a brighter summer day (1991 english subtitles)

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UPDATE 2/12/10: The Muriels and Slant Magazine also choose "Mulholland Dr." as best of the Aughts.

(Really. I don't disagree with Greg Ferrara at TCM's Movie Morlocks ("Ranking the Greats: Please Make it Stop") when he says that limiting ballots to ten all-time "best" (or "favorite," "significant," "influential" titles is incredibly limiting. Many times over the years I have implored my employers or partners to license digital rights to Thomson's book so that it could augment and be integrated with other movie databases and references (at Cinemania, FilmPix, Reel.com, RogerEbert.com)... but we've never done it. The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun (Blu-ray), The Girl at the Monceau Bakery / Suzanne's Career. And its star, the Icelandic pop singer Bjork, won as best actress even though von Trier insists she is not an actress at all. Dig into his exploration of connections between Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds" and Jean-Luc Godard's "History of Cinema." For $17 you can acquire Edward Yang’s greatest film, "A Brighter Summer Day" (1991) with English subtitles from www.asiafilm.com. Among the most praised and sought-after titles in all contemporary film, this singular masterpiece of Taiwanese cinema, directed by Edward Yang (Yi Yi), finally comes to home video in the United States. It was, as I think Thomson himself suggested in the foreword to the first or second edition (this is the fifth), more accurately titled "An Autobiographical Dictionary of Film."
A Brighter Summer Day is a 1991 Taiwanese epic coming-of-age drama film directed by Edward Yang and is considered by most to be a masterpiece of contemporary cinema. I can’t vouch for the running time of the two-disc version, except to point out that it starts and ends in the same way as the asiafilm version. : Thanks for all the detective work -- and special thanks to Christopher Stangl and Srikanth Srinivasan himself for their comprehensive efforts at filling the last few holes! I find this to be the most captivating aspect of the survey, because it reminds us of so many terrific movies we may have forgotten about, or never even heard of. Call us provincial -- David Lynch's psychoerotic noir is one of the essential L.A. movies -- but the more significant reason for the film's enduring critical favor may be its deconstruction of the toxic allure of the Dream Factory. The film is an extraordinarily large project for a Chinese-language film, not only for its duration of almost four hours, but also for its involvement of more than 100 amateur actors in different roles. (M. Lingo, Bodega Bay CA). Lars Von Trier's "Dancer In The Dark" picked up the top prize even though it got the most negative review in the recent history of Variety, the show biz bible. Thank you and enjoy!” The only problem with all this is that this one-disc edition is perversely subdivided into only two chapters while the $15, two-disc version available from www.superhappyfun.com, also subtitled, has more normal chapter divisions.

You won't relish the thought of spending four hours with Si'r, but A Brighter Summer Day will leave you wanting even more. My Mac copy of Cinemania97 won't run on Snow Leopard.). So, let's just get these out of the way, shall we? Sight & Sound has now published the top 250 titles in its 2012 international critics poll, the full list of more than 2,000 movies mentioned, and all the individual lists of the 845 participating critics, academics, archivists and programmers, along with any accompanying remarks they submitted. A dispatch from NYFF on the latest from Cristi Puiu, Tsai Ming-liang, and Heidi Ewing. Famously salvaged from a rejected TV pilot, Lynch's film stands as both a cautionary tale and a mascot for the triumph of art and personal vision in an industry that, from where we sit, often seems actively devoted to the suppression of both.
There's a lot to look through, divided into sections for Hollywood and World Cinema. In the latest issue of cinema scope, Jonathan Rosenbaum writes: As a reference, its coverage is too spotty (Ephraim Katz's Film Encyclopedia is much more comprehensive but also has loads of incomplete filmographies), as criticism it's wildly idiosyncratic (nothing wrong with that) and as biography it's whimsically selective and uneven, leaving as many holes as it fills. of mostly-famous faces belonging to film directors, which Srikanth says he assembled from thumbnails at Senses of Cinema. What, they would ask, is the "value-add"? The Shanghai-born, Taipei-raised filmmaker died in Beverly Hills. [...], Ow, my brain hurts. Q. He films intricately staged action in long takes of a rueful, contemplative reserve.

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