california wildfire statistics

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The season is a part of the 2020 Western United States wildfire season. Wildfire Damages Although wildfires may have a beneficial impact on ecological resources, wildfires also may have a devastating impact, especially for those communities affected by wildfire activity. The intensity of the fires … The California wildfire statistics from 2018 reveal that this state had the harshest fires in the US. These are preliminary numbers taken from our Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system, and will likely change as dispatched wildfires may end up being other types of fires or false alarms. State and local resources fought 7,860 wildfires that burned more than 259,000 acres. The fire destroyed about 7,100 structures, most of … The below statistics are tracked on a weekly basis and provide a snapshot of the number of fires and acres burned. In 2018, the Camp wildfire roared through the state. The 2019 wildfire season was a fire season in California, United States. These California wildfire statistics show just how much wildfires have changed over the years. • Largest Wildfires - #1 August Complex, #3 SCU Lightning Complex, #4 LNU Lightning Complex, #5 Creek Fire, #6 North Complex and #18 SQF Complex Using data from the table above, here are the average California wildfire statistics over the past five years. According to Verisk’s 2019 Wildfire Risk Analysis 4.5 million U.S. homes were identified at high or extreme risk of wildfire, with more than 2 million in California alone. California Wildfire Averages. The 2020 California wildfire season is a series of ongoing wildfires that are burning across the state of California. Therefore, statistics showing the level of destruction a wildfire … It was the deadliest wildfire in California’s history, causing 86 deaths. (The Data Face) Between 1992 and 2015, Alaska and Idaho had massive wildfires that burned more acres on average than California’s fires for the same period. As of October 9, 2020, a total of 8,320 fires have burned 4,267,386 acres (1,726,950 hectares), more than 4% of the state's roughly 100 million acres of land, making 2020 the largest wildfire season recorded in California's modern history, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. California’s Wildfire Risk at a Glance. As of December 22, 2019 , over 7,860 fires have been recorded according to Cal Fire and the US Forest Service, totaling an estimated of 259,823 acres (105,147 hectares) of burned land. Keep in mind that the 2020 fire season is only now beginning to reach its peak, so there will likely more fires and devastation this year that could skew this average. California had more wildfires than any other state in 2019, and by California standards, 2019 was a mild year. Top 20 Wildfire Records • 5 of the Top 20 largest wildfires in California History have occurred in 2020. Although the 2019 fire season had been relatively quiet in California through mid-September as compared to past years, October through December was still expected to have the greatest fire potential as the Diablo and Santa Ana winds pick up.

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