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In this way Chanakya was killed by Subandhu’s conspiracy. – Motivational Article for Last Bench Students in English, Success Tips of Steve Jobs – Business Tips of Steve Jobs in English, Chanakya Niti in English – All Quotes of Chanakya, Love Your Problems – How to Face Problems in Life – Motivational Article in English, 18 Secrets of Successful People – habits of highly effective people, When there was No Love – Love Poetry in English, 5 Success Rules of Google CEO Sundar Pichai – Success Rules by Sundar Pichai – sundar pichai success tips, Where is Real Happiness? Therefore, there was always a flame of anger in his eyes. The real name of Chanakya is Vishnugupta. So, seeking donation, he went to visit him. He wished to become Prime Minister. Under Chanakya’s guidance, Chandragupta became a capable warrior. “If you put your hands directly between hot bread, then it will burn you. On the advice of Chanakya, Chandragupta attacked on the borders and started taking them under his control. And Chanakya is called as Machiavelli of India. Why are you doing like stupid Chanakya, who instead of seizing the border territories, has directly attacked the capital and burned his hands. Chanakya was a great teacher, philosopher, economist, lawyer, prime minister and diplomat. The next night, Chandragupta was given the same task. His mother once scared hearing an astrologer that “he will grow up to become king and forget me after becoming king”. Those who are walking on the path of success after facing difficult situations in their life, they know the name of Chanakya very well. See instructions. This, the Mudrarakshasa version, is the least likely version of the truth. Some of the smaller kings on the border disagreed to join Chandragupta’s army. With Chandragupta by his side he conquered Pataliputra. If Chandragupta was one of them, there was another Pabbata. This article is merely meant to inform that these theories exist, not endorse them. A few days later, Bindusara repented that he should not have been angry on Acharya Chanakya. He provided all possible facilities for the welfare of the citizens. Angry, the servant kicked him out.

Chandragupta was appointed king and Chanakya persuaded a fisherman to reveal the location of Dhanananda's treasury and had the fisherman killed. The story follows how they destroyed the Nanda Dynasty, defeated Alexander The Great (Sivaji Ganesan) and established the Maurya Empire. Chandragupta was appointed king and Chanakya persuaded a fisherman to reveal the location of Dhanananda's treasury and had the fisherman killed.

Seeing Chandragupta sitting in fear of losing his wife and child, Chanakya cut off Durdhara’s womb and took out the baby from her belly. Chanakya felt insulted. Dhanananda, the emperor of Magadha, organized a food meal for the Brahmins at Pushpapur.

A king's servant disrespected Chanakya and threw him out, so he came back with Chandragupta to dethrone him. Chanakya firmly believed that “a woman who is beautiful from body can only keep you happy for one night. There Chanakya was also attended in the desire to receive gifts from King Dhanananda by giving the suggestions about unbroken India. He helped a pregnant lady in the forest on the condition that her son would belong to him. But a woman who is beautiful from mind keeps you happy for a lifetime”. An impostor king insulted Chanakya, so he used magic to kill him. But were defeated. Then Dhanananda ordered to arrest him. On learning their lesson, they took the right course and captured areas around the capital city first. Because of his hatred on Dhanananda, Chanakya made Chandragupta the emperor from a street beggar and founded the Maurya Empire. Then Chanakya got angry and vowed to destroy the Nanda Empire. Due to concerns over Chandragupta’s life, Chanakya used to feed him poison since childhood. Subandhu deliberately killed Chanakya and returned to the court and gave a false report to Bindusara that “Chanakya committed suicide due to insult”. Chanakya was proud of Chandragupta who won the test he had placed. No part of this article can be copied, translated or re published anywhere without the written permission of Director Satishkumar. Pabbata was unsuccessful. Disclaimer: We do not claim any of the theories to be true. None of these theories are proven. That kid was Chandragupta. Therefore he used to sharpen the sword on Chanakya. But they have been written about.

Chanakya worked as the Prime Minister and diplomatic adviser to both Chandragupta and Bindusar. To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript! Due to the lack of a capable monarchy, robbers like Nandas were exploiting the people. But Chanakya’s arrival was not liked by Subandhu. Thank You…, (All Rights of this article are fully reserved by Director Satishkumar and Roaring Creations Private Limited India. Chanakya had heard rumours of Dhanananda being generous towards Brahmins. His mother was always scared that he would ignore her after getting the throne. He saw Pabbata and Chandragupta as options for replacing Dhanananda. One day Chandragupta’s wife Durdhara had his meal. In this way Chanakya’s dream of establishing a united India empire came true. Chanakya has a big hand in removing such robbers like Nandas and establishing the Maurya Empire. Before the rise of the Maurya Empire, North India was under the Nandas. A tale of impressive planning by the great Chanakya. While in the forest, he saw a boy play-acting with his friends. He succeeded by cutting off Pabbata's head and retrieving the thread and became the chosen one. He was a pioneer of political science and economics. His father, fearing that he might get arrogant broke his teeth. However, when they reach the court, he arranges for someone else to get it. Chanakya’s hand burned at the beginning only for making a hasty decision. Chanakya conquered Pabbata’s mind and obtained a royal ring and went into the forest. Chanakya killed such kings by poison girls. Chandragupta trained the forest people who were roaming without jobs and included them in his army. Believe whichever one you want to, it still makes for the perfect revenge against an undeserving & corrupt king. It was a mark of royalty, one day he was meant to rule. Everyone was joking about his broken teeth, black color and crooked legs. He had a wisdom tooth. One day Subandhu narrated his birth story to Bindusara. I will take good care of you.”. Chanakya became the prime minister of Chandragupta when he became the emperor of whole India. Hence Chandragupta formed a small army without much thought and attacked on Magadha, the capital of the Nandas. She compared that to Chandragupta's attack in the sense that he did not capture the neighbouring villages and directly attacked the core. By doing this Chanakya strengthened the army. After completing his education, Chanakya began working as a teacher in nearby areas including Taxila, Nalanda. In this version, Chanakya is removed from a seat at the kingdom and he plans to take revenge by forming alliances with many armies. So he married a girl named Yashodhara in his Brahmin lineage. That boy was Chandragupta. Due to concerns over Chandragupta’s life, Chanakya used to feed him poison since childhood. This is the Buddhist version. He placed a small test between them.

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