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But finally, the Song were conquered by the Mongols in 1279, who would become the new rulers of all China. Thanks to his enormous authoritarianism, Qi Shi Huang Di not only managed to unify all of China, but also to begin the construction of the Great Wall of China, the “Terracotta Army” that would guard his tomb, and the hatred of most of the Chinese people. 210 BC: Qin Shi Huang passed away, and his 18th son snatched the throne. Contacts were initiated with Korea, Japan, India and the countries of Central Asia. 690 — 705: Reign of the only female emperor, Empress Wu Zetian. The whole of the nation fell into chaos and separation afterward. Timeline Search. 1351: Outburst of nationwide, large-scale uprisings. Xia. The main force of the Ming Dynasty has perished in this big failure, and the Oriats Mongols besieged the Beijing City. 551 BC — 479 BC: Confucius established the Confucianism and finished his masterpieces. 420: The last King of Jin was abolished, and the Jin Dynasty was officially ended. It was the first dynasty of China’s Imperial era. About 571 BC — 471 BC: Lao Zi/Tzu finished the Tao Te Ching. About 479 BC — 381 BC: Mohist established the Mohism, one of the most important philosophical schools in this era. The Spring and Autumn period begins. Categories: 1600–1046 BCE. These expeditions of hundreds of huge merchant ships were commanded by the sailor and eunuch Zheng He, by order of Emperor Yongle, and represented a historical milestone never before realized. About 5000 BC — 3000 BC: Yangshao, Hemudu, Dawenkou, Hongshan Cultures. Other achievements included the opening of the Silk Road and extension of the Chinese border past the Yangtze River. 946: The Liao Empire perished the Jin Dynasty. Around 1300 BC: King Pan Geng moved the capital to the City Yin, which solved the internal conflicts among nobles and brought people stable, prosperous lives. The Xia Dynasty becomes the first dynasty in China. 1. This resulted in an important exodus of the population from China to the south. Contacts were initiated with Korea, Japan, India and the countries of Central Asia. From its inauguration in c. 2070 BC to the abdication of its last emperor in 1912, China was ruled by a series of 13 successive dynasties. During the period of this dynasty, the paper was invented and Confucianism was also promoted. Although the Liao Empire was nomadic, it soon became sedentary, adopting Chinese customs and culture. 89 AD: The rest forces of the Huns (Xiongnu) were defeated and finally disappeared in Chinese history. The leader of one of them, Zhu Yuan Zhang, managed to defeat the Mongols and unify China. The dynasty ruled the lower Yellow River from 1766 BC to 1047 BC. 225 BC: The State Wei was perished by General Wang Ben (the son of General Wang Jian) of the State Qin. The contacts with the Europeans made the Ming popularize the use of silver as an exchange currency in China. Undoubtedly, one of the most important Chinese dynasties was the Tang dynasty. About 545 BC — 470 BC: Sun Zi/Tzu finished The Art of War. 2205 - 1575 BC: The Chinese learn how to make bronze. The Zhou Dynasty was officially ended. Qing dynasty was the last imperial dynasty of China ruled what is now modern day China and Mongolia, Qin dynasty united all of China under one rule in 221 BC. He escaped to a mountain and passed away there. 626: Xuanwu Gate Incident, when Li Shimin ambushed, assassinated his oldest and fourth brother, took control of the whole empire. 907: Lord Zhu Wen assassinated the last emperor and almost the entire royal family of the Tang Dynasty. During the period of this dynasty, the paper was invented and Confucianism was also promoted. 420: The Liu Song Dynasty was established. 502: Xiao Yan snatched the throne of the Southern Qi, and established the Liang Dynasty. 403 BC: Three powerful clans carved up the State Jin into three kingdoms: Han, Zhao, and Wei. 806 — 819: Li Chun the Emperor Xian of Tang gained centralized power, after having achieved a series of military successes over the misbehave warlords. 597 BC: The State Chu defeated the State Jin in a big war; these two states shared the hegemony since then. But it was not until 1279 when Kublai Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan founded the Yuan dynasty in China by defeating the Song in the battle of Yamen. The dynasty is divided into two periods; Western Han (206bc-9ad) and Eastern Han (25AD-220AD). 960: Zhao Kuangyin snatched the throne from the king of the Zhou Dynasty, and established the Song Dynasty. 1644: General Wu Sangui opened the Gate of the Shanhai Pass, an important military site of the Great Wall, then the Shunzi Emperor Fu Lin of the Qing Dynasty moved the capital to Beijing City. Conquest was easy, as the Ming had experienced several internal revolts due to monetary crises and famines. The Zhou Dynasty gave birth to Taoism and Confucianism and other new ideas including religion such as Moism. Seven strong kingdoms in this period: Qi, Chu, Yan, Han, Zhao, Wei, and Qin. Qin 221–206 BCE. The Shang Dynasty is the first modern historians to confirm its existence, due to important archaeological sites found in the Yellow River Valley. 551 BC: Philosopher and thinker Confucius is born. 605: Sui built and moved the capital to the City Luo Yang. 1840 — 1842: Losing of the Opium War and signing of the Treaty of Nanjing with England. One of the least known dynasties in China was the Jin dynasty, which after the Three Kingdoms Period managed to seize the power of the Kingdom of Wei, expelling the Cao family. Here are all the Chinese dynasties. 