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He doesn't do much with his life but water the plants at our family's florist shop and try to solve second grade math problems. Summary: Baekhyun was the narrator of Chanyeol’s life and Chanyeol hoped the story would go on forever.

Everytime his relationships get physical, he freaks out. 05:50. Tak seperti biasa, saat dia disibukkan dengan kontrak kerja yang harus dia jalani. ○ Baekhyun often finds himself thinking about all the things Chanyeol used to say and do that made him smile. fluff ; Candy Hearts: Baekhyun works in a candy store and meets awkward loner Chanyeol.

Enjoy reading ! Kopi. It was accidental and I didn’t really want to ruin anybody’s life. Langit di luar masih gelap, matahari belum naik.

Cangkir menghangatkan tanganku di pagi hari yang sangat dingin dan keberanian entah bagaimana dalam pikiranku ketika berjalan di jalan menuju; ruang ICU. Stale and cold. ○ Baekhyun has a boyfriend. It wasn’t until he saw Baekhyun for the very first time that Chanyeol began to doubt his disability of not being able to fall in love, and that this beautiful blessing of a boy could just maybe hold the key to his heart. He ended up getting something more. 5 cangkir kopi dalam waktu dua jam tampaknya banyak untuk satu masalah. Ini redup di semua tapi setidaknya itu tidak terang seterang bagian lain dari ruangan. ○“ Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Ini menenangkanku, tidak banyak, tapi hanya cukup.

((At least he got to know what he wanted.)). So I stared at these two pictures and they inspired me for a little story…. ○ Chanyeol thinks he’s crazy for listening to Jongin’s idea but he has to admit that as crazy as that boy may seem, it wouldn’t hurt to try. ∞ Baca lebih lanjut … “Are you looking for something?”, Junmyeon picked at his ears to make sure nothing was blocking them from hearing whatever Chanyeol was talking about and as he knew, there was nothing. ○ Weddings are universally hated. Two years since he last saw Baekhyun. Namun, dua hari ini jadwal tak sanggup ia kerjakan. ○ Park Chanyeol is facing the biggest problem in his life when his mother wanted him to get married, which is not really possible because he was freaking gay. ○It all started with his little red raincoat and a sympathetic wolf. And then there's that weird saying that goes something along the lines of opposites attract. ○ Three months after the accident that took Baekhyun away from them, another tragedy strikes. Ini memberiku waktu untuk berpikir, dan pada saat pikiran aku sarat dengan kafein, aku tidak memiliki ruang yang tersisa untuk memikirkan hal lain. ○ Baekhyun isn’t sure how to mourn over the loss of something that is still seemingly there. Aku kembali memalingkan pandanganku pada laki-laki itu sembari duduk di kursi panjang koridor putih. 5 cangkir. His name is Chanyeol. Sedangkan Kyungsoo, laki-laki yang berada di depanku ini adalah salah satu member dari group ballad EXO, yang beranggotakan Baekhyun, Luhan, Chen, dan Kyungsoo sendiri. So he hired one. We did things that friends don't usually do.

( Log Out /  ○ Open up a browser's history and you can read someone's story. . Chanyeol could honestly say that's not true.

Tangan kanan tak kalah berat jinjing dengan tangan kiri. Baunya bagus, dan itu, aroma tetap hidup bahkan setelah itu, pergi.

○ The boy-with-pretty-lips has a voice like a song and, someday, Chanyeol wants to hear him sing. “Ikut saja, tak usah bawel. Spica -PG-13 If the earth and the constellation Virgo are 260 light years away, what then, Chanyeol … ○ They fall where they need to be just like gravity.

Just a typical story of falling in love. fluff ; “Sebentar lagi, Kai kesini. Inspired by the film Stranger Than Fiction (2006). This is so random I know but they just inspired me XD. ○ The more Baekhyun got closer to Chanyeol, the more Chanyeol would drift away from him. Ini fanfiction, sudah di re-make 2 kali, dengan cast Kim Sunggyu dan Kaew FFK.

