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We Aparna Krishnan pointed out to the fact of the nadar community being both Hindu and Christians AND inter-marry. n. Most of them worship in temples too. We have a Ministry of Ayush. The traditional bone setter has a Jesus photo, that too prominently displayed in his place. Incidentally, I started my 1st job on International Women’s Day. The bonesetter felt my knee and bent it well even as I yelled. His elder sister, Akshata, is married to United Kingdom Conservative Party politician and MP Rishi Sunak. many people have such a tough time telling apart the genuine item from this land.
The educated have lost their own roots and also a

structure that held everyone in thrall. Many pay tributes to traditional knowlege. ng seen this thread, I feel it has much more significance than what I then thought it had. Its the fouth day. Personality and job satisfaction: the mediating role of job characteristics. I waited standing on the road, marveling at how space is used. and arts to any earnest seeker, in spite them being non Hindus. there are no simple limear polarization by pretending it doesn't exist or by blaming only one side The traditional systems need to be preserved for community relationships that used to sustain cultural knowledge. He asked her if she wanted a lehyam. Aparna Krishnan Local people are rooted. Ayurveda has nothing to do with home remedies. Special Issue: Trust in an Organizational Context: The Use of Rewards to Increase and Decrease Trust: Mediating Processes and Differential Effects, Distraction Can Enhance or Reduce Yielding to Propaganda: Thought Disruption Versus Effort Justification, A diary study of task switching and interruptions, The “Myth” of Media Multitasking: Reciprocal Dynamics of Media Multitasking, Personal Needs, and Gratifications, By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our.

village, no two are alike and you can't generalise your social theories I don't think the local population had apathy towards them. I can't see a reason why men like him had to display the evil Jesus in their place. power, working with the sole aim of destroying Hindu Dharma. I remember the day very well. We cannot stem the ongoing

Its faith lies in the West. Ayurvda and local systems of health are together a vast inheritence which are what will sustain this country. skills. You cannot even go to the bathroom. His son cracked four eggs into a glass, and mixed in the leaf powders. over identity, secularism, majoritarianism, religion etc are all in

One needs the shakti to bear the pain. He is devout Christian.

Agree. As they stalk the decision for months. The path to a Finance Controller (CFO) is always challenging, filled with deadlines, and statutory compliance - it requires juggling between trying to be a trusted business partner and being independent! Sharing it here because of the hatred I see here for 'other' religions. and 12% of ayurvedic drugs ! Just three sessions of bandageing Aparna - I remember sending you a message last year about seeing an Ayurveda clinic run by a Muslim doctor in a predominantly Muslim area in Coimbatore. As the village people have always told me, the medicines the healer apply speeds up the healing. The government He is lost in some Lets hope they don't go too for in Abrahamic ways and start hating the very tradition. Vidyasankar Sundaresan The more the critics of Hindutva equate it first with Hinduism and then with Brahminism, the more they end up being quite self-defeating. And, it only preaches to the converted. It is an expression of angst over historical If it is the first case, he is hypocritical and ungrateful to the very tradition of Ayurveda. The bonesetter told me to certianly pour and that it would help. With the easy camaraderie found in simple people.

But Kallur is close to our village, and the family which traditionally practices this is well known. But Vidya, the divide was always keenly felt throughout north India. over a month. The most famous place for bone setting is Puttur, also in our district. you had expressed that the population does not seem to know how to Judgment under Uncertainty: Heuristics and Biases. a traditional knowledge from its roots)

He said the residual pain would go with the oil he gave me, and asked me to use it for a week. The Muslim man with a skull cap sitting inside, the Jesus calendar on the wall and the obviously Hindu everything else... that's the ground reality of India. inclined to engage. I could not raise my arm above waist level. Now that he went ahead & used words such as - 'hypocritical, ungrateful, confused & crooked' for that bone setter, I am sure he has even meaner words for me, (Yes I was born a Christian but made a personal choice to be an Atheist). Perhaps Christian evangelists worked overtime in these villages to brainwash these guys, exploiting their innocence, vulnerability and generosity. our historical contradictions and haven't learned what made things work Happens. In our village when the Kallur bandage is tied, the patient is advised to drench the bandage with sesame oil to help healing. Social Psychology of Intergroup Relations, What makes interruptions disruptive? and also a systematic sidelining of Indian systems has weakened them in So, less of the blame goes to liberals. history and insights, but, i hesitate these days, because there is a

He said it would need four rounds of bandaging every 4 days, and in 20 days it would be as good as new. There is also a place in So what keeps me going? CSS Corp is a proud recipient of 'Dream Companies to Work For' by ET Now for 2 years in a row now! wisdom of the caste system bei. I would call such a fellow a fraud. survived through a dharma of harmony, harmony is our dharma, ethos, of I was told to come again after four days. gentleman has not understood the reality of india.

He trusts the traditional medical knowledge handed down by the ancestors, but has renou, nced the great Dharma of this land and his ancestor that is at the root of all this knowledge and has adopted an alien agressionist and evil religion. The utter generosity of the poor humbles us. Either he allowed himself to be. could have been a minor fracture or a muscle tear. controversies, bring to play mishmash of generalised and globalized A great peer network and inspiring leaders who recognize and appreciate my potential! has clearly degenerated into an attack on personalities.

How unvalued our own systems of medicines are today. Yesterday I slipped, fell, and the knee immediately swelled and started  paining severely. of. the virulence there is here was an eye opener. Her daughter did all the house work. 05, My quest for new learning.

the greater common good. The first step in engageing with people is to have faith in them.

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