Most of my friends don’t watch anything I’m in,” she adds. DAKOTA: Naturally – it’s a rule on the show that everyone is attracted to Endeavour. “Moving on in your career isn’t that specific a thing. I will go up to Russell or one of the producers after every read through and I will say: ‘Give Trewlove something more character driven, or she could be stronger in this line, or I love this scene – can we have more of this?’.

“I still get sent scripts for 16 and 17-year-olds which is strange as it seems so long ago in my life.”. No first hand accounts. Endeavour, about the early days of Inspector Morse, played so memorably for two decades by John Thaw, has been one of ITV’s biggest hits. [10] Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian commented "Lyra is nicely played by 13-year-old newcomer Dakota Blue Richards, though with an Artful Dodger-ish 'urchin' accent that comes and goes a bit",[9] while Empire noted that she "struggles with lumpy dialogue". Endeavour is his own worst enemy when it comes to romance; he’s allowed himself to become so obsessed with chasing something he can’t have that he’s blinded himself to everything and everyone else. “While we don’t necessarily learn more about that this series, we definitely see a side to her that we haven’t seen before.”. “I’ve always wanted to see a bit more of her personality. Dakota Blue Richards, Actress: The Golden Compass. David Hare’s four-part drama (his first original TV series) explores the repercussions after a pizza delivery man is shot dead. Trewlove connects with Endeavour on an intellectual level that I think is quite rare.

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