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Buddy Poppy Orders can take anywhere from 10-12 weeks to deliver! Buddy Poppy Orders can take anywhere from 10-12 weeks to deliver. n{VV�_P n=�K\'�*��_x� At least one (1) Buddy Poppy used in the display must be in its original form and color with label attached.

VFW Posts looking for information about the Department’s Buddy Poppy Contest should visit the “Post Tools” section using this link. It is suggested and recommended that Department (State) contests rule be established in a like form. 1 0 obj

RULES (1) Displays will be presented and judged in three categories: CATEGORY 1. News It takes place at the National Convention every year. �������#e[b> At least one (1) Buddy Poppy used in the Display must be in its original form and color, with label attached. <>/Metadata 98 0 R/ViewerPreferences 99 0 R>> Handout Poppy poem with flower graphic (prints in color, two per page, one sided) – Hand out this flyer when you distribute Poppies so everyone will understand why the VFW keeps the Poppy tradition alive. v#��! Contact

Public Promotion of Poppy Campaign (Window, booth, parade, poster displays, campaign promotions, etc.) If a Post and/or Auxiliary wins first place in the State competition in any of the first three (3) categories, the winners are invited to compete at the National Convention. Please review the categories listed and the new rule requirements Home There are 3 categories in which there will be judging.

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a. 3. In February 1924, we registered the name Buddy Poppy with the U.S. Patent Office. Auxiliary # & District # Name of person or persons that created it . ��1�~ m��p�͌*[e��\`n��=}w�0/p�G֢2G�'u��ހ'_���z計��z��t�Qz0j����$мn�u��VL4�@��0. At least one (1) Buddy Poppy used in the Display must be in its original form and color, with label attached.

Another great way you can help is to promote the National VFW “Buddy Poppy” Display Contest. RULES .

Site Admin department vfw auxiliary president. b. VFW National

endobj Today, there are strict rules governing how profits from Buddy Poppy sales are to be used at different levels within the organization. [Content_Types].xml �(� �VMo�@�#���"{�"!��� �����V�ڝ�Ϳgl'�����X�X��y�͛7�^^=�:�*krv�-XFZU�m�~���YP%jk g{�j���r�w�6!g%���y�%h2��З�z-�^��;!o���b�Kk��`���; ��Fx�&4��{�/�EcBFp,���5�9�ՕH���Q����(* �ʝ&���s�J�Z�u�C�k��j�

The winners are responsible for setting up and taking down the displays at the National Convention. Displays will be presented and judged in three categories: CATEGORY 1. Members of the VFW will also be selling poppies this Friday at Hy-Vee, Walmart and Runnings. Rules have been designed to put emphasis on the purpose and effectiveness of the displays. Display area will be announced. -���"1���\����J��b�߁���|�kߐ��Z��)]xq(�3��3�c�́�aԦ�w~��.A��)KOz��:#��*aEd%�I�nK�G�5�U��9���o�y��� �|�$��L�Oex�_���=X���:����3]���ns�JM�/#���ځ�5vG�ݱ����U�Lje��5.x)�����6R+��[M�-y� �h��k7�w��B0��v��Ju�.�C���J$�6�'�q�u�$�$ڀ��i6�UH�s�5�_���&��$#�0b�oK/�v_��/I҅���0�{�8[�YSM.c������T��k�T\1�"f��T6J�e� O�(�* T��J�J�~�d�����˫�D��u�]e�iƟ��!G��}G�$Y1�5ϵ3�H�B?,)c&�xM��TI�����ŋoJ� ���@��6��fʁ-�jQ~cۗ���%�z=�����`sa;�tT.c���>)N�OTz�$�o�dF`�c�5�%��R ��w���0@!+�ͰC� n~I8|���3��v�)E����a%{�*Z�s�FL���t�"9

Displays must be designed for public exposure and must bear a message urging the wearing of the VFW Buddy Poppy. All Post are reminded to purchase Buddy Poppies and carry out the VFW Tag Line "No one does more for Veterans!".


Remember place your orders early! ą�~�Ku�g�6�]����l�}QHG���^-��%j��kV����i2�X�� '3�D���z���[s �j��&. �l:utw����W�$\�.x��I���3���|�,F�@(=w@�}��~O�N@ �'��.�x����1i�Q���H)kaڒ�'�NP��)�D;E���� It is suggested that Department Contest rules be set up in conformance with this outline. VFW National Home for Children. “BUDDY”® POPPY DISPLAY CONTEST .

Displays will be presented and judged in four categories: CATEGORY.

The designation "Buddy Poppy" was adopted at that time. Remember also that all orders should be placed.

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