2000-1500 B.C. 599: The East Tujue Surrendered to the Sui Dynasty. 284 BC — 278 BC: Strong State Qi was defeated and largely weakened by the allied army of the other five kingdoms. 589: The Sui Dynasty perished the Chen Dynasty in the south, and unified the whole of the nation. In History. 1506: Wang Yangming formed the new branch of the Neo- Confucianism, the School of the Mind. Such divisions included Southern and Northern Kingdoms, Five Dynasties, sixteen Kingdoms, Ten Kingdoms, and Three Kingdoms. 1644 — 1683: The Qing Dynasty defeated all the forces that were trying to recover the Ming Dynasty, and then unified the whole of China. The first dynasty was Xia (2100 BC-1766 BC) but it is considered semi-legendary. The Chines Empire was expanded to cover Taiwan, Tibet, Mongolia, and Xinjiang. According to the accounts, the last king Xia, Jié, was a tyrant who oppressed and enslaved his people, which precipitated the dynastic change. The Song dynasty would succeed in unifying most of China, with the exception of the Kingdom of Xi Xia and the Liao Empire. The most famous is that of Fu Hao, a warrior queen or princess of the time. 2100–1600 BCE. 317: A royal prince of Jin reestablished the Jin Dynasty in southern China. Scattered, unearthed relic sites of primitive societies. 209 BC: The first peasant uprising in Chinese history, the Dazexiang Uprising, was erupted. Timeline created by Ahhhhhcj. 471 — 499: Reform of Emperor Xiaowen, which had promoted the national amalgamation and flourished the kingdom. A new Chinese dynasty would succeed in unifying all of China after almost 200 years of internal chaos, the Sui dynasty at the hands of Yang Jian. In addition, in 1997 an attempt was made to send a Chinese expedition to the Roman Empire, commanded by General Ban Chao, without success. 481 BCE - 221 BCE: Warring States Period in China. Although some of the dynasties ruled China in different periods as a united empire, in some periods more than one dynasty ruled different regions of China. 291 — 306: The War of Eight Princes, which caused huge chaos in society. Around 1300 BC: King Pan Geng moved the capital to the City Yin, which solved the internal conflicts among nobles and brought people stable, prosperous lives. 1142: Great General Yue Fei was sentenced to death. But this reunification of China would not last long, as the peoples and tribes of the north were increasingly threatening the Jin Empire. 557: Chen Baxian usurped the throne of the Liang Dynasty, and built the Chen Dynasty. In the north there would be up to five Chinese dynasties, while in the south ten kingdoms would fight for supremacy, in a new stage known as the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms. 1279: The Yuan Dynasty defeated the last force of the Song Dynasty, and unified the whole of the nation. 25 AD: Liu Xiu defeated other forces and named his new empire as the Han again. He founded the Ming dynasty in 1368, one of the most important Chinese dynasties in history. During this time Confucianism is promoted, paper is invented, and the Silk Road is opened by the hand of Zhang Qian by order of Emperor Han Wudi. 618: Warlord Li Yuan occupied the Chang An City and established the Tang Dynasty. 359 BC: Shang Yang’s Reform was implemented in the State Qin, which made Qin became one of the most powerful kingdoms during this era. About 3300 BC — 2000 BC: Majiayao, Shijiahe, Longshan, Liangzhu Cultures. The Han Dynasty was the second dynasty in Imperial China. This new era of chaos and internal wars was called the Southern and Northern Dynasties. The dynasty was also the pioneer of the “Mandate of Heaven” that formed the justification of the ruler’s power. In the end, he was assassinated and his capital city was occupied, by a nomadic regime. 534: the Northern Wei Dynasty was carved up to two kingdoms, which were replaced by the Northern Zhou and Northern Qi decades later. Menu. The historians have been able to confirm its existence through the numerous archaeological sites found by the Yellow River. 439: The Northern Wei Dynasty was established in Northern China. The Han dynasty would be divided into two periods, the Western Han and the Eastern Han, with capital in Chang’an and Luoyang, respectively. Search through the entire ancient history timeline. 1,500 BCE. 841 BC: Ji Hu the King Li of Zhou implemented a reform that soon caused a big riot. 386 BC — 381 BC: Wu Qi’s Reform was implemented in the State Chu, which flourished the kingdom. Most of what is known about this early dynasty comes from legends. 923: Li Cunxu reestablished the Tang Dynasty, and perished the Liang Dynasty. 1899: Bursting out of the Boxers Movement. 1600 BC: Lord Tang of Shang defeated the last king of Xia, and established the Shang Dynasty. The Republic of China Dynasty Dates of existence: 1911 A.D. - 1949 A.D. (“Chinese History – The Republic of China”). After attacks by Uighurs, Tibetans and Arabs on the borders of the Tang Empire, and after several internal rebellions, the Tang dynasty collapsed in 907. About 1.8 million years ago — 10,000 years ago. 307 BC: State Zhao implemented military reform (Riding and Shooting in Nomadic Dress), which largely improved Zhao’s army’s combat effectiveness. 473 BC: The State Yue perished the State Wu; the King of the State Yue became the last overlord in the Spring and Autumn Period.

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