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I’m not a “go with the flow” person, so one kink in that routine throws off the whole system and makes me feel anxious/frustrated/annoyed/sad/all the things. My goodness you eat a lot of chicken!

If you think I do a lot, well, Andrew is doing half of it. What a game! Andrew sounds like such an amazing person…but doesn’t like mac & cheese OR pickles?

Happy Birthday Andrew!

I think they like to have him because he gets s*&% done. Maybe you already talked about this and I missed it, but how do you say no to different events or invites to do things?

Wishing you continued blessings and happiness! I kept checking the time markers to figure it out ? Anyone else get all sorts of energized when April hits? Lots of things made me giggle, and whether you were trying or not, it was very charming. Andrew Shull is a 6-5, 225-pound Strong-Side Defensive End from Webb City, MO. I LOVE this post! The world needs more Andrews. Ok, that’s it. have you always been this way? Lol. Now I want one of her notebooks Make this a regular feature Shay! Thanks for sharing! Thanks for always sharing a bit of your life – it’s so much fun to read. Thank you for sharing your day! I would also if possible see how you accommodate for your personal time- like time for the salon, clothes shopping (do you plan for that in calendar?). Wow, both of y’all are go getters & disciplined!! Now I am super tired just reading this!

He is a wealth of knowledge.

I had the blessing to call her…” Interesting fact about John, before he was a Pastor, he taught hand to hand combat in the Marines. Thank you for sharing such personal aspects of your life with all of us. It’s always nice to hear about marriage (especially a happy one).

This was awesome! I absolutely love you guys such a fun inspirational post.

It really holds you accountable. 14: He has always been the one to bathe the kiddos at night when they were little. Especially about the sports show! It has been!!! Can't wait to continue my State … What a wonderful husband, you have! I write it all down in my Erin Condren planner.

My favorites are Southern Charm and Summer House. Ahh what a super fun and sweet post!!

She’s amazing . Thank you for sharing a day in your life Andrew. So much to love about this list but as a mom of a just turned 38 year old son, #20 made me say awwww. There will ALWAYS be naysayers… But you – brighten my day. You are a keeper! Also, I manage my time pretty well and consistency most of the time, but there are FOR SURE days when I’m a hot mess way behind on work because I can’t stop scrolling around on Instagram and so please know, I don’t always follow my own advice well either. 8/9/2017Hey Erik - sorry that we have been blowing up your phone, sometimes we get a little too excited about all the great discounts we can offer. Happy birthday Andrew! Now, my kids are all four in elementary/middle school, so I work during the day while they’re not home.

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... Penn State offered a football scholarship to Parkersburg linebacker Brenton Strange, who has narrowed his choice to the Nittany Lions, North Carolina, Purdue, Louisville, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Rutgers and Wake Forest. Love this!! Ready, here we go… My husband gets up at 4:30 to be at his office by 5:30 so that he has two hours of uninterrupted time to get things done before the school day starts at 7:30 (HS administrator). What an incredible man and an incredible family! Trust me, the readers want to read more of this type of content!! Happy birthday to Andrew!! I really appreciate how hard working you both are. Today a woman blew through a light and hit me. The longer I know you the more amazing I think you are! This photo was from a couple of years ago when I went to see a game with him (he had his tough guy face on while I was cheesing it up, HA). You both seem like very authentic people, just as Andrew described you. I certainly admire your motivation and determination to stay on top of “everything”! Contact him at 304-526-2759. Andrew you did a great job writing and capturing your day. Even on vacation, he listens to it while getting ready/working out.

Can't wait to continue my State … Much love to you for your openness and transparency on all this. HA! Thank you for sharing this and presenting an amazing role of a husband, parent and all around wonderful man of the household. ❤️. I’m so tired and worn out just reading this post, I had to stop and get coffee, stop and let the dog out, stop and make breakfast and now I’m finally finished reading it and all I want is a nap. Love my fellow Yankees fans! Awww… I love this! Next I hustle inside and start getting ready for work. Thank you for the insight to Andrew’s day. On the following dates we called and emailed you to review your policy. When Keith explained that he'll be utilizing a paintless dent repair method, I have to say I was skeptical....this was a huge investment and I wasn't going to settle for just good enough, I wanted it back to show room condition. I hope y’all have a great day of celebrating! Once we had that hail storm in McKinney, I realize the natural move was for you to go back to your roofing position. but THIS— this almost made me weep. I adore you and your family . !I accepted a position with Andrew Shull's agency and began work as agreed. And loving purple. In order to have sustained energy you have to eat, and eat the right foods. I’ve been wondering about Andrew’s daily life so I was thrilled to see this.

Thanks for sharing your day with us! I want to have all the personal contact with my travel clients, readers and also create all of the content, but she does the technical stuff for me behind the scenes as a full time job. What a wonderful husband and dad. What a wonderful God fearing, masculine role model for your family and others. Thanks so much for sharing. Loved seeing your day. And I have to know….what is his meal of choice for breakfast and lunch since it never changes? My trick to keeping it clean? Andrew is such a great! You and Shay seem to be a wonderful couple and great parents. LOVE the balance! Thanks so much for sharing. I realized a few years ago that I would aimlessly walk around scrolling and well, that’s just stupid. I picked my version up at Kansas State University . one of my favorite things that you have said about him before that didnt make the list, was how he was not on the same page with you about adoption until he read ‘not a fan’ and the way God changed his mind. Those are 38 great things to know about your hubby. What a sweet, sweet tribute to your husband! Shay – I have read you EVERY DAY for years.

Thank you for letting me share my day! I took the boys home, and at 5:45, look what Shay had waiting for me. We reported it and my rates went through the roof! Loved reading about Andrew’s day! Thank you, Andrew! Thanks for sharing the name of the name of the gentlemen that has helped you out on your nutrition. Must be good! And the fact that he eats the same thing each day for lunch and dinner. (MAY…?) My routine/daily life/responsibilities looked much different 10 years ago. Every one of our clients gets the exact same call every 6 months, and the majority of our clients take advantage of this wonderful feature in my agency. Don't give them your information! Tomorrow night, he’s coaching baseball, so tonight, we’re celebrating the BIG 3-8. Thanks, Shay! My husband rises every morning at 4:10 and has his quiet time. "I love the customers Service they alway in a happy and very friendly one the best place Maria Rodrigueez and Temeka Jenkins are very good what they do if you have this two gril on every advance America it will Wonderful".

Happy early birthday!!! These two things alone make this post so worth reading. I have to have something to burn while I workout. I loved looking at these pictures and reading about the grown up Andrew! Our last call ended before I had a chance to offer you my personal vehicle to use while your car was in the shop being repaired. You have a good one Shay! Love following your family….I learn things all the time like new things/places to eat, new products to use or new places to go on vacation or whatever! He is such a sport to do it. He needs to go into motivational speaking or some sort of daily inspirational podcast. Then in the middle of my third year my daughter had a fender bender. Ha. (And he loves God first, so there’s the absolute best thing.) Even on the weekend. Hahaha!

Now it’s time for each of the kids to have a post!

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