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I’ve been really grateful, even more so as the films progressed, that Ben and I have built a really great relationship, where we’re able to walk that tightrope. I agree with TheWrap's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and provide my consent to receive marketing communications from them. Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. [Laughs] I thought we were together for a limited time, but then we got the call that we were coming back.

You get to see how domestic life is for them, and how they actually operate together. We saw Amber and Richard meet and fall in love in the first movie. Program: "Wrap Battle"*  Net: Freeform  Date: Premieres Nov. 25  Time: 9 p.m. & 10 p.m. During this phone interview with Collider, co-star McIver and Lamb talked about the surprise success of these films, when they realized just how popular the first film had become, why these characters first appealed to them, the growth of the relationship dynamic, how much fun they have working together, and why they don’t think this franchise is done yet. Program: "A Legendary Christmas with John and Chrissy"*  Net: NBC  Date: Dec. 12   Time: 10 p.m. Program: "The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show"  Net: Amazon Prime Video  Date: Nov. 29, Program: "Sugar Rush Christmas"  Net: Netflix  Date: Nov. 29. With a trio of movies under their belts, actors Rose McIver and Ben Lamb — who play Amber and Richard, respectively — will forever be linked as a couple for a generation of fans, which got us thinking: does Rose have a special someone in real life? That’s what makes them feel like a different kind of royalty. It’s fun to show your quirks, as a person, because that can be charming, just as much as anything else. So, it really helps when the material speaks to those values, even if it can sometimes be a bit silly or fall into certain stereotypes.

They make me laugh a lot. With Christmastime in full swing, Queen Amber (Rose McIver) and King Richard (Ben Lamb) host royals from the kingdom of Penglia to renew an ancient truce, but when the 600-year-old treaty disappears, an ancient curse threatens their family and puts peace in jeopardy, if they can’t find it in time to honor the tradition. Netflix’s holiday movie franchise starring Rose McIver and Ben Lamb is back for a third time with A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, as Queen Amber and King Richard … Amber is who she is, which can be charming and can be incredibly aggravating, sure, but we get to see their dynamic as a couple after they were in the honeymoon period, literally, in the first two films.

And this idea might actually help Amber and Richard deal with all the royal drama the couple has been through over the trio of movies. BEN LAMB: The first one that was a lot more popular. McIVER: And I wasn’t gonna have to wreak havoc on my soul and have these emotionally turbulent scenes, every day. “Now that they’re dealing with real life, real married life, I think that would be quite funny. TheWrap has rounded up all the new ones (and just a couple fan-favorite rebroadcasts) you can't miss this season. It’s very endearing that he kind of can’t help himself, he cares so much. And that’s real. But when all is said and done at the end of “A Christmas Prince 3,” stars Rose McIver and Ben Lamb — who have played Amber and Richard, respectively, since the first film debuted in 2017 — already have their pitch for “A Christmas Prince 4” ready to go. Ben Lamb is an English actor, who has reached stardom in recent years with such roles as Edward in the film “Divergent” (2014), then as Owen Case in the film “Now You See Me 2”, and also as Prince Richard in the film “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding” (2018), among the many other differing roles he has secured so far in his career. The third installment in the A Christmas Prince franchise, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, shows what life is like in the royal palace in Aldovia with a royal baby on the way.
So how are they handling Amber’s pregnancy and their impending parenthood now?LAMB: It’s funny, you actually get to see their fears around Queen Amber’s pregnancy. “I think ‘The Royal Couple’s Counseling’ would be a good installment for next year,” McIver told TheWrap. 'The Mandalorian' Guide, Week 5: Every Question We Have After "The Gunslinger", Ryan Reynolds Saves Peloton Wife, Introduces Her to the Healing Power of…. It was the first film I’ve done that was shot on three continents. The pair now lives together on the east side of Los Angeles where they both have thriving careers, but Rose recently admitted that it’s sometimes hard to be so far away from home. So, I keep saying to people that we have no reason to believe there will be another film after this, and they haven’t told us there is, but also based on these last couple of years, I don’t rule anything out. I hadn’t done it in nine years, and it’s been like going back to school, really. Program: "Making It"  Net: NBC  Date: Premieres Dec. 2*  Time: 10 p.m. You get to see the reality and the sweetness that comes after finally getting together as a couple. EW spoke with McIver and Lamb about why they wanted to come back for a third go-round, what fans can expect from the higher stakes, and more. He was born on 24 January 1989. He’s not this perfect thing, he’s a real human, and so is she. The special follows the NSYNC star on a cross-country tour of spectacular holiday displays.

With Christmastime in full swing, Queen Amber (Rose McIver) and King Richard (Ben Lamb) host royals from the kingdom of Penglia to renew … That was certainly appealing, at the time. Here’s what we know about the blonde beauty’s dating history. So I was so happy we got to get together with my gang again. I thought it was very amusing. And I still haven’t decided if that is Richard being incredibly respectful or incredibly rude. King Richard can be a little bit overprotective and not allow this highly capable woman, soon-to-be mother, the space and the freedom that she needs to be her best self. “It was a bit of a crazy idea, but even if there is a bit of truth to this curse, it makes sense that she would get really invested in the potential threat to the health of her child,” McIver said. I think that it’s actually really sweet.

It’s a bit like dominoes. LAMB: I think there’s a hell of a lot more to explore.

Andy Garcia adapted it for the stage from the film and the original play. Also Read: Midseason TV 2020: Complete List of Premiere Dates for New and Returning Broadcast Shows (Updating). Netflix stars give TheWrap their thoughts on Queen Amber and King Richard’s future after “The Royal Baby”. Program: "Holidays with the Houghs"  Net: NBC   Date: Dec. 16   Time: 10 p.m. Obviously, mad props to Anne Hathaway, who did it first, where it reimagines what it could mean to be a princess, and not expecting a certain repressed morality that we’ve seen for so long, in these princesses that take what’s given to them.

Queen Amber and King Richard have already been through more than one bump in the road to their happily ever after, so we’d expect nothing less from the Netflix holiday franchise’s third installment, “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby,” than to throw at least a few more (baby) bumps in the Aldovian royals’ way.

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