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Someone that resembles the Blob is seen apprehended by the Thunderbolts and is seen in the Folding Castle's Detention Quadrant.[30]. Sa force et sa taille ont varié au fil des années[1]. Cela lui permet souvent de surprendre ses adversaires en combat, car ceux-ci ne l’imaginent pas aussi rapide[1]. Phil Noto’s 'King in Black: Return of the Valkyries' #1 cover reveals a brand-new Valkyrie! [26] He joins Avalanche and Pyro in attacking Avengers headquarters. When both of them ran afoul of Marrow, Blob was thrown from the car. Attracted to the beautiful young X-Man Jean Grey, the Blob accepted, and went with the X-Men to Xavier's Mansion. Meanwhile, Xavier works on a device which will allow him to erase the memories of many people. During this time, the Blob fights the various members of X-Force and is soundly defeated in each encounter. After helping the X-Men against Cerebro, Blob’s Brotherhood was recruited by Mystique to recover the head of X-51, the Machine Man. This improvement is said to be a result of his ongoing mutation. Sauf indication contraire ou complémentaire, les informations mentionnées dans cette section peuvent être confirmées par la base de données IMDb.
Note: Before making any changes to this page, please read and follow the Power-scaling Rules for Marvel and DC Comics. "[61], "r/comicbooks - I am Leah Williams, writer of Marvel's What If? [1] He possesses an extreme amount of pliable body mass, which grants him superhuman strength. A blow to the head restored Dukes’s memories of the X-Men and he accepted Magneto’s offer, joining the Brotherhood in attacking the X-Men; however, during the battle, Magneto sent a barrage of torpedoes at the X-Men, not caring that Dukes was in the way. I got it archived, should we close this now? Statuette de Blob tirée de l'univers Marvel Comics en résine à l´échelle 1/10, dimensions env. He possesses an extreme amount of pliable body mass, which grants him superhuman strength. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 20 août 2020 à 00:28. [49] He is later seen as a zombie fighting the X-Men. Désireux de se venger sur les X-Men, il a rejoint magnéto. After that failed mission, Dukes attempted to hijack an armored car on his own but was defeated by Spider-Man. After Freedom Force's dissolution, the Blob participates in other versions of the Brotherhood, including one led by Toad and another led by Professor X; the Blob takes over as leader of the latter when Xavier leaves. After Mystique had the U.S. government pardon the Brotherhood for their crimes in exchange for becoming federal agents as Freedom Force, their first mission was to capture Magneto. In the Marvel Zombiverse, Blob is one of few remaining mutants to be not infected by the zombie plague. The carnival succeeds in defeating the X-Men despite a warning from Angel. [32], In Uncanny X-Men #16, Fred Dukes is working with Mystique in Genosha and is once again shown as heavily obese and appears to have his powers restored. [31], In the miniseries "Magneto: Not a Hero", Joseph is resurrected under unknown circumstances and forms a new Brotherhood of Mutants with Astra and mutated deformed versions of Blob, Mastermind, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Toad.

[25] He again attempts to arrest Rusty Collins, fighting the New Mutants again. Blob later resurfaces as a member of the X-Cell, a group of depowered mutants who attack Mutant Town in defiance of the Decimation. Subsequently, Dukes, his mutant teammates and other mutants were captured by the subversive Secret Empire. Dukes freed himself, and attacked his experimenter. Mais il n'a pas donné les résultats escomptés. When the world was restored to normal after the Scarlet Witch’s House of M|reality warp, Dukes was horrified to discover that he had been stripped of his mutant powers, resulting in tremendous folds of skin hanging loosely off his frame. His major weaknesses were his short temper, lack of foresight, his lack of intelligence, and his easily-manipulated self-esteem. Sa masse prodigieuse lui permet également de bien tenir l'alcool[1]. Dukes briefly reformed Factor Three, and used information stolen from Xavier’s computers in the hopes of recruiting more mutants. Plus récemment, on le revoit au Japon, ayant retrouvé une apparence tout à fait normale et où il est devenu dans ce pays une star du régime. [50], The Ultimate Universe version of Blob, real name Franklin Dukes,[51] is a member of the Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy.