Seorang laki-laki, bermata bulat yang mempunyai bibir tebal, dengan langkah riang berjalan menuju ditempatku saat ini. Tanpa suara, kecuali untuk sesekali denting sendok dan cangkir, deru mesin, dan menetes dari cairan cokelat gelap. ○ Baekhyun didn't have a date. ○ Marriage was nothing like they imagined it’d be, but Baekhyun regretted nothing. Little does he know that a clingy monkey named Park Chanyeol will interfere with his plans. Part 6*, Part 7*, Part 8, Part 9*, Part 10. Relationship(s): Park Chanyeol/Byun Baekhyun, Tags: Spies & Secret Agents AU, Espionage, Action, Politics; Angst, Smut, Rating: Mature (mature themes, strong language, violence, and sex). The morning started like it usually did: Chanyeol and his manager were on their way to some shooting location of a project in the same black Ford Transit they’ve been using for the past six years with his usual from The Bean Press, a tall latte splashed with mint syrup and three shots of espresso, resting inside the cup holder for his seat.

Sedetik kemudian aku telah meninggalkan sedikit ampas kopi di cangkir kertas. “Why? Dinding tidak pernah tampak menakutkan sebelumnya. Because when it hit him he couldn't even blink. One could say that his sense of time was tied to how long he was working, and even though that sounded terribly depressing, Chanyeol didn’t mind. ”— Flavia Weedn. Baekhyun comes back from a business trip to find said boyfriend snug in bed—with another man. My stepbrother has a "below average" IQ of 65.

○ Chanyeol falls in love.

Oh well.

Chaptered 1/? I can't explain it, it's just... ○ Chanyeol likes girls; Baekhyun likes girls. Dan belum bisa terima kalau Baekhyun sudah sama Taeyeon. Like meeting new friends and having a cute boyfriend. 1 cangkir. ○ chanyeol is really obsessed with shoujo manga and a certain byun baekhyun. People who think they are not in love, let me tell them, they are wrong and blind. Author: @loeyeolty (Michiko)Setting: Canon/EXO UniverseGenre: Romance | CrackRating: PG-13Pairing(s): Byun Baekhyun x Park ChanyeolTrigger Warning: Some semi-mature topics (e.g Grindr and/or Tinder) Generally just crackTotal Word Count: (so far) 3,000Status: On GoingPlot: Eyebrows furrowed, Chanyeol curiously looked around the car to see if there was someone apart from him, his manager, and the driver that could possibly be the source of that annoying voice. “No,” Junmyeon replied without looking up from his phone, probably arranging Chanyeol’s schedule for the day. Aku menggeleng. Most certainly not someone as young and fragile, alive, or beautiful as Byun Baekhyun. Inspired by C-Drama with same title. Aku membalas senyum meyakinkan bahwa tidak banyak salahnya. cangkir ke 4. He writes a love letter and slips it into what he thinks is Oh Sehun's locker. ○ He watches as Byun Baekhyun strolls into the room, toned arms bared, all milky-skinned and smooth-haired, looking like a goddamn Guess model.

“Hhh… kau ini. ○ In which Baekyhyun is a smartass who creates shit that can make or break the world and Chanyeol is the little too overprotective, love-potion-infected guy. Knowing that being on the streets would make it more likely of him being found- with the connections of a friend- Baekhyun ends up being the maid of the large villa on the beach belonging to the infamous Park's only son; Park Chanyeol. Aku tak menjawab.

“Natal lusa, kau sudah menyiapkannya?”

He has high hopes for his senior high school year. Aku duduk di pojok, ada tempat remang di ruangan yang terang. Too tall, too lanky, too smiley, too hyper..all the people he encountered, with the exception of his friends, seemed to judge him without a thought and it convinced him to lock his heart away to where no one could reach it. ○ baekhyun has a habit of predicting the future, and then chanyeol happens. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. ○ I never really realize how important something until it was gone.

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