Distraught, Dukes attempted suicide by cutting his throat with a knife; but due to his excess skin, he was unable to get the blade close enough. Due to the Scarlet Witch's depowering of 90% of Earth's mutants, the Blob is one of the thousands to lose their power, though his epidermis does not shrink to compensate for his loss of mass, leaving him with huge folds of loose skin. Blob (born Fredrick J. The X-Men: Evolution version of Blob was released as an action figure, with an accessory of truck grilles attached to chains- a reference to his introduction story in the series, where he was working as an attraction in a Monster Truck show. Le Colosse est un mutant qui possède un corps extrêmement massif et anormalement obèse, lui donnant une force et une résistance énorme[1]. Frederick J. Dukes, also known as The Blob, is one of the many known enemies of the X-Men. Il est battu par les jeunes élèves de l'institut et arrêté par le SHIELD. Dukes and Pyro agreed to join the Toad's new Brotherhood. Hulk est le seul qui n'a jamais été en mesure de le soulever. Il refait surface quelque temps plus tard au sein de X-Cell, un groupuscule terroriste d'anciens mutants accusant le gouvernement. Drop into Fortnite Nexus War now! Il est l'ami et l'allié fidèle d'Unus, chez Factor Three (en). La Confrérie devient ensuite une équipe gouvernementale sous le nom de Freedom Force. Blob moves around a lot, so use moves like Emma's Sudden Dread to keep him pinned down while you attack him. After a disastrous Middle East clash with the Arabic super-team Desert Sword, Dukes and his teammate Pyro were captured by Iraqi military forces and served for a time as the personal bodyguards of the Iraqi commander until the Toad arranged for their release. Take note, True Believer! They kidnapped young mutant Sonny Baredo (the future Humus Sapien), though the Blob and others soon left him behind with the Ogre. Le Colosse a perdu ses pouvoirs à la suite du M-Day mais semble les avoir provisoirement récupérés grâce à la prise d'hormones de croissance mutantes avec l'aide de Mystique[1]. Frederick J. Dukes, also known as The Blob, is one of the many known enemies of the X-Men. The duo became fast friends and went on to join Factor Three, an organization that sought world conquest; but the X-Men soon convinced the Blob and his teammates that their leader, the Mutant Master, was merely using them, and the two groups joined forces to unmask him as an extraterrestrial subversive before the defeated Mutant Master killed himself. Intelligence: Highly skilled and knowledgeable in combat. [volume & issue needed], The Blob is vulnerable to attacks directed at his face, as his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears do not have the same protection as the rest of his body. In this reality, Blob has taken the mantle of Famine, one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse. He is alive when first encountered, but being pursued by several zombie versions of Marvel characters, including Pyro, Black Cat, Iron Fist, Toad and Rhino. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. He is one of the most prominent, long-running mutants to be depowered as a result of the Decimation storyline. This version of Fred Dukes is a dramatic departure from previous representations; he is "soft-hearted, bookish, kind and gentle". "Fred" Dukes) is a mutant who has super strength and incredible durability. A mutant originally depicted as an obese circus freak, the Blob claims to be immovable when he so desires. In the Ultimate universe Blob is still an obese mutant and a villain but has developed a disturbing trait not seen in the mainstream version, namely the practice of cannibalism. À la suite de la dissolution de Freedom Force, Dukes retrouve la Confrérie du Crapaud. Following Magneto’s return, Dukes rejoined the Brotherhood and aided Magneto in an attempted world takeover using Magneto’s creation, a being with unlimited power dubbed “Alpha the Ultimate Mutant,” but they were opposed by Xavier and the Defenders. Au cours d'une bataille avec l'ennemi redoutable, Magneto blessé, mais accidentellement, Blob. [35] Despite his appearance, the Blob's speed and agility are those of a fairly athletic male of normal stature, a fact which frequently catches his opponents by surprise. [14] With the Brotherhood, he battles the X-Men once more.

[55] It has also been shown that the Blob fathered a son (Theodore "Tubby Teddy" Allan) by an unknown woman. While visiting the X-Men’s mansion home, Dukes was invited to join the team; but he arrogantly refused, believing himself superior to them. [volume & issue needed], Before being depowered, the Blob's mutant physiology granted him a number of advantages. [54], It has been revealed that Blob was Liz Allan's estranged genetic father after she discovered her own mutant abilities. Subsequent missions saw Freedom Force opposing the X-Men, X-Factor, the Avengers, the New Mutants, Daredevil, the Grip, the Reavers, the Hulk, and Firestar. • The "massive, immovable Blob" makes a brief appearance in the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends episode "The Prison Plot" where he was among the mutants that Magneto tries to free from prison. ; (currently) 210 lbs. When both of them ran afoul of Marrow, Blob was thrown from the car. Terrain, Production, Distribution, Dates de sortie, Les Clayes-sous-Bois. He is initially partnered with rookie Detective Peter Magnus, and later with Detective Mortimer Toynbee. During this time, Dukes also helped train replacement Captain America (John Walker), who subsequently accompanied Freedom Force in opposing the Resistants.
Blob (Frederick J. Teaming up with the power-copying Mimic, Dukes battled the female members of X-Force but was defeated by Meltdown, who threatened to explode a plasma ball inside his body. [48], Blob appears twice in the Marvel Zombies universe. The character is usually depicted as an adversary of the X-Men. Wrestler "Giant" Gustav Claude Ouimet had a cameo as Blob in X-Men: Apocalypse. The Lore, Legends, and Heroes from Marvel have arrived in Fortnite. Soon after, the Blob was among those mutants captured by Larry Trask’s giant robotic Sentinels, but was freed after the X-Men defeated them. A mutant originally depicted as an obese circus freak, the Blob claims to be immovable when he so desires. Projected energy attacks, like Scott Summer's optic blasts, have been seen to penetrate his skin. Le Blob, remake du précédent, est un film d'horreur de Chuck Russell sorti en 1988. Créé par le scénariste Stan Lee et le dessinateur Jack Kirby, le personnage de fiction apparait pour la première fois dans le comic book The X-Men #3 en janvier 1964. Dukes est donc souvent opposé aux X-Men, mais aussi à Hulk, aux Défenseurs et aux Champions de Los Angeles. Robert Lopez & The Art of Songwriting | Marvel's Storyboards, An Inside Look At Marvel's Avengers | Part 1, Meet the Red Guardian and Yelena Belova in 'Widowmakers', A New Valkyrie Rides into Battle Against Knull, Starting Today on Marvel Unlimited: Enjoy Your Favorite Stories Sooner.

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